In Hope For an End to This Proxy War- Free Syria

In Hope For an End to This Proxy War- Free Syria

Russia recently possioned its countrymen on UK soil and seems to have given the go ahead for use of chemical weapons,banned in warfare since WWI, for use on civilians.

Russia uses its position on the UN Security Council to veto any action against Syria for its Crimes Against Humanity. This forced NATO to go it alone as Russia is propping up this regime that continues to slaughter hundreds of thousands of its own citizens.

Russia is insinuating the possibility of Nuclear War over any further action in Syria.

This is enough. The US is in no position to handle this one. Germany doesn’t want to get involved. So NATO countries what will you do?

Without Germany you must all ban together and you can’t leave this to the US. It simply isn’t an option.

Either you get involved or the US will act unilaterally, without thought and potentially put us further in the path to multinational war on a large scale.

If Europe acts the US will back down. Trump is facing great opposition at home from his supporters over last night’s bombing. He’s supposed to be a nationalist not a globalist.

But his new security advisor was responsible for the Iraq War and ready to start another.

If Merkel won’t stop them, will you?

In Hope For an End to This Proxy War- Free Syria
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  • englisc
    It's mainly about gas and oil. Russia supplies Europe with about a quarter of the gas it uses. In fact 80 per cent of the gas that Russian state-controlled company Gazprom produces is sold to Europe, so maintaining this crucial market is very important to them.

    Europe doesn't like being so dependent on Russia however, with many claiming that Russia uses gas as an instrument of influence. Many in Europe want to reduce this dependence on Russia. Their power comes from being able to transport gas to Europe cheaply so they're trying to get around Russia and provide new sources of cheap gas to Europe.

    The two proposed pipelines by competing Qatar and Iran were aimed to transport gas through Syria.

    Assad refused to allow the Qatar pipeline, which many believe had to do with pressure from Russia. In response to this Western governments as well as others involved such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia helped to fund anti-Assad groups to try to overthrow him including groups like ISIS.

    He did support the Iran pipeline and not the Qatar one. Russia didn't mind that because unlike Qatar, Iran has no US military bases so Russia would find it much easier to exert more influence over them. Assad signed off on the Iran plan in 2012 and it was due to be completed in 2016 but it was ultimately delayed because of the Arab Spring and the civil war.

    The reason Russia is backing Syria is to protect their dominance in the gas market. The reason the Western governments are making these claims is of course to take control of it themselves.

    That Russia were behind the poisoning of the spies is questionable. As others have mentioned the poison used, Novichok, can be made by anybody with a lab. They're lying when they say that only Russia could make it, and they have no evidence at all that it was actually Russia.

    As for Assad "gassing his own people", that also would make no sense at all since he'd already defeated ISIS. The West just needed excuses to bomb Syria and to gain public support just as they always do when they bomb the shit out of the middle east.
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    • sjoes006

      Thank you. I’m very well versed in oil and gas and as I read I thought hello pipeline from Iran to Europe, Russia isn’t the only source. You explained the why and what politically.

      Europe does need independence but I don’t think fracking or more drilling is the answer.

      But if it cames down to it there’s oil off your shores and natural gas below your feet if you practice hydraulic fracturing. Just don’t think it’s worth it but you need to get off off Russia’s tit one way or another.

    • On the other hand, who else does Russia have to sell its gas to if not for Europe? It's all about the money. Both Russia and the US would nuke every Arab on the planet if they could contain the fallout. Then they could get back to figuring out how to nuke each other, but while they made money in the meantime. :)

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  • SnowHearth
    The poissoning wasn't done by Russians.
    Unless you work for a Intelligence Agency you'll never truly understand how things work: Fake news, misinformation, hoaxes, media manipulation, disappearances... you only see the tip of the iceberg from the perspective they want you to see it.
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    • sjoes006

      By your own reasoning you can neither confirm or deny if it was done by Russia. They are the only ones with access to the obsolete nerve agent used.

      But maybe that was a hoax and not the nerve agent used at all?

      This is in regard to the double agent poisoned in Salisbury.

      As for the weapons in Syria, we already know chemical weapons were previously used last year through forensic analysis widely accepted.

      There’s no need to confirm whether or not this recent attack was done in violation of the Geneva Convention. He’s already breached international humanitarian law by slaughtering his own people.

      The Obama administration was hesitant to act after Lybia mistakes and this hesitation went on too long.

      If we learn one thing from this horrible Trump situation, assuming the West doesn’t fracture, or even if it does, you can’t depend on the US to act alone anymore. Obama didn’t want to either. Europe has to step up.

    • sjoes006

      Hungary just shutdown its independent newspaper. Fascism is in the rise in Europe. Will Western Europe act?

    • SnowHearth

      There are other countries with access to agent, and the formula.

      About the attack from last year, the chemical weapons were stored in rebel property, Syria just happened to bomb the storage buldings while hunting for rebels releasing the gas.

      Assad is already winning against ISIS and the rebels, who what need does he have to use chemicals against civilians?

  • Soblfob
    I wish Trump would hurry up and invade, I can't wait to see Yankie Marines going home in bodybags, Americans are evil, rich Yankie businessmen come over here, buy shares in our businesses, downsize them to make them more efficient then steal all the extra profit, meanwhile, English people! e have lost their jobs, I hope the Arabs kill thousands of Yankie Marines.
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  • BillyB4
    Frankly the Europeans are useless and just appease Russia, and America under Trump is just erratic. I hope Britain takes charge of things again. In times of crisis it seems like they’re the only sane Western nation.
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    • sjoes006

      Canada I love your country but butt out unless you are willing to contribute. Your only contribution was thumbing your nose at Kyoto because your country will last longer in the heat wave upon us.

    • BillyB4

      Hey we’ve done a lot for the world too. We fought the Taliban and are helping out the Ukrainians and the Baltic nations. What has your country done?

    • BillyB4

      Also I don’t think Europe will accomplish anything. They keep talking about rapprochement with Russia like they can get along. The English speaking nations are the only ones that can stand up to Russia.

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  • Markasaurous
    Have you hear of "A Greater Israel?" Or a more know term "A Strategy For Israel in the Nineteen Eighties"?

    It talks about Zionism might be of interest but have only skimmed the document myself. Zionism is bad by the way.

    Now, will war come of this? I hope not, I don't want to be involved and or drafted to a war I don't understand.
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    • sjoes006

      One thing isn’t for sure. You certainly don’t understand. But I don’t wish that for you or anyone else for that matter.

    • Why did I get so down voted for?

  • dano65
    A Swiss team of experts found that the gas used to kill the Russian diplomat was not from Russia. There is no proof the the Russians killed him. None whatsoever. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Assad killed anyone with gas in 2013, last year, or this month. Even the U. N. has some people who will tell the truth. Some of their officials said that the 2013 attack was carried out by the rebels, not Assad. Who are the rebels then and now? Mostly ISIS.
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  • 69772
    I think the poisioning was a false flag atack by the C. I. A. The Americans want to stop the Russians building a pipe line to sell us gas because the Americans want to sell it to us instead. Putin would never jepodise his pipe line by doing anything so silly, Scirpal's yesterday's man, he no longer knows anything of value. The only people who benefir from this are American oil barrons, they had the C. I. A. poision Skirpal.
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  • Kiran04
    "Free Syria". My ass, let the Russians have it and pull out. Don't spend another dime on it. Don't waste resources and man power on it. We don't need a proxy war, period. We don't need to "free Syria". Syria can handle its own problems. If Russia wants to dump money into the country, let them. What they do is not always our concern.
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    • Wars are good for the economy, lots of people work in bomb factories and gun factories and helicopter factories, we have a lot of unemployment, we need a war to keep our factories open.

  • BRAPcel
    What a waste, Israel are truly evil they want to see every Syrian dead and are manipulating US with this chemical attack shit if something like that started world wars we'd have a 1000 by now.
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    I hope this war will ends so we can send back syrian refugees in turkey.
    I hate refugees. They are increased our crime rates.
    They stole stuff and rape our women.
    Plus goverment give them voting right and most syrians voting the erdogan.
  • Dchrls78104
    Foolishness started this, just like in Iraq. Comical if it weren't so tragic. Let good sense prevail.
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  • Anonymous
    No. If merkel won't stop them I won't either. I honestly don't care about stuff like this anymore. There are wars all the time. War war war. It will never stop no matter what anyway. Not until all of human kind is dead.
  • Anonymous
    Well of course they're going to do what they want. We elected a clown for president and it gives them free reign. That is when they can stop laughing.
  • Anonymous
    1 How do we know the Russians poisoned that guy. It could have been the British or the Americans as they both have oil/gas interests in Syria.
    2. The UN is not there to represent US economic interests. Thanks to Russia and China on the security council the UN wasn't pulled into the shit show that was the 2003-2011 occupation of Iraq. Also you notice ISIS only attacks NATO countries.
    3. The NATO led by the US has been committing war crimes all over the middle East.
    4. Russia is fighting ISIS while the US has armed, trained and funded them to destabilise the region to install a friendly goverment for their gas/ oil pipeline.
    5. Naturally attacking the Russian military will result in a response.
    6. There's no proof chemical weapons were used in Syria by Assad just like there was no evidence Sadam had WMDS
    7. Germany is smart not wanting to be dragged into a war to protect American greed.
    8. NATO was meant to be a defence alliance not a wing of the US Army aggressively invading countries and disregarding international law.
    9. Most NATO countries will not support the US over Syria just like during the invasion of Iraq.
    10. Trump supporters rightly expected him to stop wasting their tax dollars in foreign wars.
  • Anonymous
    Most importantly is the people there can finally have a safe live instead of fearing
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  • Anonymous
    Assad is a dictator, and needs to step down. Dictators usually need to be overthrown though.. why would they ever "step down"
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    • jacquesvol

      Assad is a non CIA dictator, and needs to step down. Non CIA dictators usually need to be overthrown though.. why would they ever "step down"
      The CIA doesn't agree with because Assad dumped the petrodollar.

  • Anonymous
    Germany gets to choose whether or not they are going to participate in this and so do we. It’s easy to talk for people across the oceans. My country was a war zone before in wars that Russia fought. Standing up to Russia now might seem like an honorable thing to do, but it’s also incredibly stupid. Let the US do what they want, it’s their war and hopefully they will be the ones who will have to deal with the consequences. UK and France shouldn’t have gotten involved in it at all.
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    • sjoes006

      The US can’t be trusted to act alone. They have clearly shown that time and again. This is a violation of international humanitarian law and it is my position that no one country can carry out the response on its own without also being in violation of international law.

      If the Us can’t get at least Britain to sign off and go along than it probably doesn’t need need to be happening. France is a better test. The Us really should require either France or Germany before it can act.

      When the US acts haphazardly it is a problem for everyone. It creates a new failed state further destabilizing the region and consequently creating the vast wave of migration we are seeing now.

      You’re welcome Europe. It’s why it’s such shit the US isn’t taking in its fair share of migrant populations it created. Same with Vietnam. France cleaned much of that up.

  • Anonymous
    Assad had already defeated ISIS, he'd have no reason at all to use chemical weapons.

    As for the Russians being poisoned in the UK, there was no proof at all that the Russians did it. Our government claimed that only Russia could have created that poison, but this is a lie - it could have been made by anybody with a lab.

    Just as with all other wars in the Middle East, it has little to do with the reasons they mention. It always has to do with resources, this time it's oil. They always claim that a tyrannical dictator is brutally killing their own people and fool gullible people into believing that they're fighting for humanitarian reasons. It never is.

    You can behead people and stone women to death in Saudi Arabia and no military action will be taken. Israel can shoot dead multiple innocent protesters in Gaza and no military action will be taken. Israel can drop white phosphorus on civilians in Gaza and no military action will be taken.
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  • Anonymous
    France and the UK participated in the bombing.

    Do you want even more? More war?
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    • sjoes006

      Don’t kid yourself. Tiny participation. Angela Merkel said, “We are on our own now”.

      What I’d like to see is the EU use their vote to block Us action condemn US action and decide how to move forward without the US.

      The US has made it clear it doesn’t want anything to do with England at least. Macron needs to be more traditionalist and also ignore the US under the current conditions.

      The US can’t pick and choose when it wants to be involved in international affairs and it is best for now that they are not.

      They are not a rational actor and given the proxy war the US has been involved in with Russia in Syria they should be excluded from international reaction to humanitarian strikes.

      Basically the US is discredited at this point moving forward in any international affairs. The US is no longer a super power and should not be treated as one.

      We are now living in a post US power world. Germany now rules the West with France and England as contributing allies.

    • sjoes006

      The US does not matter anymore when it comes to diplomacy. It has dismantled its foreign affairs branches and told the world it wil no longer be involved in their matters.

    • Anonymous

      __bombing excepted.

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