Our Prayers To Greece.


Well hello everyone,

It's me again.

Those of you who live in a European or an Asian country you probably have already heard about Greece's tragedy that happened yesterday morning and kept going till evening today.

If you are not familiar with it, yesterday in Attica there were about 5 huge wildfires that were a result of an arson, if I'm not mistaken. All the fires started in the forest, yet sadly because of the bad weather conditions they all moved to inhabited areas bringing unfixable and heartbreaking disasters.

Firefighters did their best and saved as many as they could however no battle has no losses.

The fires completely destroyed a very large number of houses and these specific areas in general.

The whole Greek nation and Europe is in mourning since it's been a long time that something that terrible happened to the Hellenic Republic.

Our Prayers To Greece.

To talk numbers, by now there are:

74 deaths

190 injured

160 missing

Many of them were babies, children, and teenagers that went there for summer holidays making the incident even more sad.

The deaths of the people were torturing, many of them burned alive, others died of asphyxia when they got trapped in their houses and others died as a result of them running to the sea so they can save themselves but instead drowning because of the heavy smoke.

Politicians from all around the world are sending help and their prayers to the Greeks, in every possible way, showing that the world is united in difficult moments like these.

Firefighters found many families that were burned alive hugging each other, dead mothers holding their children as an act of protection and the aegean sea filled with 26 dead bodies. The images were brutal and extremely heartbreaking.

Now that the fire has finally been taken down, everyone is searching to find dead bodies along the forest and the burned houses.

Actually this was such a big disaster that the Italian Prime Minister compared Greek's disaster with Pompeii's because of the dramatic deaths.

Our Prayers To Greece.

Mine and Russia's Prayers are to you orthodox brothers.



Our Prayers To Greece.
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