Our Prayers To Greece.


Well hello everyone,

It's me again.

Those of you who live in a European or an Asian country you probably have already heard about Greece's tragedy that happened yesterday morning and kept going till evening today.

If you are not familiar with it, yesterday in Attica there were about 5 huge wildfires that were a result of an arson, if I'm not mistaken. All the fires started in the forest, yet sadly because of the bad weather conditions they all moved to inhabited areas bringing unfixable and heartbreaking disasters.

Firefighters did their best and saved as many as they could however no battle has no losses.

The fires completely destroyed a very large number of houses and these specific areas in general.

The whole Greek nation and Europe is in mourning since it's been a long time that something that terrible happened to the Hellenic Republic.

Our Prayers To Greece.

To talk numbers, by now there are:

74 deaths

190 injured

160 missing

Many of them were babies, children, and teenagers that went there for summer holidays making the incident even more sad.

The deaths of the people were torturing, many of them burned alive, others died of asphyxia when they got trapped in their houses and others died as a result of them running to the sea so they can save themselves but instead drowning because of the heavy smoke.

Politicians from all around the world are sending help and their prayers to the Greeks, in every possible way, showing that the world is united in difficult moments like these.

Firefighters found many families that were burned alive hugging each other, dead mothers holding their children as an act of protection and the aegean sea filled with 26 dead bodies. The images were brutal and extremely heartbreaking.

Now that the fire has finally been taken down, everyone is searching to find dead bodies along the forest and the burned houses.

Actually this was such a big disaster that the Italian Prime Minister compared Greek's disaster with Pompeii's because of the dramatic deaths.

Our Prayers To Greece.

Mine and Russia's Prayers are to you orthodox brothers.



Our Prayers To Greece.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CHARismatic110
    This is heartbreaking. I hadn't heard anything about this so thanks for sharing. And don't let anyone make you feel bad for sending prayers! Prayers are heard and appreciated, and they work. Never apologize for your beliefs! ❤
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  • acooke-13
    I am gutted for them, completely devastated. I've been to Greece and it's a lovely little country. It's gut wrenching. Prayers to all affected, I wish I could help.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Cr1s714n0
    I saw it on TV but I couldn't realize it was a result of arson... how come? So sad to know it, how can someone be so mean and cruel? May God help those affected by this huge tragedy 😟😞🙏
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  • JimRSmith
    Nα σαι καλά.

    Dreadful events, Greece is in my heart and mind right now, too.
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  • Cammy137
    Prayers do nothing. How many people do you think prayed in Greece yesterday morning for their own well-being and the well-being of their family? If you want to help, donate to charities focused on helping with those effected.
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    • Anonymous

      Congrats for trying to making me feel bad for sending prayers, it didn't work though.
      Like I've said I already send big ammounts of money and clothes for these people.
      Thank you for the comment.

    • Cammy137

      I'm not trying to make you feel bad about sending prayers. Praying doesn't have a negative effect... it just doesn't have a positive one either.

  • IndieGirlJess
    Lots of wildfires at this time of year in the United States. California and Oregon for instance. But people are warned to evacuate and there may be a lot of houses burned but not much loss of life. Weren't these people warned to get out?
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    • Anonymous

      From what I've heard because someone started 5 fires the same time and because of the extremely strong winds, it was impossible to escape.

  • performerwannabe
    As a Greek person myself, I really appreciate you guys. I hope everything goes well and not another human is found dead. 💜
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    • Anonymous

      We hope everythin works for you, again our prayers to you.
      Stay strong!

    • Thanks sweetheart.
      It's sad to hear stories about those families that lost their people all over the news but it's the hard reality.

    • Anonymous

      It was a really big disaster, I can't even imagine the pain.
      Russia's heart is with you.

  • ImSoSquishy
    i live at NYC and it's all over the news on my phone and on tv, not just at asia and Europe :(
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    • Anonymous

      I didn't knew that, sorry.

  • Angelina25
    It's heartbreaking.

    And hey! It's been a while. When are you gonna do what you've told me?
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    • Anonymous

      1st of August remember?

    • Anonymous

      By the way you are moderator right? Can you please ask for an admin to do something for the anonymous here that wrote 'We want more greek deaths'

    • Angelina25

      I'll delete it myself.
      These people are so ridiculous.

  • Joker8
    That picture you put at the last was really unnecessary
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    • Anonymous

      The fact that you don't like looking at it, it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    • Joker8

      I'm not saying it didn't happen, you could've mentioned "a child was injured or suffered burns" but putting the picture is really disturbing

    • Anonymous

      If you don't like it don't look at it, I didn't force you to read this take or write a comment.
      These incidents happened to Geece all day today and yesterday, it isn't disturbing for me just sad that's why I decided to put it here.

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  • Deathraider
    You know, if people want to help, actually send aid. Don't send prayers and sit back.
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    • Anonymous

      for your information I actually helped, other than writing this article I also send clothes and money to Greece for the victims.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you though for trying to make me feel remorse for being a decent human being and also pray for the victims other than sending help.
      It didn't work by the way.

    • yeah she should've titled it "Our prayers and 500 MRE food packs, 500 medicine parcels, 500 clothing packs to Greece" to show that she knew what you're talking about rofl

    catch the bastard / bastards that started the fire and l have a reward of £1000 for you? it has to be the real genuine cunt or / cunts that lite the fire any one that wants to claim the reward will be vetted by the local police so the hunt is on date 25/07/2018 time 03.21am get back to me when you catch this arsonist thank you singed ENM
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  • HeyThere94
    Prayers are useless and do nothing

    The ways to help can be volunteering or donating some money

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    • Anonymous

      For your information like I've said 2 times before I already done that.
      Again, prayers don't harm anyone take a chill pill.

  • JustCallMeLeon
    As a Greek myself, have to say that upclose the damage is 100 times worse than seen on the news. Its crazy. Every time of the year its the same, with totally "random" fires mysteriously appearing in places of interest. Least they can do is find whos behind this and leave them rotting, hung from a tree down at the city square.
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  • GnarCute
    Fire brings life, It takes life, but it also renews a land.
    The fire is a tragedy but the forests burned will grow back.
    the people who died will be remembered.
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  • SirRexington
    Have they discovered who the culprit was?

    This is one of those things that people will forget about in a week after swearing that they will "pray" for these poor souls. You might as well do nothing. It is the equivalent to praying. I understand your heart goes out to them and are "deeply" saddened by this. But if that's the case, then that is what you need to say.

    As for me, this is a terrible event that can't be seen with what ifs. For those who died and for those who lived who will never read this useless and unimportant message I am writing, I'm sorry this happened to you.

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    • Anonymous

      I think they actually catched one of them, not sure though.

  • MidnightCowboy
    Yeah let's send prayers that do not work lol

    It's very sad, but prayers will not fix it
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    • Anonymous

      It will not harm it either,
      and for your information I already did what I could exepct the article.

  • Logorithim
    What a tragedy, and worse that someone set these fires intentionally.

    Our hearts go out to the victims and the people of Greece.
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  • DiegoO
    Sorry but prayers for the world. My country is in the edge of a civil war, its going for 400 murders, in Africa its worst, in the middle east its worst. In many places heart breaking things are happening.

    Prayers for the world..
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  • BornFree
    1. They do not know if it is not arsonist yet

    2. Do you really think prayers would fix it?
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    • Anonymous

      1. They said they found an arsonic mechanism in the burned grown.

      2. No but it won't harm it either, I want to pray for them and it's my fucking right, now get off my comments

  • monkeynutts
    Yeah it's very terrible, possibly preventable as well, I live in one of the most fire prone countries on the planet. We have this happen every year, only difference is we know it's about to occur, and prepare, so we don't loose people all the time.
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  • delagarza
    I heard about it and I'm completely devastated for them. I can't imagine how those affected, those who live there and holidaymakers who travel there are feeling
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  • Lovi87
    No :( that is so sad.
    My prays and love from Me and England.
    I'm so sorry, Greece.
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  • zagor
    With hotter temperatures this may become more common. Especially as more people move into areas prone to wildfires, as is happening here in California.
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