Mollie Tibbetts Found, Suspect in Custody


As many of you are aware, Mollie Tibbetts was a 20-year-old college student living in Iowa. She was loved by many, very thoughtful, and very kind. She was also very funny and intelligent. She will be greatly missed.

Over a month ago, Mollie was reported missing. She was house-sitting for her boyfriend's sister and fiance in Brooklyn, Iowa, who were out of the country planning their destination wedding, when she went for a routine jog. Brooklyn is a very small town and cases like these never happen. Her boyfriend was miles and miles away at his construction job, a family business.

Her family became worried when her co-worker contacted them after she didn't show up for work. She was last seen jogging the evening before she was reported missing. She had her Fitbit and her phone on her.

While on the July 18 jog, a neighbor's security cameras recorded the encounter that led to her death. She was being followed by a man in a car. While he was following her, Mollie told him he would call the police if he did not leave her alone. Sadly, she wasn't able to do that as he blacked out and murdered her.

The suspect charged with first-degree murder is 24-year-old Christian Rivera. He is an illegal immigrant who had been living in the US for 4-7 years. He wasn't social and stayed to himself, very much a Boo Radley.

Her body was found in a cornfield, covered by cornstalks. The murderer led the police to the site.

Rest in peace to Mollie Tibbetts, who had such a bright future ahead of her. The best we can hope is that justice will be served.

Mollie Tibbetts Found, Suspect in Custody
Mollie Tibbetts Found, Suspect in Custody
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