How to Save The Planet

How to Save The Planet

Oh, I think you are wondering about the headline. Yeah, it is true, only a superhero can do that alone but at least you can do your share to help the world in this chaotic situation.

How to Save The Planet

Do not even start with that Trumpet-Trump talk and say that the world is not in danger or that we can not do anything to help it! NO! That is some negative bullshit. Humans are the reason for pollution and environmental change. This we already know. So why not try our best to stop causing it?

What we CAN do

How to Save The Planet

TRANSPORT: Do you take the car daily to your workplace or to the supermarket? Is it because there is no other options or just because you can? If the answer to that is the latter, I think you should reconsider. Why not take the bike instead and train your butt tighter and get daily exercise? Or what about walking? Is there perhaps some public transport you can choose?

SHOPPING: Do you like to shop a lot? Is it always as necessary? Remember to check what you support with it. How are they packed? What are they made of and where does it come from? Choose the things that are made closer and with more natural materials. In the supermarket you can look for paper bags instead of plastic bags or carry a textile bag with yourself!

HOUSING: In chemicals used daily, like shampoo and deodorants etc. there are so much non-ecological stuff that you should avoid. Especially hairspray and other bottles like that are very bad to the environment and for our health too. You can choose the more ecological options in these ones too, but you can also take a drastic step and start to make these products by yourself. The internet is full of functioning recipes for that.

Overall always choose the renewable products and avoid the plastic. Think about how far the product has been transported or whether you could maybe avoid or change something. Actually most of these things are super easy to do, you just have to commit to it and understand how important it is.

The guy in this video has actually done zero waste already for a while. He has reduced his plastic waste to such a small amount that actually fits a glass jar. Which is amazing!

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Easy tips

101 easy zero waste tips

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Inspect what your trash is consisting of. Which can you avoid not making? You do not have to empty your trash bin and see what there is, but you can think on what you put there and why. Is it always that necessary? Could you live without consuming that product or maybe avoid that packaging with choosing another? Prioritize. Next time you by take away coffee you can take your own thermos bottle to the shop.

When you start, you do not have to make every step at once. Just change it little by little. When one product runs out you can buy the eco-friendly one instead. Maybe when you need a new toothbrush you can buy the bamboo version. Recycle everything you can. Compost everything you are able to. Reuse an old item, if it is possible. Donate items and clothing, or you can also give them to your friends or family. The goal is to keep matter out of landfills. (See this)

Change your excuses to motivation

The most important thing when you start getting into this, you should have a motivator. A WHY. Sometimes you maybe need a certain and more personal reason than just the fact that it helps the environment. Maybe you are a surfer and hate to see the plastic waste on the beach? Or maybe you have gotten some health issue from beauty products containing toxins? Are you maybe spending a lot on something every day? Maybe you are as fed up by politics as I am, and the politicians not caring enough about environmental change? These are all reasons to make your personal effort!

How to Save The Planet

What is your excuse to not care? You are too lazy maybe? What if I told you it is not that hard, it is actually even easier than living with the waste? You do not have to carry out the trash so often, you do not have to shop as often. This also saves money in the long run. So change your excuses to a more positive thinking.

Thank you for reading, hope you got some motivation or at least thought about it a little.

How to Save The Planet
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