How to Save The Planet

How to Save The Planet

Oh, I think you are wondering about the headline. Yeah, it is true, only a superhero can do that alone but at least you can do your share to help the world in this chaotic situation.

How to Save The Planet

Do not even start with that Trumpet-Trump talk and say that the world is not in danger or that we can not do anything to help it! NO! That is some negative bullshit. Humans are the reason for pollution and environmental change. This we already know. So why not try our best to stop causing it?

What we CAN do

How to Save The Planet

TRANSPORT: Do you take the car daily to your workplace or to the supermarket? Is it because there is no other options or just because you can? If the answer to that is the latter, I think you should reconsider. Why not take the bike instead and train your butt tighter and get daily exercise? Or what about walking? Is there perhaps some public transport you can choose?

SHOPPING: Do you like to shop a lot? Is it always as necessary? Remember to check what you support with it. How are they packed? What are they made of and where does it come from? Choose the things that are made closer and with more natural materials. In the supermarket you can look for paper bags instead of plastic bags or carry a textile bag with yourself!

HOUSING: In chemicals used daily, like shampoo and deodorants etc. there are so much non-ecological stuff that you should avoid. Especially hairspray and other bottles like that are very bad to the environment and for our health too. You can choose the more ecological options in these ones too, but you can also take a drastic step and start to make these products by yourself. The internet is full of functioning recipes for that.

Overall always choose the renewable products and avoid the plastic. Think about how far the product has been transported or whether you could maybe avoid or change something. Actually most of these things are super easy to do, you just have to commit to it and understand how important it is.

The guy in this video has actually done zero waste already for a while. He has reduced his plastic waste to such a small amount that actually fits a glass jar. Which is amazing!

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Easy tips

101 easy zero waste tips

18 natural personal care products

Inspect what your trash is consisting of. Which can you avoid not making? You do not have to empty your trash bin and see what there is, but you can think on what you put there and why. Is it always that necessary? Could you live without consuming that product or maybe avoid that packaging with choosing another? Prioritize. Next time you by take away coffee you can take your own thermos bottle to the shop.

When you start, you do not have to make every step at once. Just change it little by little. When one product runs out you can buy the eco-friendly one instead. Maybe when you need a new toothbrush you can buy the bamboo version. Recycle everything you can. Compost everything you are able to. Reuse an old item, if it is possible. Donate items and clothing, or you can also give them to your friends or family. The goal is to keep matter out of landfills. (See this)

Change your excuses to motivation

The most important thing when you start getting into this, you should have a motivator. A WHY. Sometimes you maybe need a certain and more personal reason than just the fact that it helps the environment. Maybe you are a surfer and hate to see the plastic waste on the beach? Or maybe you have gotten some health issue from beauty products containing toxins? Are you maybe spending a lot on something every day? Maybe you are as fed up by politics as I am, and the politicians not caring enough about environmental change? These are all reasons to make your personal effort!

How to Save The Planet

What is your excuse to not care? You are too lazy maybe? What if I told you it is not that hard, it is actually even easier than living with the waste? You do not have to carry out the trash so often, you do not have to shop as often. This also saves money in the long run. So change your excuses to a more positive thinking.

Thank you for reading, hope you got some motivation or at least thought about it a little.

How to Save The Planet
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Most Helpful Guys

  • lightbulb27
    I like the spirit of what you wrote. Some people care and some don't. Some believe it's a hoax and some just want to do best they can.

    * Bicycles: I used to ride to work, careful though, lots of idiots using their phones while driving.
    * I use glass bottles for water and fill them up at home. I rarely buy plastic water or drinks.
    * Turn the heat down 1-2 degrees, you won't freeze
    * Buy locally grown and fresh... agree
    * Grow your own food
    * Stop breathing so much, your working out is causing a lot of carbon emissions... just stay in a yogic state. ... I'm just kidding
    * Eat more chocolate.

    I'm still terribly wasteful. I don't like throwing good resources away, we need to improve technology so it is easier to find a home for resources. For example, I have enough stuff to have a hardware store, but too difficult to find homes for it. Everything needs inventoried and easy way to re-deploy it. Lot of poor people in the world who could use stuff we throw out... but can't get it to them easily.

    There's a lot of room for improvement in our society. Worse comes to worse, the planet kills off a large population via crop destruction and ocean warming and we can go back to living like American indians.
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    • whyisitso

      I would love to live like an Native American Indian for example... In peace with the nature. I like their music too... But we should take chocolate with us! Not the one with palm oil though, but the one with real cocoa butter.

    • There's a lot of beauty to draw from how they dress and live. There was meaning in the "feathers", their wampum, etc.. I'm sure it wasn't so wonderful but we can imagine the good part. one of the most touching advertisements I grew up with:

      That was great advertising for me as it was emotional and showed the contrast. Helped me to stop littering. Not that the litter will destroy the planet, but that it shows respect for the place that sustains our life. Same mentality shift that is needed imho.

      You can always volunteer to work on an organic farm (I know people who do this internationally), or live with some Omish people for a week, or hike in back woods depending on your ability. Or live in Alaska.

      Maybe you would enjoy a job in bahamas training dolphins?

      Agree, on the chocolate, but the cocoa butter will melt in the heat. need a rifrigerator... electricity, etc.. right back to society again because of chocolate... ahhh!

  • dontgofalling
    Stop making paper, stop factories which ruin the air, stop producing new money unless it's recycled, stop using fucked up cars like today, recycle water, stop eating as much meat as we do since about 30% goes to the garbage, 20% to obese people, 15% that goes bad and about 35% we actually eat, eat less in usual, we eat too much, start using plastic for more permanent reasons and not make more but use recycled plastic, stop cutting down trees and other plants, stop making houses and using what we actually have which is wayyyy above enough for the whole of people in this planet which by the way is fucked up, start using what we actually have, stop throwing thing to the street and ground and recycle it, start picking up garbage thrown, and think of more solutions...
    And this planet is so dumb even ants do it better...
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    • whyisitso

      Yeah, very good points here too! People who doesn't do any of this stuff might get overwhelmed of the amount things they have to change in their life, but it is better to change at least something than do nothing instead.

    • Stripes99

      We do recycle water. You bring up some good points.

    • tell that to 7 billion people fagtron

Most Helpful Girls

  • Lolli2
    Thank you for posting on this very important topic. You list some very good points.

    Let me add some:

    1. Avoid products that contain palm-oil. It's used in a lot of food-products and cosmetics these days (e. g. baked goods, desserts, lotions and creams etc.). Palm-oil is a major contributor to deforestation, which in turn is a major contributor to climate-change and habitat loss for wildlife. Some of the main growers of palm-oil have been shown to be involved in human-rights violations as well.

    2. Avoid brands belonging to Unilever. This is another corporation that is involved in human-rights abuses and large-scale environmental destruction. You can find lists of brands belonging to Unilever online (it's a lot!).

    3. Vote for governments, politicians and policies that protect the enviroment and take climate change seriously.

    4. Talk to people about it. Raise awareness.
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    • whyisitso

      Very good points! There is so much more into this, but the most important thing is to start with something and make a change :)

  • Anonymous
    Nothing about meat?
    Meat consumption both uses a lot of resources, and takes up a lot of area which is often forests before.
    Water used for a cow's crop could be used for many vegetables instead.

    It's definitely a good myTake, but could be more detailed and fleshed out.
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    • whyisitso

      Yeah, there is so much more to say... but I thought it was quite long for what it was already. I personally do not eat meat, and that again is one whole world of things to write about. Then of course the non-vegetarians would be very mad and curse all the vegans into hell again. :) I am bored of that old fight. I just think it is healthier and better for everyone to be vegetarian and try to use oat-milk etc.

    • Anonymous

      I'm a meat eater, though I would definitely stop eating it if I just could stomach vegetables.

      I love myTakes with climate/environment/nature themes, so I really appreciate that you wrote this.

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  • MarkRet
    These are great ideas, but there's one BIG problem that overshadows it all. Human beings, for the most part, are impulsive, selfish, stupid, and increase their numbers exponentially. I drive a small car that's good on fuel, I mow the yard only when it needs it, and do the trim work with hand clippers and a rake. I use lawn chemicals sparingly for weeds. I'm SURROUNDED by people who drive F-150's, use riding lawnmowers to mow their grass every other day, use electric or gas-powered machines to do the trim work, and use lawn services for weeds, which puts poisonous chemicals into the water table, and goes downstream.

    That caravan of migrants trying to get into America? They've over-populated and stripped the places where they came from, and like locusts, they're looking for fresh feeding ground.

    The US government tries to regulate pollution and keep it under control, and then I'll read about some factory in Romania or China dumping mercury, or whatever, in the river. This picture is the Haiti/Dominican border, and Haitian side is COMPLETELY stripped. That doesn't stop Haitians from mass producing children. About every 20 years or so, they're trying to float on inner-tubes to reach Florida.

    For every person you have in this world trying to do the right thing and save the planet, you have a thousand others who just don't give a shit, and they reproduce, A LOT.
    • whyisitso

      Yeah, but if we all were as stupid, we would already be dead.

    • That pic is about the impacts of a greedy government vs. an environmentally conscious government though.

    • whyisitso

      @bubble_tea Yeah! True.

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  • CassieIsTrans
    You are deceived. there is nothing you can do to save the world.
    No amount of greenhouse gasses which man can produce, will stop the coming ice-age. But that's not the end of the world. The earth will be consumed in fire by our sun when it begins it's next phase of a star's life.
    but don't worry we still have about 500 million year for that.
    Stop worrying about the planet. you can't do anything about it.
    If you want to save someone, try some volunteer work for the homeless.
  • Dause
    A unified, global effort, on the front of data collection and analysis. By collecting data from many locations around the world and performing parallel processing across multiple servers (with the appropriate Data Distribution coding and data collection equipment) you could build a more advanced simulation analysing the Real World's Environment as a whole.

    Through appropriate simulation of individual kinds of waste, decaying waste, various natural phenomenon, and industrial or at-home air pollution, and radiation pollution, you can scale them up and approximate/average them and apply them to the global scale as complex scalar and vector fields which change through time. (Though it would take a tediously designed AI, and a long period of time analyzing static scalar and vector fields to build differential equations, series, matrices, that can describe those changes)

    This could potentially project transformations in the earth's overall environment years out after being properly developed. And also allow for analysis of potential solutions for environmental problems, in a much more calculated manner. Thus ensuring both that different countries fully understand the consequences of environmental issues by visual demonstrations and concentrate resources on potential solutions that can be more quickly scientifically proofed.
    • You lost me man thats far to much to read

    • Dause

      Sorry😂 That is an actual potential solution though. If you wanted:

      Promote better education! Contribute to Research funding! Clean up Oil Spills and Trash!

      Regardless of the field, the professionals/researchers, the people who dedicate their lives to make a difference in the matter are going to make the biggest difference.

      The reality is unless you become a professional in a field, your going to be blind as to whether what your doing really helps or not.

    • Seems legit

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  • Miristheiss
    Save it from what?

    The climate has been changing ever since the earth has been here. Ever here of the ice age?

    Are you afraid humans will become extinct or something? Who says we should carry on? The earth doesn't need us.
    • whyisitso

      I personally think humans are very selfish and not very precious, I just hate the fact that we humans are destroying the planet. We could stop doing it. There are so many other species living on planet earth, what is our right to destroy it?

    • @Miristheiss

      "Are you afraid humans will become extinct or something? Who says we should carry on? The earth doesn't need us."

      I like what you just said about the earth not needing us. I say none of it is worth saving, just let it all crash and burn. Even if somehow we saved the planet, everybody and everything will still be gone eventually and cease to exist. Even our sun won't last forever, one day it will become a Red Giant and the Earth would be done for. Scientists had theories how eventually the universe might end and collapse to. So futility of saving anything is the reality. It's all nothing but trying to deny and postpone that inevitability of what ultimately is and will happen eventually.

  • Logorithim
    It would be nice to see this addressed solely from a practical standpoint and not made into a political issue.

    There's been quite a bit of progress made on recycling and in promoting the use of renewable energy, but there is a long way to go, and, yes, you're right that there is a lot we can do as consumers.
    • whyisitso

      So you don't think politics has an impact on it? :D

    • Given the emotions surrounding politics, I think it would be best to leave it out as much as possible, especially when the crux of what is desired to get across is adopting more environmentally-friendly behavior and other grassroots activities.

    • whyisitso

      Yeah, but it is a global issue. This is why it is a political question as well. I mentioned politics only sarcastically in the beginning and one time in the ending just to show that if you blame the politics about it, you could yourself start doing something about it. So I don't think I made it into any more of an issue than what you imagine it to be. I just wanted to point out how we can help the planet as individuals. And this is not at all everything, there is more you can do. So how was this not a more practical standpoint?

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  • Poormanscomedian
    There are no problems with environment. I would drink from a creek and not think twice about it. Our water is cleaner than ever , ozone hole is fixed, The air is cleaner than ever. The fish are having fun in the sun. There is no Global warming or Climate Change. That is fiction to steal people's money through taxes. Just a crisis to get Democrats and socialists elected. Just big Gov't taking over the people's lives.
  • Browneye57
    Oh god, here we go... another one that's gonna SAVE THE PLANET.
    Newsflash honey... it will save itself. You'll see.
    • 1samiam1

      you might not be fully educated on this subject browneye

    • whyisitso

      @1samiam1 maybe we'll see about that too... 😂

    • 1samiam1


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  • DanishSaint
    Fantastic piece! Enjoyed it very much... Happy to see, that there are still people that actually does something, takes a stance and don´t just go hide in the corner!
    • whyisitso

      Thank you! Good to see that there was someone who did not get annoyed about me trying to get them to put some effort too. I thought these were quite easy and small steps but people are attacking me about being too political etc. :)

  • N192K001
    Fascinating… but I disagree with it. I'm an economist and we studied this in Environmental Economics class.

    While discussing the decision tree, the probabilities, and outcomes, even our heavily Democrat-leaning Ph. D. professor admitted there was a 100% GUARANTEED, substantial, society-/economy-shaking cost for attempting to correct the climate, but no 100% guarantee that it would actually work. In other words, we can do all that, ALL FOR NOTHING and we'll never know since the outcome appears long after we're dead. All we'll know is that we paid the price. That's it.

    And mankind is the absolute cause of climate change? Remember the Ice Age? How about its beginning and end? Is that climate change?
    How to Save The Planet
    Didn't that precede our Industrial Revolution? How can the effect happen AFTER the cause?
    How to Save The Planet

    Climate change also happens outside human-industrialized Earth!
    Are we with our Industrial Revolution responsible for that, too?

    Climate change happens, whether humans ever landed on the planet or not, inhabited the planet or not, and/or industrialized the planet or not. According to evolution, climate change has happened on Earth far before humanity even existed, and probably will long after our extinction!

    Instead of trying to stop what we can't change (like rain and typhoons), wouldn't it be wiser to spend our limited resources on something with better outcomes: ADOPTING to the inevitable‽
    Abandon coastal housing where new, Hellish storms destined to batter.
    De-desertify the huge, empty deserts (like Israel did) and move the people there.
    Master indoor, multi-story farming for maximized food-production in more limited spaces.

    I admit that some suggestions are quire reasonable: Donating, recycling, re-using, and reducing wasted resources is generally a wise management of our limited resources.
    On transportation: I do wish places here in the U. S. were more walking-/biking-distance, like in Europe and East Asia.
    On shopping and housing, I'd tend to agree.
    • I believe I read an article about if temperatures rise enough then the Sahara desert will start to get rainstorms again. There is evidence that the Sahara used to be green ages ago.

      Perhaps the most disappointing thing about warmer temperatures is when you're someone who likes the cold.

    • Its impractical to believe that humans can be uprooted to live in low rain fall areas because we have built our cities on the coast, better choice would be rebates on water capture and storage, we have had farmers had to truck water to their farms this spring because we had drought for a year. In Australia its common, our politicians are fuckwits. That's why nothing reliable ever gets done, and the future looks very scary for everyone.

    • N192K001

      @monkeynutts In the U. S., the Federal government subsidizes the home insurance for these costal structures whose risk is so high, private insurance will either offer prohibitively-high premiums or no service at all. If Washington stopped that, the next hurricane will force many of them to relocate, since most wouldn't afford to rebuild.

      @Temporal_Ice Seconding that. I'm from the tropics, but even I would miss snow and ice (here in the U. S.). To me, they're essentially what makes the hassles of cold weather worth it. If it were only cold enough to differentiate from the warmer seasons, but too warm for snow… you'd have 1 miserable camper.

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  • Sudipta007
    Saving world is in our hand. Good take though.

    If we use our intelligence in a true and safe way not destructive way. Then it should be possible that we completely save the world in future by artifitial intelligence.
    • whyisitso

      Yeah, this is true! Good to hear you think alike!

  • malegender
    Every human and every other mammal produces CO2 with each breath and methane with each fart. Climate change is a hoax. If you want to help the environment, reduce the population and clean the plastic out of the ocean
    • Yes it is. It's easier to fool sheep than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

    • whyisitso

      @ThisAndThat Yeah, like you are being fooled too.

    • @whyisitso OK give me one single instance where I'm being fooled and allow me to prove you wrong.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Humans are mostly the sole reason for pollution, but to state that "Humans are the reason for environmental change." is arrogant and ignorant presumption. The Planet Earth is nearly an 8,000 mile diameter ball of molten rock and lava hurling through space. It's always been volatile and changing and it will always continue to change and be volatile. The inside, the outside, the atmosphere... ALL OF IT... with or without humans helping or hurting. Has human interactions and massive population increases moderately altered those changes that already exist? Yes absolutely. However, humans on Earth are like fleas on a dog's ass. The Earth could shake us off at any given time with catastrophic earthquakes or slowly kill us with catastrophic volcanoes that would plummet the planet into another ice age (soot and ash in the atmosphere for decades or centuries blocking the sun's heat). All of this could happen as I'm typing and posting this or 10,000 years from now... and no amount of pollution or conservation will save us from that or keep the Earth from always changing. Now does that mean we should just live like stupid filthy slobs? Of course not. We should always clean up after ourselves... whether everything or nothing or something in between is at stake. Just for fun, here's another interesting fact: In about 5 million years, our Sun is going to transition from a yellow star to a red giant... expanding beyond Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars... enveloping and destroying them all. So unless we figure out how to slow down or stop a star's natural aging process in the next few million years (good luck with that), we're all destined for the Great Cosmic Incinerator. Hope you all like your Inner Solar System well done... 👍😉😂
  • fuzzylamba
    We need people to accept that they will need to make sacrifices so that their descendants can live happy and full lives.
    • whyisitso

      Yeah, and those sacrifices can help them too. People would be so much healthier living more eco-friendly. :)

  • bubble_tea
    Good take. It feels like some people look forward to experiencing the movie Interstellar.
    • whyisitso

      Very true, only by looking at the comments here you get that feeling.

  • BCA6010
    You can complain about Trump all you want, but the US leads the world in conservation efforts by a decisive amount, more than every member of the Paris accords combined, and more than we ever did under that idiot BHO. The PCA is a scam that in truth does very little other than exchange money from one pocket to another.

    The real problem is that for every measurable difference the US makes, China is doing the opposite, four-fold. India, Russia, and a dozen other countries are also moving forward with industrial development that is greatly increasing global carbon emissions. Trash is another monster entirely.

    This is all easily accessible public information that can be verified with a simple Google search.
    • Lol. Ever heard of carbon emission trading? Also, there's this little trick called outsourcing carbon intensive industries to poorer countries and purchase their products so it won't get count to your emissions.

    • BCA6010

      @bubble_tea You're completely ignoring the bottom line- no matter how much the western countries cut back and go green, China alone plus the majority of the rest of the world are completely negating it and contributing exponentially more. Do you really want to make it stop? Then annihilate all humans.

    • I didn't ignore the bottom line, but you seem to ignore my point that your bragging rights about being "world leaders in conservation efforts by a decisive amount" is laughable.

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  • Massageman
    If you want to pedal through 6" of snow, be my guest. I'll settle for my car that gets 20% better mileage than my old one. Recycling? If we don't get at least three lives from a t-shirt, then we just aren't really trying. And please don't tote your ground meats home in a fabric bag unless if you really like e. coli. You could wash it but, heck, that might waste a little water. Maybe if we cut down on the political hot air from the fatalists - - - - - -
  • Burgerboy21
    Unfortunately the absolute best thing we as a race can do to save the planet is to go extinct.
    • whyisitso

      What a beautiful way of thinking.

    • It won't happen immediately or instantly. But what is the least miserable way with the least amount of suffering for us to do that?

  • Bhragu
    I volunteered last year with some environment conservation organisation. I helped to teach public school kids about native flora and fauna of my city and helped the organisation in conducting a quiz based on wildlife. It was a fun experience.
    • Bhragu

      My city is the most polluted in the world therefore I am not optimistic about my country. Also I don't think there is much we can do. Our efforts will not stop the ongoing process of climate change. The damage which was done in last few decades will have its impact forever. Well thanks to America because most of the garbage/trash is produced in America and is sold to my country. We literally buy trash of first world countries otherwise your country will already have become a big dump. I can't do anything about it on my level. I can only teach others about the issue and use my skills to spread information and do analysis. Lol I am a math genius, no kidding. I am leaving my country soon enough. I am not wasting my time to help people when my government is run by monkeys.

  • FunkyMonkee
    NO ONE is at risk of climate change or global warming because it doesn't exist!
    One way to save the planet: jail all the lazy people that can't be bothered to put their garbage into a garbage can even though they're LEANING on one!!!
  • BarbieLola
    The best thing to do for the environment is go vegan and no one should call themselves an environmentalist if they are not vegan because of the numbers of how much damage animal agricultural does it foolish to act any different
    • whyisitso

      Well, I'm a vegetarian, maybe I'm not good enough then.

  • stuntbrain
    By eliminating a large percentage of the population
  • briecheese07
    GREAT mytake. I wish more people actually cared about the environment.
  • JazzHands
    The only way to save the world is to eliminate the entire human race. You can try to save it by picking up little scraps here and there, but in the end its useless compared to the stuff big companies are pumping and dumping out.
    • whyisitso

      It seems like we should start with these gaggers like you.

    • JazzHands

      ok so even if you change my mind, what can I do? Maybe I could become a politician and create bills to restrict the amount of waste companies make, but I will never be able to completely stop companies from making waste. There is too much demand for companies. Want to save the earth? Then we should all live in the woods like hunter gatherers without electricity, wifi, cars, buildings and contract diseases and get eaten by lions and mosquitoes, but no one wants to do that.

  • ragequeen
    Good points, but humans are digging their own grave. In fact, it's so deep that they aren't able to get themselves out. It's too late to save the planet. We just have to wait.
  • Love_yourself
    Yesterday someone gave a card to me.. It said, plant a tree when you get the driving license. We can save nature this way.
    • whyisitso

      Why after you get the driving license? But yeah, planting trees is a good way to help the planet. :)

  • Kemil_Zhoki
    People make take this more seriously if the Messiah's of this did not create 100 times the carbon footprint of the average person. Since they instead use it as a money-generating platform, it is reasonable to believe that they are full of crap.
  • Anon-ymous1
    Great take with a lot of truth in it; we all need to do our part. My only criticism is the part where you say that shopping a lot is okay, and I disagree... Even attempting to take the conditions into account which you list, such as packaging and such, isn't good enough. Obviously we all need to shop sometimes, but if we support excessive materialism as a culture and as a people, nothing will change and waste will continue to pile up. Because, those businesses are still a part of a much larger economic web of businesses who may not pay any attention to environmental protection at all, and supporting the culture of excessive endless spending and commercialism, in effect, cancels out any steps one single company may take.
    • whyisitso

      Yeah, I was going to change that part anyways but forgot it. I meant more like, it is okay to shop sometimes and if you think about what you buy.

    • whyisitso

      Thanks for the good feedback! :) And great thoughts in your comment!

  • clampfan101
    Captain Planet!
    He’s our hero!
    Gunna take pollution down to zero!

    lol Nice take. I do what I can. 🌐
  • monkeynutts
    OK its good that you pay attention to these delemas, I personally believe the biggest problem is desertification, this has to do with climate change, but also unsustainable land management practices. One of the issues about living in cities is the "counter productive craming of miserable asswholes into confined spaces" there is no space for the thinkers to do anything other than be a mindless zombified consumer. So the solutions are purely logistical, who produces food? where? what is the quality? and what is the price?

    If you are thinking about the future you are thinking aquaponics, closed systems, of ponds raised garden beds, irrigation and water purification systems. All this should mimic nature, and yeah we have to stop using plastics they are fucked.
  • Eternal_Blizzard
    Plant more trees... save what's already planted
    Fuck gasoline go electric
    • JMghow

      60% of electricity is produced with fossil fuels, and we lose about half of energy due to resistance in power lines dissipating the energy as heat. Electric vehicles haul heavy batteries, so carry more weight, so a similarly sized gas car could be more efficient give a similar design. However, even without any difference in efficiency, just using the same amount of energy can be a 120% increase in fossil fuel carbon emissions and usage WHILE requiring toxic battery production.

  • Iron_Man
    I don't live in New York City where you can take the subway everywhere you go. I live in Miami Florida and it's all spread out
    • whyisitso

      Well, I don't live there either. I live in a dark place up north where there is no sight of a metro station and only a few buses. But you can find alternatives.

  • Muhammad1999
    America and china responsible for the most pollution , they should reduce their industry
  • Reggieray
    Interesting. I would look into "planned obsolescence" as well.
  • JMghow
    Look, this wasn't very well written and you turn a lot of people you need away by playing politics, so if your goal was anything more than virtue signaling you need to rethink your tactics. That said, people will always consume. Rather than railing about stopping that, find ways to use it. Point out how fuel efficient options like bikes or even motorcycles can be fun and cheap alternatives that save them money. Show them how funding massive air purifiers like China built can improve their quality of life. Create ways for them to live closer to work while having a decent standard of living. Don't fight human nature, utilize it.
    • whyisitso




    • whyisitso

      Based on what you said I think you didn't even read what I wrote other than the Trump comment maybe. And I'm too tired to answer your comment in a intelligent way. Good night.

    • JMghow

      Like I said, you are being counter-productive. I listed several methods of fixing actual issues, you focused on playing politics and deriding others. Virtue signaling is not virtuous, not does it accomplish anything. You already have the left: They agree with your statements, even if they do not live by them but rather partake of every aspect of consumer culture. You are preaching to the choir in a manner that will prevent new recruits.

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  • ThisAndThat
    Climate change is a load of BS. This is their real plan. Think about what they're actually plans are.
  • jacquesvol
    Help Trump to trash Earth, then apply for sasylum on one of his golf clubs.
  • Kayla45
    Too bad no one cares and the OZone layer will die along with everyone on the planet.
    • whyisitso

      So you say NO ONE cares to me, when I just wrote a take like this?

    • Kayla45


    • whyisitso

      Well, I do.

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  • GayHowellMeme
    Or we can just colonize another planet and live there
  • MouthfulofDiamonds
    How about an incentive for voluntary sterilization.
  • DakotaNorth
    Forget it. The planet is fucked. But we can slow down the decaying process.
    • whyisitso

      It's all about making what we can to not destroy it more. No one alone can save the world, that's the truth we have to live with, but we can make our lives less consuming to the earth.

  • red_knight
    We will do our best but in the end, oblivion is inevitable...
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Okay as requested, I will save the planet.
    nice take and the planet is dead
    • whyisitso

      Not yet, but soon yes. Because many people doesn't give a shit about these things. This is why more people should think about it.

    • very true and the world is at war we need a clean out of humans far to many on this planet

    • very true

  • Ephemera1
    Nice advice
    • How to save the earth

      Make humans extinct

    • Whoops I didn't mean to reply to this opinion. Ignore this

  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • DarkHumorRUs
    But why should I care about anything.
  • 1samiam1
    get money, fuck bitches
  • Nice
  • Shahid757
    Go green. save blue
  • legalboxers
    love the mytake, I hope someone heeds this