Islamic Jihad Versus Christian Crusades: There Is No Moral Comparison


Let's cut right to the chase:

The purpose of Islamic Jihad was (and still is) to enslave people, the purpose of the Crusades was to free Christians from enslavement by Muslims. There is NO MORAL COMPARISON between the two.

You want history? I'll give you history.

Here is the history of the last 1,400 years illustrated on a dynamic battle map of both the imposition of Islamic Jihad during that period and the imposition of the Christian Crusades.

Keep in mind that Muslims had been brutally attacking Europe for 450 to 500 years before the Crusades even took place.

If you can see this history and still believe there is some kind of equivalence between these two movements, you are irredeemably brainwashed.

There is no moral equivalence. Islamic barbarianism stands alone as the most evil force known to mankind in the last 1,400 years at least and still is to this day. There is no religion more intolerant, more violent, more militaristic, more tyrannical, more evil or more dangerous on earth.

Watch and learn the truth.

Islamic Jihad Versus Christian Crusades: There Is No Moral Comparison
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  • RainbowSmile
    The difference is the Bible never promoted or encouraged the crusades and anyone acting violent on behalf of Jesus or Christianity is going directly against its teachings and is actually violating the commandments. The Bible never taught its followers to go out and kill non believers but instead to turn the other cheek and to forgive and love thy enemy.

    The Quran contains many versus that are a call to action to bring violence against non believers. Many versus teach aggressive non tolerance and even though there are other verses riddled throughout which also teach kindness and love, these violent versus are dangerous and can be taken literal by followers of this religion.
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    • Excellent point. I'll also add that the Bible forbids suicide whether by your own hand or the had of a Jihadist. To fail to DEFEND life is a sin.

    • morrowlow

      the only problem with your comment is that it's wrong. Islam only allows Muslims to fight oppressors and those tyrants. Now if some so called Muslims don't have a clear definition for those terms< it doesn't prove anything wrong with Islam.

  • MissPeach35
    Do you even know what Jihad means?
    Jihad's original Islamic meaning: "The struggle to be a perfect Muslim."

    Also, your source was just making statements not backing it up with any proof. To be honest it seemed really biased. He claims they're facts but where is his proof?

    If it was true, then it wasn't right, and they should not have done what they did.

    You seem so bothered about what has happened 14,000 years ago, yet what happened in Iraq 16 years ago, doesn't seem to bother you at all.

    In my eyes, you are just as biased as your source.
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    • akihon

      But then aren't you ignoring groups like isis using the crusades as a rallying cry. So it's a bit of a fallacy to claim one person is doing that but ignore that an entire group is doing the same thing from a different point of attack. Either condemn all or nothing.

    • 1400 years ago**

      Why would I condemn 2 billion people, for what a few thousand are doing? The few thousand wouldn't listen to the other billions of people, they believe the majority, who doesn't use crusades as a rallying cry as traitors.

    • Thanks @MissPeach35

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  • tearout
    GOD is above the dome Jesus Christ
    so yeah this fight will go on till the end bro

    and GOD will deal with them
    what I wonder and hope is there are good muslims who do not want to kill or force

    I just hope they make it to heaven
    but it's only hope
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    • I wonder how there can be such a thing as a "good" Muslim if they associate themselves with a "religion" whose founding document commands them to murder anyone who doesn't believe the way they do, whose fellow members of the "religion" are committing daily atrocities in virtually every country all over the world and whose "religion" has a 1,400 year history of the most barbaric, warlike behavior known to man. Can anyone who chooses to call themselves a member of this subhuman club really be a "good" person? I would immediately renounce my religion if it was like that. If I didn't, how could I consider myself a "good" anything?

    • tearout

      so if a child who is 5 years old is raised muslim
      that 5 year old child now should be murdered
      cause it's his fault

      remember they are raised into a lie
      they don't know any better
      once they become adults


    • "so if a child who is 5 years old is raised muslim
      that 5 year old child now should be murdered
      cause it's his fault "

      I don't see where anyone who commented here called for murdering Muslim children. Can you provide the quote that called for that?

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  • BeHappy1985
    If you look at the numbers this video and your post are a load of bs
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    • Have no idea how anything at the link you posted supports your conclusion but here is a documented list of battles of the Muslim invasion just of the Iberian Peninsula (doesn't include the Middle East or Africa, other parts of Western Europe or Eastern Europe). It's a list of the battles in which Muslims invaded the Christian lands in the Iberian Peninsula and the battles where Christians in that area finally pushed them back hundreds of years later. As show in the video there were hundreds of Islamic assaults on the Christians during that period.

    • Do the death count, how many people got killed by muslims and how many by christians. Crusades alone took 1,000,000–3,000,000 lives. No one beats the christians when it comes to killing people, well maybe Genghis Khan, but look at how many native americans are left, Islam still has a few milion to go before they catch up.

    • Also Islam is 570 years younger than Christianity, that's a lot of time when it comes to taking lives.

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  • HomoFuge
    You should read books written by credible historians rather than shit made up by ignorant people on the internet. I recommend reading books written by Thomas Asbridge, who is a credible historian in Medieval history.

    I'll give you a piece of history. When the First Crusades retook Jerusalem, they killed, raped and pillaged all the Muslims living there. They also massacred Jews on their way to Jerusalem. Women and children were not spared. When Saladin re-took Jerusalem, he told his followers to spare the women and children, giving the Christians living in the city time to leave. He also forbade his followers from destroying and pillaging the churches in Jerusalem.

    Also, Pope Urban did not call the First Crusades because of Christians being persecuted by Muslims in Jerusalem (a lot of historians state that Alexius may have exaggerated this to convince Urban to help him). He called it because he wanted to heal the Great Schism of 1054 and believed a crusade could help achieve this.
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    • Thank you

    • Nice try but the video was made by Dr. Bill Warner who holds a PhD and is a college professor.

    • "You should read books written by credible historians rather than shit made up by ignorant people on the internet. "

      Who you going to believe? A highly respected author and college professor or some anonymous 21 year old on the Internet?

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  • 9teen
    Don't believe everything you read on internet kids. Read books and listen to speeches of those who actually studied history in depth instead.

    Here we go again with the ignorance and naiveness. Person #66478. Next.
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    • Name ANYTHING in this video that is not a true fact.

      What is ignorant is to make a statement like you did without giving any case to support it.

    • The video is quite biased.

    • That's a statement of conclusion without a case. Are you going to give a case to back it up?

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  • PillowThief
    When you brainwash children from a young age to believe in your religion, you're shit on the other side of the same coin as far as I'm concerned. We need to shed both religions and all of their denominations. They hold back science, they cause social and political unrest, and historically, they've proven diabolical in their own rights and to this day they still do. There's your moral comparison, sir. We get rid of both, not one of them. Christianity is as big a sadistic joke as Islam is.
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  • thatguyfromtoronto
    You are by far the dumbest idiot with your question. Because of your stupidity, I will send a lengthy response and then block and mute this conversation so that neither you nor any noob on GAG can reply with racist rhetoric. I am a Muslim, and to paraphrase when Islam says stand up and kill it means when needed, Islam and the Quran also teaches that "love thy neighbor" regardless of what religion you are and help people the Quran SAYS THIS so how come none of y'all say that? It's like watching a movie half way and then you have a pre-conceived notion that this is how the movie will end so you walk out without knowing, that's the ignorance of how people view Islam. If you don't know if you don't talk to other Muslims then keep your mouth shut.

    When I go to the mosque there is no mention of hurting Christians or Jews so I don't know where you or others commenting get your weird sick, twisted thinking then go check yourself and check your facts. I am no one special, yet I will be willing to help and donate to Christians or Jews or whomever. Common arguments about Muslims is that Prophet Muhammad had sex with a 6-year-old girl he's a pedophile - WRONG! Aisha was actually 17, 18 or 19 years of age, Aisha's eldest sister passed away who was 10 years older than Aisha when she was with the prophet.

    Why does the prophet (God's messenger) get demonized when the fact is, rich white kings who were old as fuck would marry young girls as young as 11 or 10, yet that shit doesn't get talked about. Let's move to Sharia law, Sharia law is associated with Islamic principles/values, throughout time after Prophet Muhammad had passed men along the way have changed Islamic principles that went away from God. Islam never says, beat your wife, oppress your wife, I mean women are still oppressed around the world today. Islam has an entire chapter dedicated to Mary (Jesus' mother). During the time of Prophet Muhammad, women played a role in Islam as being hard-working, Prophet Muhammad first wife Khadija was a businesswoman who had more money than the prophet and she accepted him and loved him and he loved her and allowed her to do her thing as well, these are facts. Are people that stupid that after the prophet dies and regular men who pretend to be "Islamic" don't share the same values as he does which is honesty, courage, nobleness, prayed, fasted, didn't commit any sins. Let me repeat this again, God appointed and chose Prophet Muhammad as his only messenger.

    Getting back to women and Islam, I am a Muslim guy, I am not going to force my wife to wear a hijab that is her choice, that is the choice of any woman, just like a nun wearing something that covers her up. Y'all talk about how Islam oppresses women and what example is that? Saudi Arabia? The same Saudi Arabia the United States continues to do business with for oil and money purposes? Saudi Arabia is NOT an Islamic country if Saudi Arabia is the definition of what an Islamic country is why would the royal family and government use Hajj money from millions of visitors doing the Hajj pilgrimage for the government and royal family's greed? Saudi Arabia jails and kills Muslims whether male or female, Shia or Sunni for speaking up against there oppression. Don't believe me have the balls and book a flight and go there then to see for yourself. If Saudi Arabia is such an Islamic country why would their government and royal family order to destroy Islamic history and Islamic gravesites from Prophet Muhammad's family? I mean in the U. S people who are Christian are good people but doesn't mean America in general is all filled with good because the US government is corrupt.

    Which leads to my next point, the United States government created/funds for terrorist groups like ISIS, this is a fact. After 9/11 US invaded Iraq/Afghanistan costing the US $2.4 trillion on a war for what? Steal their oil? Kill innocent civilians? That war led fucked the US because it led to the 2007 recession how'd that go?
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    • Stop calling it Islamic Jihad, you don't even know what Jihad is. Vladimir Putin even said that the US created and help pay these actors so of course, these thugs/gang members will choose the most corrupt side like what the US pays them to do these evil things. Putin isn't Muslim, he follows God is own way but yet, Putin has close ties to Iran 'The Islamic Republic'. Yeah the United States funds and created terrorist organizations, US gives billions of dollars to Zionist Israel and lets its people suffer from obesity, high education debt, immoral laws (ie: fining someone $1 million, sent to prison for being pro-BDS), how the oppression Black people face and etc. That's a democracy? That's not a democracy.

    • The time we are in now was predicted by Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years ago, and yes all the events that have happened since then have come true and the major signs are already in the process (ie: Netanyahu and his Zionist regime proclaiming Jeruselum belongs to Israel) mind you it is not anti-semitic saying this on my end because Jews who follow Judaism despise Netanyahu's Zionist dictatorship of government vs religion. I showed solidarity with the Jewish community after the Pittsburgh attacks, Muslims have helped the Jews especially for centuires and into today. When White extremists destroyed grave sites in a Jewish graveyard, the Muslim community raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help the Jewish community fix them. Yet you don't talk about that right? The end times are approaching, and yes the Muslims and Christians will fight, unfortunately, but the 12th imam and Jesus will come back to spread peace, unity and that oppression is expelled and that no person in poor. Jesus will proclaim I was never crucified, God lifted him to heaven and this will shock the Christians and non-believers, Islam and the Quran STATE the coming of the 12th imam and Jesus.

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  • emmily2396
    While Islam is really bad, I wouldn't defend Christianity. How many people were urned alive by the church for heresy? Being a scientist or simply being viewed as a witch are not reasons to kill someone, but for the church they were...
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    • Okay... but let's talk about TODAY. Here is a documented list of 110 Islamic attacks, committed in the name of Islam, in 23 countries, in which 544 people were killed and 715 injured JUST IN THE LAST 30 DAYS.

      Let's compare that with a list of Christian terrorist attacks during the same period. How about Jewish terrorist attacks? Hindu? Buddhist? ANY other religion?

      The answer is the same for the 30 days before that, and the 30 days before that, and the 30 days before that and so on going back HUNDREDS if not in the THOUSANDS of years.

      There is no comparison between the 1,400 year Jihad of Islam which is STILL going on today and the acts of violence committed by any other religion. Islam stands alone in both the magnitude, scope and duration of their atrocities. And most importantly it is the ONLY religion on planet earth today that is committing such atrocities on a wholesale basis.

    • emmily2396

      yeah, but Christianity is 600 years ahead of Islam... 600 years ago Christianity wasn't better. While we live in modern age, the level of intelligence of many of the believers aren't much greated than that of the people who lived in the 1400s

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  • Electric_Dreams
    Beautiful take.. sadly.. wish something like this didn't have to be beautiful. Hard-hitting truth in the face of oppression of freedom to express opinions, freedom to breathe and freedom to live is beautiful to me though.

    You are right. Many people, many extreme liberals, will not accept it for whatever reason. Often I find because they are devastatingly out of touch with the inherent savagery and brutality of the world, out of touch with reality, living lives that are too safe and privileged. However, myself and many others who live quite safe, privileged lives are not in denial of this obvious truth, so that's not all it is. It is also.. and this is where I may be seen to invite name calling upon myself.. it is also naivety, and yes, stupidity.

    Something that so many people are either too stupid, too naive, too much in denial or too delusional to accept, is that the recent horrors caused directly by Islam are reminiscent of events that preceded and directly caused the crusades. The crusades was not a hate campaign, it was a campaign to unite and fight against hate.

    The rampant stupidity of the masses, often seemingly caused by selfishness, a lack of interest for much outside of their narrow existence, never ceases to astound me.
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  • N192K001
    True, they were defensive, but their execution was Hell!

    Eastern Orthodox Constantinople fell because the Catholic Crusaders who came to their rescue back-stabbed the already-battered Eastern guardians, massacred/raped/raided the "heretics" and presented them to the Muslim forces on a silver platter.
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    • Curmudgeon

      THIS. The Fourth Crusade robbed the Crusaders of any net good to history, and led to the hordes almost reaching Vienna centuries later.

    ""On Balian's orders the Crusaders surrendered the city to Saladin's army on October 2 1187. The take-over of the city was relatively peaceful especially in contrast to the Crusader siege of the city in 1099.

    Balian paid 30,000 dinars for freeing 7,000 of those unable to pay from the treasury of the city. The large golden Christian cross that had been placed over the Dome of the Rock by the Crusaders was pulled down and all Muslim prisoners of war taken by the Crusaders were released by Saladin who according to the Kurdish scholar and historian Baha ad-Din ibn Shaddad, numbered close to 3,000

    Saladin allowed many of the noble women of the city to leave without paying any ransom. For example, a Byzantine queen living a monastic life in the city was allowed to leave the city with her retinue and associates as also Sibylla, the queen of Jerusalem and wife of the captured King Guy. Saladin also granted her safe passage to visit her captive husband in Nablus. The Native Christians were allowed to remain in the city while those of Crusader origin were allowed to leave Jerusalem for other lands along with their goods through a safe passage via Akko by paying a ransom of 10 dinars. Saladin's brother, Al-Adil was moved by the sight and asked Saladin for 1,000 of them as reward of his services. Saladin granted his wish and Al-Adil immediately released them all.

    Heraclius upon seeing this asked Saladin for some slaves to liberate. He was granted 700 while Balian was granted 500 and all of them were freed by them. All the aged people who could not pay the ransom were freed by orders of Saladin and allowed to leave the city. He then proceeded to free 1,000 more captives upon request of Muzaffar al-Din Ibn Ali Kuchuk who claimed they were from his hometown of Urfa. In order to control the departing population he ordered the gates of the city to be closed.

    At each gate of the city a commander was placed who checked the movement of the Crusaders and made sure only those who paid the ransom left the city. Saladin then assigned some of his officers the job of ensuring the safe arrival of the Crusaders in Christian lands."
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  • pleasestopthis
    You can say whatever you want but Christian crusades were everything but christian. They didn't ever convey the real message of Christ's gospel, it was pure slaughter
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    • Christians were brutalized by Muslims for almost 500 years before they fought back. How long is long enough before you fight back? Did Christ say you should just let people murder, rape and enslave you without defending yourself?

  • englisc
    Everybody is arguing that their side was the more moral side. In reality, all war is horrible. Every side does things that are considered "evil" - you don't win a war by treating your enemies kindly. People just like to paint their side as the "good guys".
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  • TheWormGuy
    I think you're mixing up jihad with islamic extremists. islamic extremists are just as bad as the christian crusaders. the christian crusades wasn't just 'freeing christians from muslims' but was also about slaughtering muslims, jews, and any non-christians to take the holy land for the christian church. The difference being islamic extremism effects the world, the crusade effected whatever land the christians found themselves in.
    • I agree with most of that. The Crusades were not without their own atrocities. But it is true that Europeans were brutally attacked for almost 500 years before they turned the tables and went into the Middle East to fight back against the Muslims who attacked them. And it's also true that Islamic terrorism has been going on for 1,400 years and continues to this day all over the globe whereas the Crusades lasted less than 200 years and ended almost 800 years ago. There really is no comparison between the two either in duration or in the scope of the geography they cover. Nor is there any question about which one represents the biggest threat TODAY. And by the way, it wasn't only Christians who were slaughtered and enslaved by Muslims throughout that period, it was also Jews who lived there since antiquity. Rarely mentioned are at least 1.5 million Jews who lived in places that were invaded and taken over by Muslims during those wars and then either murdered or driven out of their homes and lands. No one ever seems to talk about that.

    • TheWormGuy

      I 100% agree with this

  • Trojan35
    My family is muslim but I am not, however I know history well and no buddy you can't give us a history from your brainwashed, edited European sources.

    First of all both religions had mistakes, both sides tried to enslave eachother. Christians were pretty barbarian when it came to their 11-12 crusades, they were aiming to invade Jerusalem but they sacked&looted Constantinople in spite of it, they killed many people. Again Christians came to Muslim lands and they built Kingdom Of Antioch also Kingdom Of Jerusalem, however Salahaddin Ayyubi kicked their asses back to their land and they couldn't come back for about 800 years.

    On 1299 Ottoman Empire was established, and they slapped Europeans again and again until mid 1700s then they started to lose lands because European powers were pretty much compared to Ottomans. Then slowly Europeans invaded North Africa where Muslims were living ( still living ) and when it came to WW1 they invaded whole Middle East except Turkey, since Turkey isn't Middle Eastern anyway.. they tried to take it too but got an ass kick on 1922. Still today USA is at Afghanistan, they invaded Iraq now trying to make plans over Iran and shit. We all know who's more barbaric, you are the reason of 2 biggest World Wars lmao.
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Oh cool another diatribe trying to convince us all the killing one group did for their fairy tales was better than all the killing some other group did for their fairy tales, which are slightly different.

    *golf clap*
  • BellumEtPacem
    That's mighty interesting considering I heard a completely different thing as to how the Crusades began..
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    • It was far more politically motivated than some would care to admit

    • To set the stage. The Seljuk Turks were encroaching upon the Byzantines by taking Territory

    • The Byzantines, under the Byzantine Emperor Alexios, sent an appeal for aid to the west specifically to the Pope

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  • Nadim171
    Exactly, the crusades were a response to over 400 years of Islamic attacks on Christians. If the crusades didn't happen there wouldn't have been any catholic church nowadays. It was the only way to protect the Christian west from Islam. And still today islam attacks us. Muslims conquered Christian cities and took it's women and even kids as sex slaves. Islam is the most immoral religion. Islamic Jihad Versus Christian Crusades: There Is No Moral Comparison
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    I'd say Marxism has trumped Islam in this regard. Muslims have killed a LOT; but Marxist ideology and its numerous flavored variants have killed hundreds of millions.
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  • markscott
    How about the "crusades" in the Americas, where natives were forced into religion, and many were killed.
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  • RationalMale
    islam is one of the greatest threats to Western Civilization and the future of mankind that we presently face.
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  • Wolframium
    I don't care what kind of mind virus you have, it's still mind virus. You call it religion, I call it superstitial BS.
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  • John_Doesnt
    There is no moral comparison to Buddhism. Because both those religions are vile.
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