The Circus of COVID-19 & the Parasitic Media. How a Bad Case of Viral Pneumonia Became The "Apocalypse" & The Worse Thing Coming Isn't the Virus


Ninety-Nine Percent of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says (link, bottom of page)

The Circus of COVID-19 & the Parasitic Media. How a Bad Case of Viral Pneumonia Became The Apocalypse & The Worse Thing Coming Isnt the Virus

I've said to a few of you before this (COVID-19) is just a rather bad case of viral pneumonia. To anyone medically trained or even educated about medical issues, that can think for themselves, the similarities are uncanny:

  • Asymptomatic carriers and/or few problems - google walking pneumonia
  • Severe cases with ARDS - media tries to make this COVID-19 unique - ARDS is telltale of severe pneumonia
  • Seniors/health compromised are predominant victims - same with pneumonia
  • COVID-19 being parasitic-like is the new thing - well viruses are a sort of parasite so no it's not new.

Places like Italy (the highest seniors population, multiple generations living in one household, limited even nonexistent medical in some areas, cramped living quarters, etc.) & China/Wuhan (poor diet/hygiene/health, limited medical, cramped living quarters, etc) were prime spots for serious communal disease anyway. Only a matter of time.


And in investigative journalism still really existed instead of being limited to 60 Minutes & similar the media would not have been capable of hyping this virus out of proportion. It's hard, after all, to warp facts. Slapped together bits-and-pieces of poorly researched information is far easier to embellish.

There's absolutely NO justifiable reason why the media has had to:

  • Show empty grocery store shelves when this started
  • Show people fighting over items (e.g. toilet paper) like animals when this started
  • Show or mention crowded hospitals as if these facilities do not treat other issues (how many of those patients in a crowded ER room are corona patients & how many more are victims of shootings, attempted suicides, etc.)
  • Constantly mention the case & death rate. Every single day it is mentioned. I can't remember such maddening behavior about any yearly flu

All this incites mass hysteria & in that mass hysteria newspapers are flying off the shelves, televised news castings likely have record-setting amounts of viewers, and millions of people are clicking on media websites daily. The media's a business & this makes for a big fat paycheque at the end of the year.



Yes, it's a sort of rant. But I am TIRED of people acting as if this damn thing is the "apocalypse" because they're ignorant & refuse to educate themselves or because they can't think for themselves.

Yes, there will be deaths. People die. It's part & parcel of life. MILLIONS die of the flu yearly. Has anyone of you ever experienced a year with daily updates on cases & death rates of the common flu?

The "apocalypse" will be coming but it won't be the virus.

It'll be the backlash of response. Economic collapse, collapsed hiring markets, collapsed industry markets, collapsed housing markets, bankruptcy, homelessness, etc. - just cause a mortgage, loan or rent is deferred right now doesn't mean you don't pay it - that'd make anyone who can think beyond their own nose go... shit, we're fucked.

Below are some facts that are not surprising to me in the slightest. And this is recounted on other sites if you google it.

The Circus of COVID-19 & the Parasitic Media. How a Bad Case of Viral Pneumonia Became The "Apocalypse" & The Worse Thing Coming Isn't the Virus
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  • lowell2593
    This is a representation of reality. I actually took it super serious at first because of the information coming out. What a shit show of leadership we have on all fronts. Inconsistent information, inaccurate, contradictory, and not presented upfront. One of the news networks literally used italian hospital footage to pass it off as new york to make it look more serious. The media criticizes us for "mis information" and looking to "fake news" when they do it all the time. If you look it up, you can find shocking things the media has lied about time after time. Its all a tied to someones agenda and everyone buys it without question. I think the virus should be treated with appropriate concern to protect those at risk, but this virus is far from being hysterical about. Measures should be taken to protect people, but not buying up all groceries or mandatory vaccination. I've read a lot of theories as to why officials would knowingly want to manipulate us this way. Its hard to say without proper evidence, but its clear people are taking advantage of it pollitically. Its clear there is a level of manipulation going on, and if you even suggest it your labeled an alt right conspiracy nut. I used to be wicked left when trump was first elected. But i abandoned both parties becsuse i realized the corporate democrats sell themselves as caring for the greater good, but are selfish psychopaths. Its a hard time when you can objectively look at both sides, especially during this situation, and realize you can't trust anyone. The problem is we dont have a legitament consistent credible source of information/news. Its all sensationalized and biased. You really do have to look everything up now and personally check it. Back in the day media providers were owned by at least 50 different organizations. Now what is it 6? I think you yave a good point. Do what you need to do to protect and save lifes proportionate to the threat. Our reaction is overblown, but i think action and care is still necessary. I think if we acted quicker we could have handled it way for efficiently. We wouldn't have had to fully shut down at all.
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    • Eactly 6 major companies own all of TV not just all of the media and they are Luciferian Freemasons with reach that reaches every country.

  • Mijopapiii
    You are right and how about all the people who went and filmed hospitals all around the world and proved the media lied and these hospitals were not even full with covid-19 patients.
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