Girls, ? Be honest!!! Have you ever?


Have you ever worn a diaper (Nappy UK) after potty training?

I am researching childhood incontinence and I so I thought it would be interesting to ask the question direct on here and get the female answer to this question as I have already got the male.

Please tell me age or age bracket worn, Reason for wearing them and how did they emotionally make you feel. By Diaper I mean all kinds of continent products even bed wetting pull ups (Goodnites etc).

I'll use myself as an example: - please ANSWER LIKE THIS.

Gender: Female
Age/Ages when worn: 10 -15 years
Reason: had nighttime bowl and bladder incontinence
Wearing them made me feel: embarrassed, ashamed and like a baby.

Please be as honest as possible and answer ANONYMOUSLY unless you don't care and are open with this sort of thing.
Girls, ? Be honest!!! Have you ever?
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