Why is He Acting like a Coward?

Gabby Petito's cowardly Fiance Came back to the Family Home After---The Disappearance of little Gabby. He was seen Mowing the Lawn and Shopping with his Mom as well. Was there for a While until his Family reported HIM Missing In Action. Why is he Now Running and Hiding? I don't Believe he is Dead. If he TRULY loved Her, Why did he NOT Admit it Might have BEEN An Accident to have Killed the "Women he Claims to have Loved?" Any thoughts? xx
Scared and Frantic, Paris!
Thinks he can outsmart Everyone, Paris!
He was mainly obsessed with her and didn't truly love Her, Paris!
Some of This, Paris!
All of the Above, Paris!
Another Reply, Paris!
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Why is He Acting like a Coward?
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