Do you think extreme, misogynist incels are helping to hide Brian Laundrie?

Are extreme misogynist incels hiding Brian Laundrie? VOTE!
Are extreme misogynist incels hiding Brian Laundrie? VOTE!
An FBI manhunt for Gabby Peitio's boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, continues as the 23-year-old returned to his parents' home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, but left ten days later and has not been seen since.

Gabby was was strangled to death in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest, a coroner confirmed on Tuesday.

Her Long Island family lost communication with her in late August while she was on the "van life" road trip out West with Laundrie.

The couple's complicated relationship - with reports of abuse from and by both parties - has made the social media conversation about them heated.

Specific groups are particularly supportive of Laundrie. Corners of the manosphere - an internet subculture dedicated to men's rights and misogyny - call for people to defend him.

The FriendsOfBrian subreddit, created for satirical jokes at "support" for Laundrie, has many posts advocating for him. One follower wrote: "The funny thing is if you simply reversed the genders in this case then everyone would be defending Gabby as having acted in self-defense from an abusive boyfriend.

"She would also not spend a single day in jail and would be called upon to give speeches at DV abuse conferences about "how to fight back against your abuser."

The poster refers to women as "bloodthirsty, vengeful Feminist SIMP mobs of self-entitled Narcissistic KARENS."

The manosphere is accused of inspiring Jake Davison, the shooter who killed five people and himself in Plymouth, south England, and Elliot Roger, who committed the Isla Vista mass shooting in 2014, at a Sorority House at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Before he went on his killing spree, Roger released a video and a written manifesto hitting out at women for not sleeping with him, saying "you girls have never been attracted to me. I don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it."

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Do you think extreme, misogynist incels are helping to hide Brian Laundrie?
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