Why is Amber Heard so unheard?


There just seems to be huge trend of hatred against Amber Heard and lies accusations.

This doesn't seem rational to me. It's not like this is not a close battle! in fact if you see the trails, it's fierce and equal sided battle (to my opinion). I like the lawyers, I like Johnny , I like Amber, I like the judge, in terms of their compliance and search of justice and truth!

What I don't like! is the outpouring insanity and hatred towards Amber, whom even if she's lying did not even get close to defame her ex-husband. And it also reflects how the world is so full of mad crazies, it's not like the public opinion is even split. And what makes everyone so sure that Amber meant to defame and that she's 100% lying in all 🤷🏻‍♂️
Why is Amber Heard so unheard?
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Verdict is today. I appreciate every opinion, you all were very wise. However in social media the ridicule and prejudice, and passion and anger is quite creepy. It tells you a lot on human behaviour, like why did the Mayans rally by thousands to watch human sacrifice when they got nothing useful from it.(by the way I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp and his works)
Why is Amber Heard so unheard?
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