The Dance of Hearts, A Valentine's Special


Things I Wish I had Known Years Earlier
Things I Wish I had Known Years Earlier


Love is a beautiful thing. When it works, it is amazing and the energy flows. But all too often, it doesn't go as desired. No matter how painful relationships are, we keep going back to find love! We heal up our hearts, or some don’t, and go back to the well in hopes of finding that true love, that complete feeling that fills a void within us. Why the failures occur is a subject for another time as today we explore our intricate design. What is going on? Why the strong draw to one another?

There is a greater purpose to this Love, as it is our design, and there is a 3rd party working behind the scenes to purify us. Do you know that? I won't touch on that today, let's understand the design first.

If you don't know what it is like to be in love and the loss and hurt, tune into the feeling of this song! I wonder if this how God, if He exists, feels when experiencing the separation of his creation? food for thought...

Our Design
It is our design, or evolution...whatever. We are meant to be connected to another. Some people for whatever reasons have this draw as Male/Male Female/Female. From a heart viewpoint, it is same as Male/Female, the difference being sexual orientation. Suffice it to say, human beings desperately want connection to another, even when it risks hurts so much.

Bible Genesis 2 addresses the design, very simply!

The model of our design is conveyed in the Bible. We are designed to be in love with that which made us, that's what the Bible says anyway.

The design of man and woman:

20 "But for Adam no suitable helper was found. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh [a chink in his armor!]. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

23 The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones

and flesh of my flesh; [two become one again!]

she shall be called ‘woman,’

for she was taken out of man.”

Took me 50 years to sort out the meaning. If you look, you will see some beauty in the design for the Woman was in fact part of the “Man being”, now divided in two AT THE HEART! The Man has an important chunk of himself missing and allocated somewhere else! Tears:) What chunk of him is it that is missing you ask?

It’s some important stuff around his heart! A Rib in Hebrew is “Tsela” which has various meanings pointing to that area, component of. When you are chiseling into rock, you use few words and make them powerful. The woman was formed out of a chunk of the man’s heart area, what protects his heart and he has a bit of a soft spot there...for her! Romance! She has that access of vulnerability to his heart (more tears:)...access through a chink in the emotional armor to his heart! (gushing tears of joy!)

This is why you want one another, your emotional heart design! And that is where the sex part should open up (e.g. the bee gets the nectar!)...aheeemmm...didn't your parents teach you about the birds and the bees? Nah, me neither!

Connected at the heart! See the energy? Love!
Connected at the heart! See the energy? Love!

Yum...I want in this thing! Sex!
Yum...I want in this thing! Sex!

The Heart is a What?
What does the heart do anyway? The western view is it is a pump, and that’s how we view the human body...a collection of parts like a car. That's a stagnant and logical view, not an emotional (aka energy in motion) one.

The heart is an emotional organ, it regulates the entire being, the life force, it stores memories (science is researching how this happens, but hearts have been shown to store emotional memories!). The heart (region) is what connects them to others, including what is much greater, aka God=love. The woman, by way of having access to his heart, in effect, can control the man through her emotional connection to him so that her interests and needs are primary. Men, who have been in relationships, have you experienced her control? She has control over the offspring, she needs someone to back her up, and that is the He!


Definition: Emotion - energy in motion!

Fe-male = Feeling Male?

The woman is seeking an emotional connection to start reproducing. You network engineers may get this better than others! Think of the network stack layers! This occurs after the hormones kick in and trigger her emotions for mating, for they are emotional creatures! Women are designed more emotionally I suspect so they can peer into the children’s eyes, give comfort and draw them out so they will grow and thrive. Her power is emotion as is her vulnerability.

Honey, where's that love supply, getting low here
Honey, where's that love supply, getting low here"

She can't ask for it...he should know she needs a flower today and a card with a heartfelt note tomorrow, etc... She cannot ask for it, it ruins the effect.

There is an emotional chord that extends from her heart region out to the man. This is where she wants to and needs to connect, to get her source of power, love, security, extra energy! Then the sex part should open up to make the offspring! Anything else is a basterdization of the design.

Key Thoughts:

* The right supply is needed for her in the right quantity: Gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, touch, service

* Constant. fill up on Sunday will not last until Wednesday! It's a network connection, how often do you unplug your computer from the net? There ya go!

* Needy: Yep, this is a need not a want!

* God: If they have a concept of God=love, they have another source of which to tap. If they don't, it's all you bro! Where do you get your supply? Topic for another day.


ok, It's taken 6 months, but I'm ready to open up!
ok, It's taken 6 months, but I'm ready to open up!

I like that there is no head on this pic, that logical thinking thing causes a lot of problems! Remove it in interaction with her as much as possible and connect with her in your heart! Use the head for on field battle logistics. This is the #1 tip for guys in approaching women, drop your energy into your chest...or lower!:)

This is vulnerability, and it can be hard for men as so many of us are wounded as children or not challenged enough to develop courage. Verbal wounds will shut his emotional center down and stunt his growth decades. He has to have the strength to give her positive emotional energy to connect with, to give of his self without expectation, and still feel whole, no matter how she responds! This is #2 key for guys (no expectation of response) in dealing with women and increasing attraction. She will feel this! This is called emotional strength! This is why "bad boys" win so much...their energy is "south", they give this appearance of strength and immovable confidence, when they may be masking wounds, or weakness. They convey sexual energy and enough presence to convince her of their strength and design...and she turns to putty! This is especially true if the woman has low self esteem or is young with that early spike in hormones. The mystery makes some women want them even more as the mystery ignites her passions to unravel the mystery! It's ok to give a woman your heart, but have some mystery as well, that is fun. But, women being more emotional, don’t see through the bad boys scheme and fall for the wrong ones, who deceive. Smh The ensuing pain to the woman is great, she feels it more in her mind as confusion sets in, she will feel numb...leaving her suspended and heart wounded...for months or years. Tragic!

The woman needs a refreshing supply of love energy, from the heart of man, in the way that she requires it. She attaches and connects to his heart...remember that chink in his armor from the Bible?:)

Feed her well, and see her energy rise to a new level as she reciprocates and gives to you MORE than you gave to her! Give her a seed, and she will give you a baby back, that's amazing!:)

Love energy multiplied!
Love energy multiplied!

A Happy Girl Makes a Happy Man!:)
A Happy Girl Makes a Happy Man!:)

Fail to supply her, and she’s going to act like a diver running out of oxygen and you won't be able to sort out the ensuing chaos with your logical mind!

I can't believe you forgot to take the trash out! [* its not about that]
I can't believe you forgot to take the trash out! [* its not about that]

It can be easy or it can be a lot of work. Before you go bedding a woman, you might want to verify you have the capacity to feed her the love she needs. If not, move on for your own sanity and health.

Now why would I say something like that when you can get cheap sex and have your needs met? Ok's the other part to the Bible verse. The woman has control of your heart...once you make it available! Have you experienced heart pain and suffering yet? Heart palpitations...trip to the ER? Just wait until you become deeply enmeshed with a woman and fail to provide her love and security, or she's emotionally off for some other reason beyond your control. She can tear up your body...emotionally and your logical mind won't be able to process it! Heed the warning! If have a baby with a woman you don't love, can't love, you are going to suffer! I hear the cries for MGTOW, lets not run for your lives just yet...


There are some paradoxes in the woman. She wants to know she has control of his priorities, but she doesn't want him to appear weak to her and submissive. If she can boss him around, he's become too feminine. If he appears weak, the sexual attraction will drop...why would she mate and produce more offspring if he is weak and will show signs of running away, or not providing? Be conscious of being responsive to her needs but maintaining you're Male strength to her feminine.


"Does he really love me? I have to know he loves me because if he doesn't, then I'm vulnerable! I've got 40 years to raise these kids...! I know...I'll test him!"

That's how it might sound if we could peer into her mind and see the logic of her emotion, which is deep in her sub conscious mind.

I see a chink in his armor
I see a chink in his armor

The woman will test the man up front and throughout their relationship to ensure the continue to have love and security. It's for the purpose of survival. "Do you love me?" after a Sunday's flowers, Wednesdays note can be frustrating to hear! And if it isn't answered with emotional confidence, trouble ensues!

It takes 30-40 years to raise the young, so she has no’s a long road! It's thousands of years of emotional programming that says..."he can handle my moods, the stress of caring for me and the children and finding food when it is scarce, and making changes when necessary and fighting off enemies. And he doesn't give up! Else, I, the girl, will die, and I don't like how that feels!" Blame it on all the horrors of the past if you will, she is not going to change anytime soon! Accept that cats climb trees and dogs like fire hydrants, same thing...programming!

I lost... I thought he loved me?
I lost... I thought he loved me?

If he fails the test, she's going to feel insecure, and her side of the heart connection may retract int othe sophisticated complex of her mind. She could even be vulnerable to cheating if the sexual part of her mind is running strong. She will use it as a tool to meet her needs and start the process of disposing of the source of pain...the guy who doesn't meet her needs. Some women have higher values than others! He's eventually discarded if this isn’t resolved, or the relationship breaks down and sex is turned off!

Testing is a way to verify he is worthy of access to her (wedding ring or not!). This is yet another reason "bad boys" win the girl because they don't bow to her BS, lies and challenges. If they call her bluff on a lie, then she feels he is emotionally strong and reading her correctly, thus he's worthy! If the man's energy is really good and positive, he has a better chance with her. But if she senses weakness, the woman will sense that and retract her heart and go into self defense mode.

Did I ever say it was easy being a Man? Nope!

This is why men should be thankful when approaching a woman and they challenge him. Or thankful they find a woman with high value that is easy going. The challenges are training! Exercise! You are in boot camp for the real battle of life! Make the most of it and allow them to prepare you!


Maybe that seemed all too harsh. It doesn't have to be, it can be wonderful and amazing.

Connection, tension, mystery, pleasure. The man is leading, the woman follows, hearts are beating together. You feel her strength and motion! It's beautiful, don't mis the joy because of the risk of pain! It's engaging and without her there, let's be honest, what's the point? Would you dance by yourself? It just isn't the same! You push and she responds back...just enough...and she dips, and the crowd cheers!!

Feed her and she will give back multiples of what you have given. The woman is a multiplier of your masculine energy!


Once you get the dance down, it isn't so hard. Choose wisely, and enjoy the joyful moments as life unfolds!

Happy Valentines Day! May it be the best one ever! Go out and walk around and see other couples in love and find some social connection somewhere!

If you don't have a special someone, then there is another that is always there awaiting you who fully understands your heart and gave His all so that you would always feel loved!

His name is Herbie...

I love YOU!
I love YOU!

But that's his car form......:)

His earthly name was Jesus...known as the Christ...or savior. Go ahead and read what he said about you!

Image of Jesus
Image of Jesus

LightBulb out...

The Dance of Hearts, A Valentine's Special
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