Shy girls, how should I interpret this response after a subtle confession?


I made a Valentine Day gift for my crush. I met her 3 month ago in a college club. We are now taking a same class and go to 3 different club together independently. We know each other exist, but we don't really talk much. But I really like her, and my gut told me she is too but I sense she is probably just too shy to express herself. However, she did become more expressive recently and check me out with her eyes, so I prepare this gift for her a month ahead, and today is 4 days away of Valentine and I gave it to her.

I ask her if she can spare few minutes for me right after class, she seem a bit surprised. I show her the gift, she told me it is very beautiful, and her tone become very soft. I show her what is in the gift box, she basically just listen. I told her that I think it is so cool to meet someone like her who share the same interests and passion, but then she say there is also a lot of people share the same interests like us in class. She told me can't stay too long, but she stay like another 5 minutes to hear me out. She even commented for a bit when I told her how I made it for her, she said she like it a lot. She asked me how long for me to make it, and few other questions. I told her I was rude to not say hi to her everytime I saw her previously, and hope this gift show I much I like her, and she can forgive me, then she said she is socially awkward and she don't usually talk to guy. I think she brush, but I can't really tell because she is redhead.

I saw her an hour later, she seem to be in great mood with this other girl, and she sit in the 5 o'clock position behind me, where she definitely can check me out. She seem to be very cheerful with her friend when she left, and she is talking to one of my guy friends that she never talk to before.

How should I interpret this? Did I move her heart or made a impression? Or is she having doubt, or already friendzone me? Would any shy girl share some thoughts when someone confess they like you.

Shy girls, how should I interpret this response after a subtle confession?
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