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Will men let their pride stop them from coming back, even if they really want you back?

My boyfriend broke up with me after a healthy three year relationship. There was never really anything wrong with us besides the fact that the past... Show More

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  • It depends. I had the same kind of pride as he did but then I realized--- I still love him and I really can't let go of him. But I do have a pride where if someone messed up, it's over. (I mean seriously messed up.) I said this to my ex when he broke up with me that we can no longer be friends, blah blah. I didn't REALLY mean it, even though instinctively, I would do this to a bad relationship, whether it be a friend, family, etc. If he really does love you (which he does say so), he will probably give up his pride. Take it as a test... if he doesn't return to you, it may be a sign that it wasn't going to work out. In order for love to happen, you have to let go of that pride and be vulnerable to one another. But I think you should give him some time to think it through and make him miss you... that way he will realize that he might really lose this awesome woman he's been dating for 3 years. I was only able to talk again to my ex after a month (I saw he was partying out through pictures online- ugh) but when he broke off that pride HE had and I answered him again, we hit it off for another year (unfortunately ended it again since things changed). A person doesn't just forget another person so easily unless they never really cared about you. Apparently he does since he still says so and talks to you. Just wait but if he won't shake off that pride, you should move on... and maybe he really will come to his senses when he sees you 'seem to' no longer care.

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