Will men let their pride stop them from coming back, even if they really want you back?

My boyfriend broke up with me after a healthy three year relationship. There was never really anything wrong with us besides the fact that the past three months we haven't been able to get along, due to our own personal everyday stress. We were never a couple to break up and get back together and he has said that if we don't work out that he will give up on women(yeah right). He also mentioned that once he is done with something, he is done. Now I understand that we had "issues" with one another but he was right when he said that we need to fix our issues on our own because we have tired fixing them together and have been unsuccessful. Given that, it has been one week and we have only spoken once. Although it went every well, he reassured me that he is constantly thinking about me, but this is for the best and there was I love yous and I miss yous on both ends, but he still doesn't wanna be together. Back to what he once said, is he really done with me? Is it crazy to think that we can still get back together or will his pride stand in the way of that?