Do you feel bad about cheating?

I cheat all the time on any girl who I date even if I really like them or have fallen in love with them. I don't feel bad about it at all and don't even think it's a big deal. I always assure them that I never would cheat though. Do some people feel bad about cheating or have their conscience tug at them when they think about it?


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  • Dude. Seriously? How does it not affect your conscience at all? I would NEVER cheat on my girlfriend. That is so absolutely low! It's betraying their trust, they want you to be a strong, supportive figure in their life, but how can you be that when you're off getting tail behind their bac? I think you need to take a step back and really do something man.

    • I really do want to feel bad about it. I treat my girlfriends very well and I am always there for them no matter what. It's not like I would choose seeing someone else over them but if my girlfriend was busy and another girl called I would have no problem going and having her. I just can't seem to make myself see sex as something that I shouldn't be having outside of relationships. It basically feels the same to me as watching TV without your girlfriend would to you. It's just feels like an activity.

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    • I don't think it's just an activity. What happens if you make a MISTAKE an accident happens? The other girl gets pregnant or you contract a disease? Sorry, I"m in a bad mood right now, I might have an STD because my guy slept with a girl who slept with 100+ guys, he thinks he's clean but we'll see because I got tested and it looks like I do, and he's the only one I've been with... so his mistake will cause me pain. Maybe that will help you out, probably not. Sorry I'm venting here...bad moo

    • If I could click the 'up' arrow on this answer about 9823749873234 more times, I would. It explains exactly what I was thinking!

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  • You need only feel as bad about it as she would if she found out. In your case, it's not about how bad your conscience punishes you, it's about the pain it would cause her. You say you've cheated on girls you were in love with - I don't think that would be true. Like I said, you may be perfectly able to sleep with 20 girls and love one, but you should know how much it'd hurt her, and how dishonest you're being. Remember it's called 'cheating' for a reason.

    Any time you're tempted, imagine what she'd do if she found out - what she'd look like, what she'd say, etc. If you really like or love her at all, you should respect her enough not to take the chance of that happening. Remember your relationship is worth more than a quick screw - if it isn't, you shouldn't be promising to be faithful to her. But somebody mentioned an open relationship; sounds like that'd be more suited to you.

    • I really like your answer. It does hurt me to think about what my current girlfriend would look like if she found out. I just know that she won't though and that I give her everything she needs. Like I've said before I would never do anything if my baby was available and wanted to be with me. Maybe I take from this that I should be even more careful not to be caught but I am thinking abour changing my ways,

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    • won't. I know if you were my guy (and for all I know, you could be ha) it'd be crushing for me to find out. If I just happened to somehow suspect that you were cheating and then proved it, it'd destroy the sense of trust entirely. Not only with you, but it'd take such a long time for me to be able to trust men again, because you'd been telling me so assuredly that you WEREN'T cheating. And to be honest, I'd go round town telling every girl I could get hold of what a lying bastard you were.

    • There's a lot of consequence in it for both of you. I think there are a lot of reasons cheating is generally frowned upon, you know? Just think about it

  • Sex is an intimate experience - two people share their bodies with one another, completely opening themselves up to be judged and looked at. When someone is nude it's when they are most vulnerable, emotionally and physically.

    The fact that you treat something as serious as this with a laid-back attitude is a little sad. The fact that you don't even care about it is even more sad. You're taking away what could be a special moment for someone and tainting it by just considering it some silly activity.

    Despite this, it would still look much better on your part if you didn't lie about it. You can't have a real relationship with someone if you're holding that big of a secret. Being cheated on is a very, very, very, very big deal to nearly everyone. The fact that you can promise not to cheat while knowingly saying you're going to do it anyways is dreadful and heartless. You can not tell any of us that you have loved a person and been able to do that to them.

    I doubt my opinion matters because obviously your view of sex is very tainted, but I think you lack any sort of emotion at all if you can not feel sympathy for those that you have hurt.

    • Wow, you described sex really well! :) I think you're completely right. It's hard to explain the significance of something like sex, but you did it pretty well lol.

    • Believe it or not I actually believe in a lot of what you said

  • well your not the first guy I've heard of like this.

    i have cheated one time in my whole life, and I felt so horrible. he doesn't know tho. we brokeup but I still feel very bad about it. but the only thing I did was peck a guy.but I think that you should think about what if a girl did that to you all the time, that would suck really bad!

  • You obviously aren't going out with the right girls. I suggest you go for someone different who'll be able to keep you interested...

    Because in all honesty, that's messed up that you don't feel bad at all.

  • Ok, I am in a slightly bad mood so my answer is going to be sort of grim. Anyways, I don't think people should sleep with so many people! that is a seriously bad thing. I mean, I never slept with anyone so my guy cannot say I will give him an STD or have a secret child. He has slept with someone who has slept with 100+ other guys (who knows how many) and the 100+ other guys she slept with slept with another 100+ other girls, get what I'm saying? That's how STDs are spreading. I should have stayed a virgin. I should have never gotten married. I had been having some internal bleeding and I got it check out 2 hours ago and they said I smelled funny and gave me a ton of medicine. I don't know the total results yet but if I have something then it is from my husband who has slept with a whore who slept around with other whores. OMG! Why do that? If I find out I have and STD or something, or even if I don't and I just have this scare, why put me through this scare or why give me a disease if he loves me so much? OMG! I am really mad right now. I never slept with anyone, so I don't have anything. I got checked out in July 2010 and I have NOTHING. so now what? Don't go sleep around... gee! What is so hard about that. I will never sleep with anyone but this one guy. If I slept with another guy, and he is a virgin then it would be like he slept with me, my guy, my guy's ex and his whore and all the guys who slept with his whore and all the girls who slept with her whores... I'm just really mad. I think you shouldn't cheat. You don't want to cause her pain. Just sit around and wait for her... be faithful to her so that she is the only one that deserves you, you truly love her right? She is the only one you want to admire right? Then just save sex for her. Don't go sleeping around, who knows if you will contract a disease. Again I am in a really bad mood right now. I mean, yeah I love my guy and if he had to die for a sin then I will die in his place... yeah yeah yeah... but seriously I wouldn't want to be punished for a sin he did... but that's what love does... I mean... HELLO! Do you want to be punished for a sin that your one night stander did? Like for example, you sleep with someone and you don't know 100% sure she is clean (because she probably sleeps around, that's why she is sleeping with you), and then you get the STD, then you are being punished for her getting the STD because you now have the STD and you don't even love her! If that makes any sense at all! Whatever... Ok... I"m done venting. have a great day.

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  • You don't have to do that, there are plenty of women out there that will hook up with men and just date them without exclusivity.

  • Don't mean to be a jerk, but lack of empathy, which is what you are showing, is a sign of clinical psychopathy :s Are you so nonchalant about other morally ambiguous things? You should think about how much it hurts these women and out of respect and general empathy not cheat on them or at the very least feel guilty about it.

  • Really it doesn't matter unless there's a ring on the finger go for it bra :)

    • Bahahaha! You think like I do...that's awesome!

      It's not really cheating unless you're married, right? XD

    • exaactly... but I got minus 5 ='(

  • Hahahahaha. I've read two retarded questions in a row. If you didn't expect to get a bunch of girls flaming you and guys talking about how they'd never cheat, you may actually be retarded. I've never cheated on a girl, and I wouldn't put up with a girl cheating on me. It's some serious BS. It actually makes me mad when people cheat, I can honestly say that I hate it. And if you don't think it's a big deal, try askin you're girl (assuming you even have one) how she feels about it.

  • Way to p*ss off every girl in the world man! I know why you went anonymous!

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