Girls: Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? What made you do it?

1) Were you in love with you boyfriend?

2) Did you have feelings for the new guy?

3) Did the new guy know you were in a relationship?

4) Did you ever do it again?

5) Did you ever tell your boyfriend?


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  • I was in my first serious relationship with a guy three years older than me when I first went away to college. I was all the way in the Arizona and he was in Connecticut. The long distance relationship was hard. It made me paranoid and jealous because he has cheated on me before I left for school so I thought why would I even trust him. I didn't know what I wanted but I was starting to become attracted to one of my neighbors in my apartment building. I loved my boyfriend at the time but I knew I wasn't going to marry him. I kept our relationship going. But I was seeing my neighbor at parties and he was always coming over to hang out. I really liked the way he treated me. My own boyfriend didn't treat me so nicely and offered to do nice things for me. My neighbor knew I had a boyfriend so he never acted on his feelings. I was the first. I told him I really liked him and wanted to see how things went. We hooked up off and on and it turned out to be awkward. So we just ended up staying friends. I wouldn't ever cheat again because I didn't like the way I felt afterward. And it's something I don't want done to me. I never told my boyfriend but a couple years after we broke up we ran into each other and I told him to just make him angry. But he was doing it to me all long too. It was the only time and haven't since. Haven't even considered cheating on my fiance now.

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      Hey does your fiance knows about your cheating record? I hope you didn't keep that from him!

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      I see you've thought it through a lot. You say it became awkward with the guy. Can you explain?