Girls: Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? What made you do it?

1) Were you in love with you boyfriend?

2) Did you have feelings for the new guy?

3) Did the new guy know you were in a relationship?

4) Did you ever do it again?

5) Did you ever tell your boyfriend?


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  • I was in my first serious relationship with a guy three years older than me when I first went away to college. I was all the way in the Arizona and he was in Connecticut. The long distance relationship was hard. It made me paranoid and jealous because he has cheated on me before I left for school so I thought why would I even trust him. I didn't know what I wanted but I was starting to become attracted to one of my neighbors in my apartment building. I loved my boyfriend at the time but I knew I wasn't going to marry him. I kept our relationship going. But I was seeing my neighbor at parties and he was always coming over to hang out. I really liked the way he treated me. My own boyfriend didn't treat me so nicely and offered to do nice things for me. My neighbor knew I had a boyfriend so he never acted on his feelings. I was the first. I told him I really liked him and wanted to see how things went. We hooked up off and on and it turned out to be awkward. So we just ended up staying friends. I wouldn't ever cheat again because I didn't like the way I felt afterward. And it's something I don't want done to me. I never told my boyfriend but a couple years after we broke up we ran into each other and I told him to just make him angry. But he was doing it to me all long too. It was the only time and haven't since. Haven't even considered cheating on my fiance now.

    • I see you've thought it through a lot. You say it became awkward with the guy. Can you explain?

    • Hey does your fiance knows about your cheating record? I hope you didn't keep that from him!

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  • 1. Yes...

    2. I didn't at the start...

    3. Yes

    4. No

    5. Yes

    My boyfriend was a total jerk with me...I loved him deeply, I tried for a year to make him understand that he was hurting me deeply, he rarely showed that he truly cared about me... he always acted selfish.. treated me badly emotionally, accused me of cheating on him with my friend when it wasn't true... so much jealousy and emotional problems he had due to past relationships-or so he said..- and much more.. it was a long distance relationship. My friend treated me way better, he always showed with actions that he cared about me and never got in between... he always talked to my boyfriend to tell him to stop hurting me.. but my boyfriend never listened. Eventually.. I started growing feelings for my friend, and I felt so confused. I couldn't believe my friend treated me way way better than my own bf.. I didn't know what to do. Eventually my friend had fallen for me because I helped him get out of a hole by being a friend who always listened to him... I tried breaking up with my boyfriend many times but he'd threaten that he'd kill himself, that he couldn't leave without me, that he was sorry, that he was going to improve. But the improvement was minimal. I still felt my friend was showing me true love.. and not what my boyfriend showed me. He took me for granted. I was scared to let go of my boyfriend, so much time, so much attachment... I was also scared to hurt him and that he'd hurt himself.. but I was also scared to let a good guy go.. so without noticing I had already cheated. My boyfriend found out and he told my friend to back off but he said that he wasn't because he wasn't gonna let my boyfriend treat me like sh*t anymore. I took the decision to be with my friend who truly loves me... but I can't forget about my boyfriend, even knowing that he just made me miserable and having experienced what true love is from my friend... I want to forget about my ex boyfriend so I can let my love for my friend grow... I want to love him and only him, I don't wanna keep loving my ex, it's so damn hard. In the end the cheating ended up happening because of his own actions.. ironic, sadly...

  • yes I was, I just wanted more sex

  • I about cheated on my boyfriend but I ended up breaking up with him because he started being way over protective. So now I have a new better bf

  • I know I have cheated on my boyfriend before because he wasn't giving me what I needed. He kept pushing me away and was neglecting my feelings. So I did cheat. Yes I love him so very much.

  • i "cheated" when we were long distance for a year and hadn't seen each other. he was seeing other people and so was i.. we were supposedly in an open relationship, but to me it felt like cheating.

    absolutely. no one has ever felt right but him.

    I thought I did until I had my boyfriend in my arms again.


    nope. and never will

    oh yes. I am completely honest 100%

  • yes.. no.. yes. no. no. I was angry. He cheated on me and it really hurt me that he thought it was no big deal in our home and in our bed. I don't get mad, I get even. (which I told him in previous convos on our views of cheating) Even if he never knows about it, his friend and I have that wink across the room when he isn't looking that somehow satisfies me.

  • 1) No

    2) kind of, I had a lot more history with the "new" was kind of returning to an old fling.

    3) I think he knew, idk.

    4) No, I broke off the relationship as soon as it happened.

    5) No

    I only did once, but the relationship was pretty much over by the time I cheated anyway-- we had gone out for only a couple weeks before I left for college, and the long distance was not working.

    I'm in another long-distance relationship now where I am tempted to cheat on my boyfriend, but I don't think I could ever go through with it (see my most recent question for a better explanation of that haha).

  • 1: I was inlove with my boyfriend.

    2: yes I did, only because we were such good friends and had a strong connection.

    3:Yeah he sorta knew but he really could have cared less. But after me and the new guy got into a fight he brought it up .

    4: no I never did it again because I loved my boyfriend. && I just didn't feel like it was right.

    5: Yes I told him because I felt like he need to know. It was not like I had the intentions of being with this new guy but I had liked him for so long. My boyfriend was very understand and said that it would take a while for him to trust me again. But he said that he loved me for my brokenness and every flaw I had

  • I didn't heat but came very close. So I was going to but then I decided not to.

    1) when I planned on heating no, but it was love that made me change my mind

    2) no it was a club

    3) nope

    4) never even did it once!

    5) no but nothing ever happenedn

  • Yes I cheated on my boyfriend.

    1. if I was in love, I wouldn't have cheated. So no, I was not.

    2. Yes, liked him for a while actually

    3. Yea..he knew. which made things very awkward the next day

    4. That was my last boyfriend, so I don't know yet lol

    5. Yea I told him, and broke up with him. Partly because I know he deserves better, and because I had feelings fffor the other guy

  • 1) no. 2)no. 3) yes. 4) yes 5) no.

    What made me do it… well, first off I owed my FWB, nd I wanted to show him what I had learned since the last time I saw him. 2nd, my boyfriend was begining to get lazy in bed. And 3rd, my boyfriend was starting to become a total ass.

    Interestingly enough, I got "3 chances to cheat. The 3rd time, I'm gone for good" I was up to chance 2, but he never found out about tw other 4 :D

  • no





    well.. feeling not loved or not love the person is the most usual but.. can be a lack of communication for being both fine in the relation...

  • Never have I ever...

  • 1) Were you in love with you boyfriend?no

    2) Did you have feelings for the new guy?no

    3) Did the new guy know you were in a relationship?no

    4) Did you ever do it again?=

    5) Did you ever tell your boyfriend?no

  • 1) yes

    2) no

    3) yes

    4) noo way

    5) yes

    the reason I did it was to get back at my boyfriend, becuase he slept with his ex 4 weeks into our relationship. x

  • 1) yes

    2) no

    3) no

    4) NEVER

    5) yes... I told him then we broke up but I loved him so much I was scared

  • 1. no I wasn't in love with my boyfriend

    2. I did have feelings for the new guy

    3. the new guy didn't know that I was in a relationship until I told him I broke up with my boyfriend & then we became boyfriend & girlfriend

    4. I have never cheated again because I learnt from that experience & I was cheated on too & have also been the girl that a guy cheated with.

    5. I did tell my boyfriend & that was the main reason why I broke up with him..

  • I cheated on my second boyfriend and no I was not in love with my boyfriend. The second one was suppose to be just a casual fling, it started right after me and my first boyfriend of five years broke up, and he knew this. I flat out told him I was cheating on him and that is when the second one wanted to break up, yes I had genuine feelings for the guy I was cheating with and I told him about my boyfriend. So when me and my boyfriend split up me and the guy I cheated with stopped sleeping together, remained friends for over a year, and in that year I did not date. My feelings for him never left, I just wanted to be absolutely sure we could get through the baggage together. We are still together, and I have not cheated again.

  • Yes, when we were "new" he was ambiguous on what to call our relationship, wouldn't commit or declare me as his steady girlfriend. I told him I was being asked out by other people. He told me (too late) that he didn't mind me going out with other guys as long as I didn't sleep with them. I was really young (18) and I wanted other experiences and to really know if he was "the one." Turns out he was, and I eventually married him.

    1) I thought I was in love with him, but he didn't (wouldn't) say it to me

    2) I had f**k feelings for the new guy; the thrill of a new conquest---goes away if no love is felt

    3) Not at first

    4) Yes

    5)Takin' it to the grave...

    • so f***ed up

  • Nope, I never cheated and never will.

  • 1. yes

    2. not at all, didn't know him

    3. yes

    4. no

    5. yes, he was upset, but the only reason it happened was because I was angry at him, and spiteful.

    that was two years ago, and I totally regret it. we broke up 6 months later. I have a new boyfriend and I will never cheat on him or anyone else again. promise ! :)

    • go f*** yourself :)

    • the only reason you did it is because you're easy

  • totally against cheating!

  • i sexted another boy.


    2.)kind of


    4.)no I wish I never had even startd

    5.) he found out himself wich is way worse in my opinion

  • I let aguy I didn't know watch me masturbate over MSN .

    1)Yes he was away at the time and I was really missing him

    2) no I just wanted attention

    3) yes I was arguing with him at first

    4)no way I would never do it again I wish I never did it in the first place.

    5)Yes, he was upset but we moved on and are still together.

  • I let a guy kiss me. he basically necked me and I enjoyed it but didn't reciprocate just let him know.

    1) thougt I was. in reflection now I'm actually in love I know I wasn't. He didn't love me though and I knoew it.

    2)not really I just liked the attention and was really drunk

    3)Yes he did I told him . he wanted me to leave with him and go love some where else (we were drunk)

    4) no

    5) kinda told him. he wasn't that fussed either way

  • 1) Cared about but not in love

    2) No

    3) No

    4) No (because I felt so guilty)

    5) Hell no

  • 1) yes I was in love with him and still am

    2) no he was just there.


    4) nope.

    5) yes

    my boyfriend and I are long distance and I hadn't seen him in like for ever :( I will never do it again

  • never cheated on my ex..

  • lol I have never cheated on my ex before and he hasn't on me

  • yes

    totally in love with him




    i think what made me do it was because I was young 16/17 and just wanted to have fun , in the back of my head I always thought he was cheating on me too.

    • did you end up getting together with the new guy?

  • yes...

    1. kinda?

    2. nope

    3. one of them did

    4. yep

    5. hahahaha nope. f***er should have never cheated on me in the first place... because I would have never done it then..

    • when you say "even if he cheats", you mean if cheats in the future right? he doesn't cheat now?

      glad to know you've moved on to a healthy and strong relationship. I was asking because I'm trying to understand why women cheat in general... I used to think women never did but ever since one woman cheated on her boyfriend with me I'm keenly aware that they do.

    • Retrospectively it would have been better to have never even looked at him... But it's way to late for should haves or would haves. I got a beautiful daughter & unbelievable strength from the whole situation, and that's all that matters now.

      I have no intentions of cheating with the guy I'm with now tho. Even if he cheats on me, he and I have a better relationship and bond than my ex ad I did, and that makes a world of difference. And yes, the new guy knows everything and doesn't hold me to it

    • wouldnt you have been better to just break up with him when he cheated?

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  • YES

    1. yes

    2. not all the time

    3. some yes some didn't give care

    4. yes

    5. no

    • not here to judge you answer if you like... but why have you been doing it?

  • Yes I cheat on my husband all the time Because I haven't had sex with my husband in over two years and Yes I love him been married almost 6 years. Have I had feeling for the other no I never have and Yes the other guys knew I was married it was always. Fwb relationships would I do it again Yes I got plans tomorrow to hook you and yes my husband knows about every time it was his idea because he can't get it up I'm 24 my husband is 54 and my husband knows I'm not going to be happy with not getting sex

    • i see what you mean but in the very definition of the word "cheating" there's the implied notion of breaking some set of rules.. but the rules have been clearly laid out between you two and you have every right to go and fulfill your needs... so go on and get it on girl! ;)

    • well I guess you got a point there its just I feel it is because of my catholic up bring it is cheating.

    • oh if he knows then to me that is not cheating!

  • 1.) Yes, but I was questioning it, because I had been in the serious relationship for so long, and at the time it was long distance.

    2.) Not really, they weren't even "my type." They just gave me the attention I missed, and I liked it.

    3.) they knew.

    4.) I had a rebellious period of like 2 weeks, and I had kissed two different guys. My excuse was I really was planning on breaking up with my boyfriend, I just wanted to do it in person. I regretted it so much, and would never do it again though.

    5.) I told him the first chance I got, and he forgave me. I would never again cheat! horrible idea!

  • Ive never cheated and I've never been cheated on. Both my ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend were in love with me and were committed, so I never suspected anything either.

    • no, I know, they were both totally in love. I'm sure.

    • ...never been cheated on that you know of...

  • no I've never cheated on a bf.

  • 1.No, but I did have serious feelings

    2.Nope, no feelings.

    3.Probally he knew, buy didn't care.

    4.Yes I did.

    5.No I didn't.

    The reason I did cheat was because I didn't thunk it would last long anyway but now that I look back at what I did, it was bad. But I did learn my lesson and now I'm one faithful person. And I would hate if that happened to me.

    • Yes I would, I would tell my boyfriend that I have cheated.

    • if asked by a future boyfriend would you tell him you cheated in the past

    • Well I just kissed other dudes but it was only once. I did regret it afterward. But never the less cheating is wrong and if you truly care about someone you shouldn't cheat, period.

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  • 1. um... maybe?

    2. um, no

    3. um, no

    4. um, no

    5. um, yes. It wasn't really cheating, I knew the 2nd guy liked me but I knew him from work for a long time and it seemed we were just going out to a dinner and movie as friends but I'm SURE he wanted more but it was awkward and I canceled the date early. We didn't do much besides eat and then returned the movie tickets because I told him I had too much to do at home. Also he never knew I was engaged, but he liked me for a long time and he was so nice when he asked me out to a movie and dinner that I couldn't say no. I told my fiance later and he said "do you want to hurt me or something?" and I was like" NOOOO" hahah But I've been married over a year now so it was a while ago

    • umm, um, um, um, um, no... no hahahahhahaha

    • stop with all the ums, you're such a wacko

    • nope, nothing physical.

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  • No. I have never done that.

    Simply because I know what it feels like to be cheated on, and I would never do that to someone I love.

  • No, never cheated, so N/A to all applicable questions :)

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  • Jesus is it that hard to keep your legs closed!? Or break up with the boyfriend which by the way we will find out. Girls like this are the reason there are so many serial killers. Better believe when I found out the other guy better move to china cause he's going to die other wise

  • Man there are a lot of sluts on this site. I'm totally serious when I say this

    Adulterous women should be stoned to death. Sluts aren't people

  • This question is seemingly proof most women are sluts

    • Nah he's right. Cheaters = selfish, soulless sluts.

    • cheating doesn't make you a slut. Some people are just messed up in the head. Some people have issues in their relationship and then a guy sees a girl in a bad relationship...tries to act like the perfect boyfriend themselves and makes a move..and baam! she cheats. At least for some cases I've seen this happen. FYI I don't cheat. But, I have seen it happen. And, more men cheat than women I have experienced as well.

    • Most of the women that have replied here have cheated. Most marriages end because the woman cheats.

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  • So my ex did this to me. I have never cheated:

    1. Yes

    2. I found out from him she told him she loved him after 2 weeks of knowing each other.

    3. No he didn't. I didn't know about him either until we talked.

    4. She cheated twice. We're obviously not together anymore.

    5. First time no. Second, she put me on the phone with the new guy.

    • She'll p*ss off the wrong people and end up dead in a ditch or with a dislocated jaw. Or a crazy old hooker. Trust me

    • Yeah, and it's all true. She was (and is) the biggest manipulator ever. Could win an Oscar for her acting skills.

    • WTF? I am sorry you have experienced this with a girl like that. No one deserves it.

  • wow so many cheating girls in the replies. you're all whores

    • I know, what a bunch of **** add***s. C'mon, no one cheats by accident. Bunch of whores on this site for sure.

    • bahaha I love how self-righteous they are. there's no guilt, just rationalization and "don't judge me for my mistake" bullsh*t

    • S-L-U-T-S

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