Should I text him, or let him text me???

Ok so I have been texting back and forth with a guy that I really like, well when we first started texting we would text for hours (this went on for two weeks every night) we both admitted that we liked each other a lot more then just friends. Then one night he just stopped texting, then started texting again 4 days later and said his phone had gotten shut off, again he said that he liked me more then a friend. But now he barely texts me anymore. So my question is what should I do, should I text him (it seems like I'm the one that always starts), or if I should just wait and let him text when he wants too. I really miss talking to him, but I don't want to seem obsessive or too clingy.

Also does this mean he's not that into me anymore or what?

I'm so confused

Guys what should I do?

what would you like a girl to do?

Girls what would you do?


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  • Ive been in the same situation!

    I last about two or three days, then give in to text him, its always me that initiates it aswell, but he does reply every time which is good I suppose.

    If he is not replying... don't bother! Text him just something random... if he doesn't reply, then don't text him again! if you keep texting him, it will look desperate especially if he is not replying,

    He will hopefully realise soon that he does want to be in contact with you, maybe he got a little scared? xx


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  • i had a situation similar to yours not so long ago. the best thing I would tell you to do is just let text him every so often (not every day) and if he doesn't respond then don't waste your texts on him until he texts you back. he will start missing it too and eventually you guys will start texting each other again

  • Just leave it for a few days, if he doesn't text you then you text him saying I'm bored ect. and if he texts back then good but if he doesn't then just wait for him to text you :)

  • start texting someone else!

  • My advice for you is just let it go and I think he lied to you when he told you his phone got shut off... he sounds like the type of guy that just texted you because he doesn't have anything else to do... because seriously if he liked you more than a friend I think he would've made his move already... don't let him just let you hanging on a piece of rope your worth more than that just let it go move on...

  • well if I like the guy and I care I would text him, but if he's like completely ignoring then forget it.

    But some men just being feminine waiting for girls to make the first step, they're scared or had a bad experience before. or you got a bad example and he's just playing. these things you probably can feel. it's not a big deal if a girl starts texting 1st, guys are not texters. BTW there's a nice texting advice community, they'll help you chose the right text to send him