Should I text him, or let him text me???

Ok so I have been texting back and forth with a guy that I really like, well when we first started texting we would text for hours (this went on for two weeks every night) we both admitted that we liked each other a lot more then just friends. Then one night he just stopped texting, then started... Show More

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  • Ive been in the same situation!

    I last about two or three days, then give in to text him, its always me that initiates it aswell, but he does reply every time which is good I suppose.

    If he is not replying... don't bother! Text him just something random... if he doesn't reply, then don't text him again! if you keep texting him, it will look desperate especially if he is not replying,

    He will hopefully realise soon that he does want to be in contact with you, maybe he got a little scared? xx