My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend?

...but had sex with me. ok well me and my ex were dating for 17months and we were each others first loves. I loved him more than anything in the... Show More

well I told my ex that I said some things to my friends about what happened that he cheated and I told him to tell his girlfriend before someone else does and so I get a fb msg from her say that I'm a liar and I'm making this all up.
ok so he broke up with his girlfriend and he's saying that he likes me and misses me but he's already done this to me b4 its hard to believe anything he says we hangout and talk and its great we still have sex tho. and I'm so scared of loving him again
i am major depressed. I have lost over 40pounds since this has all started. I can't eat I'm stressed from family and work and I'm only effin 16 its nuts!. I need help like I want to get him outta my life I just can't do it I've tried everything.

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  • He's a complete waste of your time... you're young and there are plenty more better fishes in the sea. Don't stress yourself over one dude, it's so not worth your time.