Why are pretty girls most likely to cheat on you?

Why do guys think that ugly girls are the most faithful? Some say they will date a ugly girls because they are faithful and some pretty girls are most likely to hurt you faster. Is this true? I have seen pretty girls that's deceitful.


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  • A lot of guys think pretty girls are more likely to cheat because they have more options, with better quality partners. So pretty girls have to deal with more temptation. Pretty girls can also replace their partner so easily that they often don't value their partner as much as she should.

    I actually think ugly girls are the most likely to cheat, because they feel like they have something to prove. Girls that are somewhere in the middle are actually seem to be the least likely to cheat in my experience. Of course it really does depend on the individual.

    • I'd say it's fat girls who are more likely to have something to prove over ugly girls. Ugly girls either don't know they are ugly, or have such low self-esteem that they tend to not even try, since they can't believe they'd succeed.

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  • This is also about male insecurity. When guys believe a girl will cheat, she ends up cheating because the guys acts like an idiot - either putting her on a pedistool where she feels she can do no wrong, or being a weak-willed slave where she feels she can abuse and control him.

    But heavensgift has it right for the most part, it's about options. Prettier girls just have more options.

    • Below, are you saying that fat girls are least likelytocheat?

    • I'm saying that, in my experience, heavier girls feel that they have more to prove, so that when they have an opportunity to flirt, attempt seduction, or otherwise engage physically with a guy, they tend to capitalize on it.

  • Ignorance, insecurity, personal experience, and stereotypes that just because someone is more attractive and is more likely to have more options that they will just leave them for another guy. Which could be part of their own insecurity. A persons physical attractiveness doesn't equate to the greater chances that they will cheat and be unfaithful. All it means is that they have more options. It's the same thing with the girls that think that guys that are really hot are either douche-bags, a**holes, and/or unfaithful. Does that mean a guy that is hot is any of those? No. Just like a girl that is hot isn't more likely to cheat, isn't more likely to be a bitch, or anything than any other girl that is less attractive.

  • I think the point being is that an ugly chick is less likely the have luck with attracting anyone to cheat with

  • I don't think that's true.

  • Why would you bother dating if you were choosing a girl you thought was ugly?

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  • depends on the girl. but more desirable options could make a pretty girl who was inclined to cheat more likely to

  • No way. Pretty girls who know their pretty are the type to cheat all the time. Pretty girls who know it,but don't flaunt it are called classy girls. They are the ones who don't cheat, they are mature.

  • Soooo not true. This sounds bad but when I'm single I'm pretty out of control and I flirt like crazy date peop maybe have a little too much fun at times. I have no problem getting numbers and stuff BUT the minute I have a boyfriend that's all over I let anyone that I'm talking with even if its just texting with that I'm in a relationship and can no longer talk to them. I have never cheated never would..i have been cheated on though and the excuse I recieved was "well don't act innocent I see dudes looking at you whenever we go anywaywhere don't act like you haven't cheated" I never even thought about it but he let his insecurities get the best of him and he lost me in the proccess. should have realized there was a problem when he told me not to wear high heels because it draws to much attention to my legs duh on my ppart. everyone can be a cheater.

  • Pretty girls AREN'T more likely to cheat. Guys that believe so are insecure and believe that such girls can do better than them, and may choose to do so.

    At the end of the day, whether or not you cheat depends on who you are and the choices you make.

  • I actually often see the other way around.I have both pretty and unattractive friends.I have noticed that the unattractive one tend to be more attention seeker than the pretty one.When you are attractive you already getting used with the attention thus it means nothing much to you.Unattractive people who have low self esteem couldn't resist the attention because they rarely get it.They use it as en ego boost to make them feel attractive and wanted/desirable.

    • Agreed.

      I've witnessed the same occurrence among attractive and less attractive friends.

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