Why are pretty girls most likely to cheat on you?

Why do guys think that ugly girls are the most faithful? Some say they will date a ugly girls because they are faithful and some pretty girls are most likely to hurt you faster. Is this true? I have seen pretty girls that's deceitful.


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  • A lot of guys think pretty girls are more likely to cheat because they have more options, with better quality partners. So pretty girls have to deal with more temptation. Pretty girls can also replace their partner so easily that they often don't value their partner as much as she should.

    I actually think ugly girls are the most likely to cheat, because they feel like they have something to prove. Girls that are somewhere in the middle are actually seem to be the least likely to cheat in my experience. Of course it really does depend on the individual.

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      I'd say it's fat girls who are more likely to have something to prove over ugly girls. Ugly girls either don't know they are ugly, or have such low self-esteem that they tend to not even try, since they can't believe they'd succeed.