Why guys act this way and that way?

Men's primarely function is spread their seeds. If you wondering why he act this and that way, he is always searching to seed. Some guys appear different. They are caring genuin but they are basically the same. They all want their seed spread as much as possible. It's just that thier mother is not allowing or they are just acting. What they dream of is make this girl pregnant and move on. Girls want relationship that might give them something from guys. But when you think of them in thier nature, there is nothing to get from them but his baby.

Why guys act this way and that way?

Dawson's Burrowing Bee is one of the largest bees in the world. They live in Australian desert. They fight to get female and when the mating season is over, there is no single male left because they are all dead while they fighting. So, female raise their young alone.


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  • Way to oversimplify the complexity of male humans. You really want to compare yourself to an insect? Is that really desirable? Something to strive for?

    • If I was a guy, I'd find this take downright insulting.

    • Yes, agreed!

    • Is there a way to report or downvote this shit so his Xper points doesn't increase? Gosh damnit, best way to get points, post absolute garbage and incite furious responses.

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  • Eating is a primary function. If I don't do it, I'll die.

    Sleeping, is a primary function. If I don't do it, I'll die.

    Fucking a girl and then tossing her to the side like so much garbage, and then saying, "Whelp! Fuck! It's just in my nature!" is pathetic and weak.

    If guys literally listened to what you call "nature," we wouldn't have dedicated, respectable, and self-sacrificing fathers.

    Why is this even a Take? This guy is a fucking moron.

    "What they dream of is make this girl pregnant and move on." - whoever, 2015.



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  • LoL, I've been saying this for years... i like the part when you said "what they dream about..." i won't say we dream of getting the girl pregnant, i'd just say its just to place the seed and move on.
    Nice research on the bees though, its nice to be reminded that even in the animal kingdom, females are still responsible for a vast majority of male deaths :)

    • I just think the wording could have been... A bit better. I agree though. Naturally men want to "explore and conquer". So the desire to want to have as many sexual partners as possible in men is inherent. I also feel that women... while they may not go out and seek as many partners as men are open to having multiple partners as well.

      That's why I say it better to have open relationships than to forever stick with one person. If you want to explore and find out how it is to be sexual with another person than why not? It all boils down to having respect for each other and knowing despite those escapades you two love and value each other.

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    • Actually that's what we're striving for. A couple with the same intentions as us. Like I said though its not something we're doing right now. We are focusing on our relationship right now.

    • @KillerTaco seems like you guys have it handled, and now you are putting ideas in my head too... lol. Im still shocked about how i went from what I used to be, to committed... years ago, i used to gun for open relationships, now its not so appealing... thats just depressing :(

  • well friend if that is what you believe then you certainly have a narrow point of view. I have seen men who only care about sex and I've seen the complete opposite of the spectrum. If you only can only see men as sexual perverts then i wouldn't want to meet your friends.

  • Isaac newton died a friendless virgin. He believed his role in life was to discover God's secrets. He had a penis.
    So, your wrong.

  • I guess this is true if your intelligence is on par with insects

  • k. -Filler-

  • Wow! Did you apply for the role of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory?