Taurus man being close then distant?

I am dating a taurus guy and have been for a couple of weeks now. At first he come across so strong, kept telling me how much he liked me and talking about being in a serious relationship. I was a bit taken back by this at how fast he was being! so i said i'd rather take things slow for now and he agreed as he explained he usually does rush into things. We met up a few times, went out for dinner, and I stayed round his place. We ended up sleeping together.

He has stayed in contact, but hasn't been as close as he was before. He does seem interested still, but the texting has become less and less, and I'm struggling to figure out whether he actually sees me as a girlfriend, or just someone he's 'seeing'. I'm getting quite worried as I have been used and hurt in the past, and I don't want it happening again. I really do like him and would love to be in a serious relationship with him.

He hasn't texted at all today, which is the first time we have gone a day without speaking. I'm wondering whetehr to text him. Is this normal taurus behaviour? What should I do?


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  • Look at Aldebaran for an hour at least, while drinking tea from a bull's horn. He'll come back for you.

    On a more serious note: Realize he's not so interested in a relationship with you and that there's probably another girl in the picture.


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  • It's because you slept with him so fast... the challenge is over now. He has you now... this is where you should've put if off and made him work for it. Sorry to say, but the guy is gone now.

    Us taurus guys do not like easy women!


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  • not just taurus guys but any guy regardless of their zodiac sign WANT A CHALLENGE and hun dont jump in the sack with any guy you are just dating... unless its a serious, committed relationship dont even think about it (as old school as i sound lol) let him go...

  • This i a totally normal Taurus behavior.
    Don't do the same mistake I did, by confronting him with that. He likes be a little challenged and likes if you letting him wait. But text him first, Taurus also love it of other make the first move.