Third date two weeks later, what should I make of this.?

So I met this guy online about a month ago. We had a great first date which ended with us sleeping together. Then a few days later he asked me on another date which would be a week later. We spend most of the day together out and about in the sun and then I slept over. He told me right after the first date he was doing a course for the nextv three weeks while working full time which would be taking up most of his time for the next three weeks. But after the first date he managed to see me on the Sunday after his school. The weird part is after our second date he didint really contact me and then I didn't hear from him in two weeks I figured he wasent interested. Then all of a sudden he's asked to see me again this weekend on fri. He sais he was sorry for going MIA and that he was consumed with working and school doing 80 hour weeks. Should I give this guy a shot or are these just excuses...

There was also no doubt about him being into me during the date. Gave a lot of affection, held doors and complimented me. Justwondering if guys would drop off the map when really into someone they just met when they are busy.


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  • Sounds legit to me so far. What do you have to lose? He did call you again. Work/school can get crazy sometimes. He did tell you he would be busy, so he really didn't drop off the map or lie to you. He called when he was done, so give it a chance!

    • I guess there isn't much to lose worst case ill find out sooner or later if it continues.


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  • did you try reaching out to him at all during those two weeks?

    could be lines or it could be legit. but I would honestly suggest just taking a more active role in things. if you haven't heard from him reach out to him

    • I did I tried texting him the first week he replied but didint make much convo just said things were crazy busy

  • He could have at least texted or called during his 80 hour weeks. I don't think he's interested enough.

    • i agree. if I like someone regardless of how much work I have I can find some time to text, call or whatever

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  • i would give him a shot if you like him.

  • Could be excuses but you could just give him a second chance. If the same bs happens again move on he might just be looking for a fwb.

    • Thats exatcly what I was thinking he said hed be done school now so he won't have an excuse soon enough. Time will tell I guess.

    • Yes exactly time will tell just don't put your heart into it and see where it goes. Good luck :)