Ex boyfriend keeps looking at my online dating profile?

Somehow my ex found my online dating account. Have no idea how he found me as we've been broken up for almost a year and he lives in a different city. It was a messy breakup, was really hard for me to move on, and now I feel like my progress is being set back by him always looking at my profile.

The site also sent me a message saying he "rated me highly"...which also means he now shows up in my Quickmatch constantly. I can't understand the point of all this...as he knows I'll see his profile views and that he "liked" me. Why is he doing this? Just trying to provoke me? I don't even want to entertain the thought that he still might be interested because I know that will just set me back. Should I just ignore it?


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  • He might want you back, or he might just want to get at you.

    My advice would be to block him if you're not interested, especially given that it was a messy break-up.

    I don't want to sensationalise, or get too ahead of myself, but this could easily end up in an online-stalking situation, so do be cautious with how you deal with it.

  • Sounds like he's trying to get a date with you, if you really wouldn't consider it you need to just block him.


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  • He may have second thoughts And Now Wants---Second helpings----on You once more. And if you have moved on and don't want any More of What was once the Rocky Road Red rick, then Ignore him or even Block him if you can.
    Let sleeping dogs lie. If it was a 'messy break up,' then why put the old dog back on a leash again? Let him go. It's one 'set back' that you don't need to Upset your life again.
    Good luck.xx