Why would he ask me if I'm sleeping with someone else when he doesn't want to commit?

I've been seeing a guy for a few months. Things are great. We get along and have a lot in common. We're just happy to be around each other. He knows how I feel about him but he hasn't just come and said he feels the same. But he will ask me if I'm sleeping with other guys or seeing other guys and even tease me about it. I'm not but he doesn't answer me when I ask him back. He calls me his girlfriend sometimes and his friend kept calling me his girlfriend and he was fine with it. He's told me I'm different than other girls his met. He also tells me everything about himself. Good and bad. He'll spend the night and then cook me breakfast the next morning. How can I go about telling him I want more with out freaking him out?


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  • Okay he's an a**hole - it's called HAVING HIS CAKE AND EATING IT TOO. You don't need this crap. Cut off the sex immediately until YOU KNOW AND HE TELLS YOU that you are the ONLY ONE. You don't need to be second best and put up with this nonsense. All men want this sort of arrangement, to be able to get sex without committing, show him it's not gonna be like that. If not, all he will do is keep on taking sex and then will fall for someone else and leave you.

    Him asking you is just him being GUILTY - he's is doing it probably so that's why he suspects you are.

    • I like your idea. I've hooked up with the guy I've been seeing just once. Before that, he thought I was cheating. The day we were supposed to see each other again, he didn't tell me he didn't have his car. I don't know why he didn't tell me that. I knew he had to get it fixed, but he doesn't tell me sh**. What should I do?

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    • And yet, realize that you are risking here, he might walk away. But honestly, sometimes I would rather be hurt and know the truth sooner than later, even if it was bad news. No use to get more close to someone IF he doesn't have the same feelings, or if he doesn't see me as his Number #1.

    • nahh this is stupid advice.


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  • if he doesn't even know if you are sleeping with other men how could you expect him to be ready to commit. women seriously got this ass backwards. he wants to know if you are a good girl before he lets himself have feelings. he sounds like a mature male to me. f

    • I tell him all the time that I'm not seeing or interested in anyone else.

  • "Why would he ask me if I'm sleeping with someone else when he doesn't want to commit?"

    Fear of STDs?


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  • The guy I'm seeing thought I was cheating, too. Do you know if he's been cheated on before?

    • He's ex wife cheated on him with his best friend. And still annoys him. Maybe he's just jaded?