Skipped dinner on our first date then straight to sex? Will we ever be gf bf in the future? Was I being easy? He's 26 and I am 19?

So I met this guy, online for a month now. We've been trying to date earlier, but I had been busy. Last night, we decided to date. we were not hungry (true), so I asked him, where should we go and he told me his home (I asked myself, was I being easy?), on our way to his home (it took 15 to 30 mins ), we had some lovely conversation. He is a tough guy, great body, not bulky, just the right tough with a great face. I am a chubby girl with massive bussoms and buttocks (being honest), but I still fit s size clothing and m size. lets just say, I am huggable, not obese. he told me, I am hot. I told him, I am chubby and he said, so what, you're still hot. he told me, I could touch his abs and muscles in his bed room ( I felt like he likes me for my body?). so when we reached his home, we hugged, kiss and the next thing you know we were having sex or make love as he calls it. he played my favorite song, was being sweet the whole time. touched my face while he sings a very romantic song in his car (weird). I can't help but notice if he's being a sweet talker? during our car ride, we talked a lot about our interests, likes, hobbies, and such, I feel fireworks the whole time we were together, honestly. He asked me, if I would want to make love to him again next time, I told him next weekend, flirtatiously. we were flirting each other a lot. (at that point I felt like I don't think he'd consider me as gf material, rather just for sex?) we had real emotional connection, we stared at each other and smiles a lot. I don't know if he feels the same thing. before I went out of his car, when we reached my home, he shook my hand in a style where guys would do to their close friends. with the styles and such? awkward. so when he reached his home, last night, he texted me that he reached home. then 30 mins later, I texted him, I just finished showering. till then he has not texted me. so this morning, I texted him "last night was good exercise, I am glowing today. have a great day! ;)".

he texted me, 'Hye good morning. you too have a great day1'. I shouldn't reply, right?


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  • You had sex with a guy 7 years older than you and on the first date lolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololol

    Don't expect this to go far.

    At 26 years old if you're going for 19 yr olds it's either cause

    A) You're just looking for sex and you know younger girls are usually easier ( a lot of girls have a thing for older guys)

    B) You're probably not really going anywhere in life so you can't get a girl your own age/maturity level so you're going for a younger girl who's too inexperienced in life to truly see how much of a loser you are. Getting her from young.

    You seemed like a skip-the-dinner-and-take-her-straight-to-the-bedroom-for-a-one-night-stand typa girl to this guy.

    Moral of the story: At 19 I don't think you should be dating people in their late 20s and having high hopes for how the relationship will turn out, especially people you meet online.

    • my ex-bf was 26. guys of my age are not interested in my. I mostly attracts guys from 20s

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    • Some young women just appreciate older men. I tend to get along a lot more with older guys in conversation and intellectual matters, and honestly, they are just sooo much sexier than younger guys. I was always very close with my father and still am, most of the time it's just a matter of attraction.

    • Yeah that makes sense, my advice to you is don't let yourself get used for sex by guys who don't deserve it. Once you realize how precious your body is you won't give it up to any guy who doesn't treat it just as preciously, but only you can realize that, however often times girls with "daddy issues" will chose things like revealing clothes, "slutty" pictures, promiscuity etc. to get attention from guys and to feel wanted, but I promise you that won't get you far, you may get attention but never respect. And guys don't date girls they can't respect, so trust me, when you learn to respect your body, people will follow and you won't end up in situations like this again. You should really google the "Electra Complex" for more info on who you may feel the way you do. I'm a big fan of psychology so I've dealt with stuff like this before.


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  • you probably do not want to hear this, but yes, you were too easy. Heis 26 and he saw you as an easy mark, sorry. Guys in their later 20's have a lot figured out, and they know what to say and how to say it, and you fell into it. IF you want a relationship of just sex, then you are fine; but if you like the guy, you are going about it wrong. What girls learn, eventually, is that when they make it a little harder for the guy to get sex, guys who like you for yourself will work a little harder. Guys that give up if they don't get it right away were only in it for the sex.
    What women your age do not realize is that, only about 15 years ago, women were not as easy, and go back 25 years, and many did not have sex until they really felt comfortable with the guy. You have been conditioned by society to think that it is automatic when you date. Well, then women wonder why guys don't call them or why so few commit to a long term relationship. Any young guy knows this: women are so easy these days that there is not need to commit. I am not saying women should abstain unless they want to, but why do you make it so easy?

    • I honestly am confused to why? Maybe I am too young to go dating? maybe I am inexperienced? I am a relationship kind of person. But when it comes to dating before committing, I suck at this. I don't force things nor do I rush things, maybe I feel lonely? I am seriously confused. I just broke up with my ex a month ago. and this guy, is the first guy I ever dated since then

  • Um, I'm confused, you were on a date, but just went and had sex. How is that a date? Sounds like you were attracted to him, so that makes him a good person, so you fucked. I think you might consider whether you are girlfriend material right now, before you go trying to get into any relationships.

    • I am not gonna say much about myself, but he's the first guy I ever dated since I broke up with my 26 year old boyfriend. I must say, I was loyal to my ex, be the best I could, make him happy everyday, cooked for him, clean his place, we share interest in vid games together, when he gets mad, I apologize, we had sex as many times as we could, ya know, it felt perfect at the time. then just a month ago, he dumped me for a very pretty girl. I was crushed. but yet, I don't miss him, cause I am not that kind of girl. the kind that clings on to old love interest. I just texted him ' thanks for all the goodness that you give me. I appreciate you all the good ups and downs we had together. Hope you have a great life!, good bye!'. I am trying to be positive in any dating or relationship situations. cause, being all angry and bad does not feels good. I hate that feeling. of course, I was sad. but yeah, when I dated this guy, last night, I had no game at all. I just went with the flow. (naive?)

    • *I appreciate all the good ups and downs we had together

  • Well maybe I'm crazy.

    But why not try actually talking to him being friendly and not playing a game and see if you can develop the other things alongside sex and see what happens.

    I can't see how texting less is gonna turn this into more.

    • maybe you were right. there's no harm in trying. I texted him some friendly texts. now waiting for his responds

    • You had one date. Most first dates don't go far. This... Probably has more potential than most but it's still early. Still a long way from a relationship. Don't assume you did something wrong. Te sexual chemistry is a plus. Don't shut it down. Just see if the rest can catch up.
      Good luck

  • I think you're lucky to find someone who can appreciate you for who you are.

    • I don't know if he's into me for real yet

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    • he texted me again, saying 'I too feel zoo good haha'. sorry, I suck at dating. I just broke up a month ago.

    • It's fine, I find it interesting to help out.

  • You will most likely just be nothing or a toy to him.

    • I am just gonna let that sink in... *bad luck brianna

    • Not bad luck. Bad choice if you liked this guy. Play a little harder to get. Guys (especially older guys) will respect that and want you even more.

  • Why are girls so quick to wanting to put a label on something. I swear, it's like "status this, status that"... you're as bad as men wanting to get it in

    • Yeah. you were right. You made me realize this. I should just go with the flow, right! he don't have to text me all the time. The connection we have during our meet is more fun, than texting all the time. I think I shouldn't reply to him until he texts me again

    • Well don't play hard to get. If you're serious about him, games are only going to turn him off

  • You were too easy.
    No offense intended.


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  • Eh, it could go either way. Having sex on a first date is one thing, but skipping even talking a lot to each other kind of hints he only wanted sex. There are a lot of things your guys could've done. A walk in the park, saw a movie, or just went somewhere and talked. Instead he hints his place, doesn't really seem like a good sign. Hold off and wait until he texts you. And if it seems like he only really wants sex, just forget it or maybe keep him as a friend with benefits.

    • we do talk. a lot. even had connections. he told me about his life. my mistake was having sex with him on our first date. and yes, I do feel connection between us. we smiled to each other, compliment each other, laughed and joked. but maybe you were right? I don't know yet, as it was just our first date

    • If you feel like your guys actually had a connection, then sex on the first date or not shouldn't matter. Most guys will know off the bat if they are interested in making the girl their girlfriend. Just see where it goes and try not to worry about it too hard. You can't change what is already done, just what happens from now on.

  • Sorry sounds like he got what he wanted. You won't see him again, unless he wants sex.

  • Yes you're easy

  • Sorry but it sounds like he's only looking for one thing from you...

    • I do admit I am aware of that the whole time, but... sighs. I lost my game

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    • if only I attract guys of my age. it would be easy. I have this mature body features and face going on. sighs. I guess, I'll not be falling in love any soon (too naive?)

    • Don't worry, be patient! You're 19... you're still young and will have plenty of opportunities to meet guys your age who are actually interested in who you are. For now, I would back away from older men approaching you... just set some personal standards and boundaries. They can certainly be charming but you need to remind yourself what they're after.