I let my boyfriend unknowingly eat me out when I had a yeast infection, is this bad of me?

It turned me on knowing that I have a yeast infection and him not knowing but now I feel bad because he felt unwell after :(

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  • Yes that's bad, you realize he could get an infection as well and give it back to you after you're cured if he doesn't know he has it, right?

    Also it's just kinda gross to let him eat you out with an infection.

    • What should I do :(

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    • Can he catch a yeast infection in his mouth or throat that way? What does he need to be treated for, and How would i guy need to be treated for that? I was not aware of this

    • Yes, he can get it in his mouth/throat. You would just go to the doctor, tell him about it, let him do a swab of your mouth/throat and test it, and if you had an infection they would proscribe you an antibiotic for it.

      Keep in mind a guy could also get it through sex, but it is a lot more unlikely a guy would get it than a girl, but it is a chance. In that case it would be the same procedure to follow as above.


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What Guys Said 6

  • Seriously vile pigs like you make me glad I can't get laid for toffee.

  • That is so fucked up what's wrong with you?

    • Nothing I was horny but I feel bad and want to make it right

    • Im gonna laugh when you give some dude head and he's like I have herpes I thought it'd be hot not to tell you until after

    • That's disgusting and cruel

  • That's nasty, he can get thrush im pretty sure, also I believe you can get throat cancer if you have HPV

  • lol this must be fake!!! just has to be

  • Wtf is wrong with you? Smh

    • It should be a crime to do things like this to people as I see it as a form of assault. .

    • :( I feel bad about it, give me a break

  • Personally I think you're a fucking disgusting person for doing that. When I had something wrong with me I told my ex straight away. I told her before I even went out with her so we could find other ways of doing things. Your dishonesty is troubling, and it would surprise me not if he dumped you.


What Girls Said 6

  • Omg girl that is a big no no, that is just plain wrong, definitely come clean to him so he can get treated, wow well good thing tiu asked here so you don't do it again!

  • That's probably not why he felt sick afterwards. Just saying.

  • Look its very simple:if you're old enough to do that, then you're old enough to take the consequences. This was no mistake.

  • Is this a joke? please tell me it's a joke. you very likely just gave your boyfriend a yeast infection on his tounge. good job

  • That's so ignorant of you not to tell him wtf

  • he going to get a yeast infection in his mouth, you need to buy some pills and treat it and give him some pills.

    • But I feel ashamed to tell him

    • you should be thats really disgusting to do to him, how would you like it if he had an infection and let you unknowingly give him a bj that made you ill? just tell him the pills are anti biotics for him feeling ill just as long as he gets the medicine, leaving him to deal with it is even worse

    • Ok I will tell him everything