What does it mean when a guy that your dating thinks EVERYTHING about you is cute?

He says everything about me is cute, like my nose, my sneeze, when I get scared, when I get angry, even my middle name. What does this mean? He also calls me sexy but the thing is I don't "look" cute, I have a mature body and face and look rather sexy not cute. So why is it that everything I do is cute to him? I feel like a baby animal help!


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  • No, I think he really likes you. I personally would never date a sexy girl, due to a combination of me not being a sexy guy (insecure) and the fact that I want a woman who looks good in everything she does, just like what you are describing. I think you should be very happy he is calling you cute all the time and not just sexy, at least in my opinion. Fore me, when I think a girl is sexy, it is purely physical, when I think a girl is cute, it is a mix of physical attraction and her personality/how I much I feel for her.


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  • Cute and sexy can mean the same thing.
    He definitely likes everything about you. Now is that a problem to you? Do you think he likes you too much?

    I don't get it, you really think he is not attracted to you in that way? Makes no sense to me

  • It means he likes you.

    • haha well we are dating! But does he see me as a little kid? Because I am not "cute" to many other people.

    • No. It's just a general trait people first experience in love.

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