Why are Aries men so hard to understand?

I need help understanding this Aries guy I'm working with. He said he like me and I like him too. We've been talking on the phone for the past three months and recently he told me he doesn't want a relationship with me, he just want us to be friends without even giving me a good reason why. I am so hurt. I cried for hours. I really thought we had something going on that is why he use to call me every night although we see each other every day at work. He still calls me. What should I do? as normal? I am so mad. I felt like this guy led me on. Help me understand this fellas.


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  • take this moment to recooperate and pamper yourself distract yourself with contructive positve healty things you didn't do anything wrong and there is nothing wrong with you sometimes you have to be patient with the guy some men actually like to take it real slow to get to know you or because of a bad past experience just act normal with him no matter how much it hurts and surround yourself around other caring friends so it won't hurt so bad because it will pay off in the end some guys hear relationship in boyfriend and it causes aniexty as a friend he can see what type of woman you are then when he's comfortable he'll take it to the next level but to you just go from calling to dating he's not ready for that type of commitment no offense but some guys like to take it slow show him you accept what he's willing to give if you don't understand put your self in his shoes and think of his answer have you ever had a guy in your life you just wanted to take it slow with if you haven't try something new and if it doesn't work out you will find someone better but the problem is not you

    • Thank you for this advice. Of all the advice I've heard, yours is the best answer. I understand everything you say and I do agree. I just wish he would at least let me know if there's a chance for us in the future. I understand that some men like to wait. My friends think he's a player because he never ask me to go out. Even if he's a player, I think he likes me. You were right about one thing though, he got hurt before. So I'll take your advice and just be friends with him. I

    • I really think this man that I work with really like me else he wouldn't be calling me every night. I really like him and I believe he likes me too although my friends don't think he likes me. I'll move normal and be a friend to him. It's hard for me know how I feel about him. I actually think I'm falling in love with him but I'll put my feelings aside and be a friend to him.

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  • 1.

    Because he's a man


    Because you don't know everything about him.


    Because YOU think Aries men are more difficult to understand (in fact they're just men like all others, if astrology really had some influence, psychologists, doctors and scientists, Human Relations Managers, lawyers, police men, generals, politicians would be following graduate studies in astrology to use it in their jobs), lawyers would use it as arguments in law suits.

    There would be a Nobel Prize for Astrology.

    I'm NOT an Aries and I'm just as difficult to understand for anyone but my wife.

    • I agree..

      Honestly, I think that Horoscopes and their relationships to the astrological signs, are one of the biggest scams in the world.

      I have yet to see proof from Astrologers that people who are born on a certain day and month under a certain sign--have set personalities that distinguish themselves from people born under other signs. No scientific evidence has been proved whatsoever for this!!!

  • as hard as this may sound, I don't think you have had any entitlement, what you wrote sounds like the stuff leading up to a love-story, not like the actual thing.

    did he promise you anything? yes he said he liked you, and so did you, but that was some time ago and feelings change.

    so what he did was the mature thing and tell you outright, after getting a feel on how he stands towards you, that he would like to be friends with you, but nothing further.

    he cannot be held responsible for not fulfilling your expectations and wishful thinking... I also don't know about any rule that states you have to give a reason the other person can accept if you want to stop something.

    it all seems awfully like the male version of the friends-zone.

    if you don't like that then go for something like:

    "because the aries is such a fighting nature, he needs some resistance in his partner, something unfortunately he didn't find in you, your actions suggest something gentle, talking to each other before going to bed, something he likes, but drives him away sexually, bla bla"

    sorry I can't carry on with this bs...

    what you want to do is, either be affectionate and warm, show him that you will not reject him even if he pushed you away, thus reassuring him that you are something that likes all of his aspects.

    or what I would reccommend: give him some time, don't act like a bitch about it because you can't get him to like you if you think you somehow have a right to it...

    maybe don't talk to him every night, just back off, saying you are looking for a relationship at the moment, and a friendship with him would be too close for comfort.

    be a genuinely nice person to him and others but don't give him special treatment, make it clear that you had hoped for something different once, and then leave it be, if you feel it is right, you can tell him that he can come talk to you if he changes his mind, but you're not going to wait for longer than, I don't know, maybe 2-3 weeks.

    loose the fedup attitude, it will make you a much more likeable person.

    good luck anyway

    • Thank you fpr that advice. Are an aries? Anyway I understand everything you say and I will act normal. I will keep on talking to him. My girlfriends told me to be a bitch towards him but your answer sounds better, that is why I wanted to hear from a man's point of view. Again thanks

    • Thank me after it did something for you, and sorry for "...thus reassuring him that you are something that likes all of his aspects..." I meant someone of course.

      it is always good to get more than one opinion, maybe get some more before you decide on the next course of action.

      but being mature about things is probably the road you want to take, especially since you are working with him! thnik of the reprecussions for your job and coworkers if you can't behave pro about something like that... gl

    • Or move on, and accept that he doesn't like you anymore that way.

  • the only reason this guy is difficult for you to understand is because you're not listening to his opinions and respecting his feelings, but instead attempting to evaluate him based on astrological nonsense.

    • I agree with you. I does only study my feelings for him. I will just be friends with him until he decides he want to be with me

  • I don't believe in horoscopes..

    But I'll give you my advice anyway..

    He's just not that into you right now. Either he lost interest, or he's just not ready to be in a relationship at this moment (or should I say, when you created this question).

  • Are you sure it's only the Aries men?

    • I'm not sure it's only aries men, maybe it's men on the whole, but I just can't understand aries man and I need help understanding them

  • I've read some where that this stuff is a bunch of crap that bored people or people with no sense of self are into because their desparate for somebody or something to tell them how to act. I don't see how big balls of burning gas lightyears away could have effect on a mind of a person.

  • Horoscopes don't actually mean anything. They're as pseudoscientific as it gets. But that said, here's a slightly more empirical approach to your dilemma: he might not feel ready for a relationship. Has he recently left a relationship? I had to do the same thing with my current girlfriend after a particularly nasty breakup- we messed about on the side, but I was careful to be up-front and honest that I wasn't looking for a relationship. Not everyone remembers to be and assumes the other party is aware of this. It took me a long, long time to get around to making her my girlfriend.

  • if you try hard enough you can eventually have sex with him. only a matter of time

  • Im a Scorpio wanna Fuck?

  • Because Leo men suck their d***s in their sleep, and they confused the sh*t out of their sexual orientation.


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  • I have found that Aries men are a little more complex. They are very driven sexually as well as biz wise. They are out for complete adventure and get bored extremely easily. He will take his time with you and relationship is probably not in his near future (they don't settle down that easy). Spike his interest and keep him interested but he will drop you like a bad habit if you get all emotional with him right now. Don't get mad about this either agree to take it slow or if you don't have the patience then just move on. Either way, you won't lose him as a friend but it will make you feel a lot better knowing that he did not put you in a place of contentment, you did! Hope this helps! Love & Peace!

  • yeah well it doesn't matter what sign he is but he's not treating you right. I wouldn't answer his calls. I'd just ignore him. let him learn his lesson. let him learn what he has lost

    I definitely agree with treating yourself, taking care of yourself, moving on and having fun. take care

  • Horoscopes are a load of crap, They're so vague and give so many "traits" that almost anyone can fit into them.

  • Let thisguy go, aries men are only trouble. You will never get a straight answer from him because aries always try to avoid the truth or talking about relationships. At all costs, don't chase them or they will use you. They don't know what they want so just drop it before your heart gets broken.

  • well 3 months is a long time to blow something off like that. I believe he still has feelings for you but maybe he doesn't like commitment or maybe he has another girl he likes. it could be a variety of things. but I think he probably found another girl...

    • That is the exact thing I've been saying. I believe he likes me else he wouldn't be calling me every night and not even a good reason as to why he want us to be friends. After 3 months of talking to me every night, he now decide he doesn't want a relationship with me. I'll just move normal as ever.

    • If you don't think this will hurt anything (I am only 16 without a very solid relationship background so I don't know how the guy would react to this) you could ask him why he wasted all that time. why he stayed around for so long if he doesn't even want a relationship. if he doesn't seem to know what to say you could even say yourself "did you find someone else?"...unless you think that would only do bad...idk I'm just throwing ideas out there

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