Signs she wants to be kissed?

First date or the first few, any signs I should look out for? I kinda feel I drop the ball on these sometimes. Maybe the girl should go in for the kiss sometimes, you KNOW we won't reject it.


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  • I usually initiate the first kiss because I get impatient waiting for a guy to make up his mind.

    Wait for a moment when you are close, cuddling or something like that, and if there is a moment of silence in which she is just looking at you, mouth not hard shut but preferably slightly relaxed and open. That's generally a kiss me invitation. Also be mindful of her attitude towards you and body language, if she always tends to be pointing/leaning in your direction, that's a good sign. Third date (or fourth if she comes off as the type to warm up slowly) is also your best bet. First date is a test, second date may only be a second chance, by third date you can be mostly confident she's into you.

    • Thanks, I'll keep those tic tacs handy. ;)

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  • She looks you deep in your eyes, she looks at your lips a lot- she makes a lot of pyhsical contact generally on the date i.e. touching your arm etc. To be honest though, any girl whos willing to have been asked out probably wouldn;t mind- but if she seems to be getting extra close to you physically, that's a definate sign that she wants a kiss or something xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lol it's hard to go in for the first kiss! For a lot of people. I know I can't do it. Generally, if the girl is willing to go out with you, she wouldn't mind a kiss. I guess you'll just have to find a good moment and go for it. For my very first kiss the guy interrupted me in the middle of a sentence. It scared me so bad lol.

  • Ok well the first kiss is always hard signs she wants to be kiss are usually: biting her lip a lot, staring at your mouth or at her feet or studying something very hard, also fidaling with something a lot (jewelry, keys, hair... Etc). Something to remember tho girls a lot of times don't like to put themselves out and go for the first kiss but don't be too fast take your time and look for a good moment to do it ok? Hope that's helpful! Good luck!


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