Her signs of commitment?

i met this girl 2 years ago, and everything went well. At that time, she had a boyfriend, and for some reasons, she broke up with him after 2 months of seeing me. Then, I confessed to her about my feelings. She said , "our relationship is more than friends but less than love, and I want to take things slow." However, I interpreted that signs of being uninterested, so I decided to move on. I took a picture with my "best female friend", and she got jealous and wanted to stop the relationship. 6-7 months later, I couldn't move on and ask her to come back. I also knew that there were many guys chasing her at this moment. Luckily, she agreed, but she only wants to be "friends" first in order to see if I REALLY recognize my mistake in our relationship. Things turn out be a lot better before we broke up. Our intimacy level is now A LOT higher than the past. We hug, cuddle, support and confide with each other. However, here is the negative side. She doesn't want to be kissed yet because she said it was still so soon. When I say I am gonna hold her tight and she will be mine someday, she says " you don't know, if you are not being careful, someone might take it." I guess this is kind of woman shit test, but I don't know how to make a proper respond after her saying. Lastly, I have to go 4 hours away from home for my bachelor, which I haven't told her about this yet. My QUESSTIONS are... Why does she want to come back to me even if there were better guys chasing her? And...
how should I tell her that we are gonna have a distant relationship in 3 months?


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  • She honestly sounds like a girl who has no idea what she wants and she is playing you and making you look like a idiot for jumping through hoops to *win her over*. That's not normal. Nor how any healthy relationship is. I met my boyfriend and I knew instantly I wanted him and I wouldn't care to "test" him cause I a) don't feel the need to and b) love him too much to risk losing him. It sounds like she has no fear of losing you whatsoever and will do as she pleases cause she knows you are following her around like a puppy.

  • Maybe the other guys weren't really better than you in her eyes, and about the ldr just tell her. This will be a test for your relationship


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