Do guys ship couples too?

There are a lot of girls that ship couples in tv shows, movies, etc. I was wondering if any guys do this too cause it seems like it's mostly a girl thing.

Shipping a couple means wanting them to be in a relationship.


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  • Have you READ fanfiction?


    I'VE read fanfiction... some of it is flat-out terrifying, but honestly, some of it is pretty damned good.

    • Of course I have! So, then I'm guessing you're a shipper?

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    • Curious if you've read any of Uplifted yet. :)

    • Not yet. College gets in the way of everything... :-/ I have Spring break soon though, so I can probably start then.

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  • You mean do I ever look people on reality t. v. or fictional characters and think "They should totally date, they would be perfect for eachother"

    Uh, no lol. I couldn't give any less of a shit about that stuff.

    • I know, isn't it so stupid? But I can't help it! haha Maybe it's due to my lack of a love life. :-p

  • yes i have. gray's anatomy mark slone and little gray... but the show is evil

  • Yeah, guys do but it depends on the guy and if he knows anyone he wants to hookup.


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  • People are still using that term?
    No I don't think they do and I think that's more of a young teen girl thing to do. It also seen to be a pretty recent thing as well, kind of thought it was a fad but I guess not?

    • Nope, a lot of girls do. lol