Tinder Match catching feelings. Haven't met. Should I end things ASAP?

So I matched with this girl I never remembered swiping right too, thought she was cute in her pics and said hi. We chatted for days, she said I was super nice and not someone she'd expect to meet on tinder, gave me her number, and we've been texting/talking on the phone since. Now I let her know early on I wasn't looking for anything serious and she said the same thing. Sounded ideal. I'm busy with school and work and she works full time, and lives like 50 min away, so we've yet to even meet. Over time though she would want to call me more and more just to hear my voice, talking about doing all kinds of things wayyyy in the future, and ALWAYS wanting to cuddle, later admitting to me that she's developed feelings for me. Oh yea, we never even met yet!
She has moments where she gets super emotional, saying she became a mess after her ex, and now bc I don't feel the same way towards her. She even considers that we stop talking, but then switches up saying she likes what we are now and is down for a casual fling. With our distance and schedules we may not have much of a enjoyable one anyways, but i'ts been well over a month now and don't wanna just blow it all bc she's cool, but feel like this has potential to end ugly with her neediness and feelings.
Would it be wise to just end things now?


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  • yes, if you all have not met what can be messed up


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  • block her.


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