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Rose on the third date?

I've gone out with a girl twice and she seems very into me. She reacts very well to me touching her, but we haven't kissed yet. I want to show her... Show More

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  • No, roses are lovely. But, I would also pick the color carefully.. I mean red=I love you, while pink=I like you. But Red is also more romantic too.. White=new beginnings, Yellow=joy&friendship, lavender=love at first sight. I don't know how you want to present yourself, or if she would even put that much thought into the rose color.. but maybe going for a color that is NOT red would impress her more. Personally, I think the lavender roses are the prettiest, and you can pick a single rose up at any florist. Good Luck!

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  • Giving her one rose on the 3rd date sounds perfect. But, you need to kiss her on this date. 3 dates is plenty to wait for a first kiss.

  • Definately ! I would say yes.

  • try something different like this :


    a rose would be too much!

    • Wat kind of flower is that? It's really beautiful.

    • No idea LOL!!...but go to the flower shop and actually look for beautiful different flowers!!!

  • Getting a rose on the 3rd date sounds absolutely fine and even shows that you put thought into the date. Give it at the beginning as a type of gift per say.

    Perhaps tell her that you were thinking about her and the rose was the first thing that came to mind. That sure is a charming line to give a rose with.

    If you want to kiss her, test the waters and predict how she would respond if you kissed her at the end of the date. Use you judgment to analyze her behavior and predict.

    Best of luck to you! Hope this helps.

  • uhm, rose seems a little cliche. if you're really into her and want to get her something to make her feel special why don't you try with some other kind of flower? jasmines are lovely and most girls like them, but that's only a suggestion. I think that a guy who goes the extra mile to not just go with the classic recipe of the rose deserves extra attention, because of initiative and originality!

  • I think that is super cute. I'd say go for it (:

  • i would say defintely give her the rose unless you know what's her favorite flower then you can get her that. I think its very sweet you should do it :)

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