Rose on the third date?

I've gone out with a girl twice and she seems very into me. She reacts very well to me touching her, but we haven't kissed yet. I want to show her that I'm serious about our relationship. I'm taking her out to dinner and want to know if giving her a rose is too much too soon?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No, roses are lovely. But, I would also pick the color carefully.. I mean red=I love you, while pink=I like you. But Red is also more romantic too.. White=new beginnings, Yellow=joy&friendship, lavender=love at first sight. I don't know how you want to present yourself, or if she would even put that much thought into the rose color.. but maybe going for a color that is NOT red would impress her more. Personally, I think the lavender roses are the prettiest, and you can pick a single rose up at any florist. Good Luck!