My boyfriend doesn't do a lot for me for Valentine's day, but he did for his ex. Is it stupid to feel jealous about it?

He dated a girl before me for only 3 months and they weren't close at all, but Valentine's came around and he got her roses, a teddy bear, chocolates, and a card. It was a big day for him, he was excited about it.

This is our third year together, the first two Valentine's we didn't get to be together - for different very valid reasons. I took days making him a thoughtful gift the first year and we celebrated a couple days before instead. He bought me a cupcake. I honestly don't remember the second year, because we really didn't celebrate at all. He just didn't really care. This year he has work.

I know that he loves me. He does special little things for me on random days which is awesome! But this is my first relationship and I kind of was looking forward to actually celebrating a traditional Valentine's day with someone that I love. Even if it's celebrated on a different day...

I don't want to be self-centered, superficial, or make a big deal out of nothing. But is it wrong of me to be a little hurt? I think he just feels like I know he loves me so he doesn't need to do all that, whereas that other relationship mentioned previously wasn't going great so he was trying to make a grand gesture... But if he did all that for a girl he didn't really even like all that much why wouldn't he do the same or more for me?


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  • Bad experience the first time. You'll have to initiate by doing something for him.

  • I think I'd also feel a bit jealous


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  • It's not stupid to feel jealous. I'm really sorry to break it to you, but if that guy isn't doing as much for you as he did for his ex, there's something wrong here. I'm sure you don't feel loved very much because of this. I'm sorry.

    If you begin to seem less available to him then he might begin to miss you and realize how much more he should treasure you. I hope you feel better.

    I have confidence that your relationship will improve soon though and I wish the best to you. Good luck!


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