My boyfriend doesn't seem to care?

What would you do? My boyfriend is always extremely short on texts and gives off that he is self absorbed and is fine without me in his life. All he cares about is his family and himself. He swears he cares and loves me but does stuff like this. So I come from a dysfunctional family and we argue a lot. The other night my mom got angry at me and hit me, called me useless, and threatened to kill me. I told my boyfriend this and then said I couldn't talk cause I was upset. He didn't message me at all the entire day after and I had to be the one to message him first asking if he was okay other than that he probably would have not texted back. I always wonder how he can sleep at night knowing his girlfriend is in pain and he can't even text or call to see if I'm okay. He hasn't called me since Valentines anyways.
My boyfriend doesn't seem to care?
+1 y
Update: he still hasn't said anything. All he said was ok after that so I replied ok what? He just left me on read
My boyfriend doesn't seem to care?
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