My boyfriend doesn't prioritize me. What should I do?

We've been together for 5 years. We were in a long distance relationship for 3 years but I moved in with his family for a year and then found my own apartment.

During our LDR he spent lots of time at parties and would never tell me he was going out. At the time I felt very left out since we barely even talked because he didn't feel like it. Now when I've moved closer to him and spent a whole lot more time with him and sometimes even his friends. He keeps saying he wants to spend time with his friends alone. I barely ever spend time with his friends and have had a hard time finding new friends since I moved so I really value my time with people. But he says I'm in the way.

During parties I try to hang out with other people than him so he won't have to bother seeing me, but he usually hears about it and gets jealous that I was talking with a guy (we're only 3 girls in a group of like 20).

During week days he says he doesn't have time to be with me and then goes to hang out with his brother or friends saying it was just a spontanous thing. Both his friends and his brother says I am welcome to hang out too but my boyfriend doesn't want me there.

We have the weekends together. He usually comes over every Friday evening and falls asleep immediately. Weekends are supposed to be our time together but he usually calls his brother over and talks to him while ignoring me all day. I've told him I decide who I have over but my boyfriend pretends as if his brother came on his own and it's rude to not let him in. boyfriend leaves early on sundays.

I've told him I would love to spend a week together and that he can sit in zoom by my desk. But he complains about my computer chair and says he can't focus with me around.

I put in all my effort trying to make him go out together because we never go out. But when I succeed in making him take me out to the mall or any place actually, he seems to enjoy himself even more than I am.

He also calls me clingy a lot which hurts a bit.
My boyfriend doesn't prioritize me. What should I do?
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