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First date jitters - anyone else get nervous EATING in front of guys initially?

I'm going on a first dinner date and as weird as this sounds, I am scared of eating on the first date cos a mess can be made, or stuff can get stuck... Show More

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  • sweetie I don't think there is a girl on this planet that doesn't feel like that. there a couple solutions here; bring gum (it will get rid of food breath), and don't worry about what you order, just cut it in small pieces and you won't make a mess, chew with your mouth closed, and a trick I've learned is put the food behind your front rows of teeth and chew with your molers/side teeth that way no food can get visibly stuck, even if it does the gum will take care of it :) but make sure to at least eat something because that lets the guy know you're comfortable and enjoying the date. also wouldn't you be a little insulted if you bought someone a meal and they didn't eat it? plus another trick, if you have an embarrassing moment, laugh about it with him. it shows a ton of confidence and its fun and it will definitely lighten the mood. you can kick yourself for it when you get home.

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  • Honestly I'd be more weary of a girl who obsessed about that sort of thing than I did a girl who got some stuff stick in her teeth. Besides, that's what they make chewing gum and toothpicks for.

  • Avoid onions? Nah. Eat whatever you want, but if you're worried about your breath, take some gum along to chew after you're done.

    A dinner date should be fun. I wouldn't want the girl to worry about how she looks or acts. If she opens up, is comfortable with what she says, and just talks about whatever, it'll make the night a lot of fun! Don't ever worry - a girl who opens herself up would make things so much better.

  • Yea don't try to avoid a certain food or anything. Just be yourself and try to be comfortable. Trust me we don't care about all that stuff. Just be yourself, be comfortable and everything else will fall in place. If you act nervous or like you are scared to eat that won't help the situation.

  • heh been here done this, first date pizza joint, I love chefs salads so I got that, she looked at me weird but it was funny :)

    2nd, McDonald's. chicken nuggets, no big awkward messes.

  • If I was you I would order the most expensive meal...Hey he is paying, the ball is in your court lol jk. Don't be scared, don't worry about food in your teeth because no matter what you order your really not going to eat no matter how hungry you are lol.

    I don't get nervous, just go with the flow. you will be fine

  • If a girl gets nervous eating in front of a guy, I think that means the girl is somewhat insecure about herself in someway.

  • I do because I've had a few dinner mistakes are far as where to go etc. One girl got all weird when I asked her where she wanted to go (aka I'm the MAN, I'm supposed to decide, whatever) and then hated the place I took her to. Overall though it doesn't bother me, especially if we both have a drink and relax.

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  • Yes and believe it or not,a lot of us do.

    As a matter of fact,my good friend asked me out but,we haven't been able to go out yet due to his hectic work schedule:(

    I too am nervous because even tho we hang out,this will be a DATE but I just have to remind myself that this is a friend and not a stranger,lol

    Good luck,I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Lmao! I used to feel like that but I'm over it now and I eat messy chicken wings in front of my guy buddies so I don't care. Everyone eats so why should we be embarrassed about it.

  • eat chicken of fish or some thing not pasta or sticky wings lollll bless have a goood night

  • yes but not because of the mess... its more that I'm big to start with so I always think that if someone sees me eating they just assume I'm being even more of a fat-ass then I already am... its really annoying tho.. like I was sort-of dating this guy (nothing official) and he was ALWAYS hungry, as most guys are, and I think it p*ssed him off that I never wanted to eat (usually I legitimately wasn't hungry) and I almost passed out driving home from not eating while with him... so that wasn't so good.. but I really can't control the behavior.. like if I'm with a random guy friend then I don't really care.. but if its a guy that I like and want him to like me my eating habits go all out of whack :/

  • OMG! YES! lol...I mean, I usually don't even think about this or worry until the food arrives. I look at it and I'm like, "...what was I thinking?" Don't worry about ordering something "safe" though, just get what you want and concern yourself with being innovative about it when it gets there. Your utensils should make the rest a breeze...and napkins are a great way to hide your mouth while you quickly do a food in teeth scan with your tongue lol. The worst part for me is how I always manage to be the last one eating; probably because I talk too much in between bites. So, try to pace yourself; otherwise you'll be like me, sitting there chewing while he has absolutely nothing to do but watch you. Lol, I know I'm supposed to be making you feel less nervous and this may be having the opposite effect; but if you can laugh about this now and later, all the better. If he eats onions, you can eat onions...probably not my choice on a first date though. Also, you can always excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to check your teeth. It's a little excessive, but if you have anything dark or leafy: steak, spinach, salad...it might be wise. If you're not taking 4oz bites or chewing with your mouth open he probably isn't even going to notice any of this anyways. It's difficult to disregard somebody who has a mouth packed with food, chewing and talking and spitting little bits inadvertently into whatever it is you're eating on the other side of the table though. Avoid that, but rememeber that you're supposed to be having fun, even if that means embracing the messy awkwardness of any given situation!

  • LOL I'm the same way! That's why I hate going out to eat on the first date. I think it's more that I have a nervous stomach already so to eat on top of that doenst make it feel any better. Pasta (penne vodka?) would be a good thing to order in terms of being scared of making a mess or having something stuck in your teeth. Its fairly simple to eat and rarley gets stuck in your teeth unless there's leaf seasoning on it.

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