First date jitters - anyone else get nervous EATING in front of guys initially?

I'm going on a first dinner date and as weird as this sounds, I am scared of eating on the first date cos a mess can be made, or stuff can get stuck in the teeth etc..

so, if we're going to a burger/steak place, what is a 'safe' food to eat?

anyone else get nervous eating on a first date?

avoid onions I'm assuming, right?


Most Helpful Girl

  • sweetie I don't think there is a girl on this planet that doesn't feel like that. there a couple solutions here; bring gum (it will get rid of food breath), and don't worry about what you order, just cut it in small pieces and you won't make a mess, chew with your mouth closed, and a trick I've learned is put the food behind your front rows of teeth and chew with your molers/side teeth that way no food can get visibly stuck, even if it does the gum will take care of it :) but make sure to at least eat something because that lets the guy know you're comfortable and enjoying the date. also wouldn't you be a little insulted if you bought someone a meal and they didn't eat it? plus another trick, if you have an embarrassing moment, laugh about it with him. it shows a ton of confidence and its fun and it will definitely lighten the mood. you can kick yourself for it when you get home.