A kiss on the cheek?

How would you interpret a kiss on the cheek? A guy told me he never initiates it with a girl, she has to do it.

I don't think I have the ovaries for that but I figure I can muster a kiss on the cheek after a few glasses, especially after he says something nice. I usually only kiss on the cheek when I greet someone.


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  • It depends on what you do after you kiss his cheek. If you kiss him and then just turn away, that's just going to confuse the hell out of him. If you want it to send a signal, then you do it, look him in the eyes and stay as close to him as your situation might allow and hope that either he kisses you or he opens himself for you to actually kiss him

    • Ooo, that's good advice actually. I'd love to be able to be all smooth and keep my lips near him so he can turn into me and kiss back more fully, but I don't think I have it in me ;) I can just imagine myself chickening out and pulling away from him after the peck like I've been burned.

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    • Aw man, that's bullsh*t. I'm sorry it turned out so badly; and here I was hoping such a sweet gesture would come from sweet people.

    • Sweet is sometimes only a precursor to the sour

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  • ok maybe I'm a little off here, but what kind of guy tells you he won't kiss you, and that the women has to do it first?!?

    Am I missing something here. A guy like that should be jumping for joy if some woman chose to overlook that huge flaw, and kissed him on the cheek anyway.

    Honestly, if you do that, consider it the first move...the next one's on him:(

    • He didn't technically tell me he won't kiss me, he just told me he never initiates with girls in general, he wants them to do the first move. He is a recent guy friend of mine (long-distance) so I was thinking if its his way of showing guarded interest. And should he come to visit me eventually, if its his way of indicating that I should put the moves on him if I am interested (sort of shoving the ball into my court forcefully.)

  • I always viewed a kiss on the cheek as a sign of "just friends". She may find me to be a really nice guy, but on the cheek usually means that she isn't romantically interested. I've never initiated a cheek kiss with a girl myself either because it seems a little out of place to me. Hugs are just fine.

    • I am pretty giving when it comes to hugs, I hug everyone, so I wanted something to distinguish it from my other methods of showing affection. I figure if I kissed him on the cheek and it turns out he wasn't interested I could play it off as being tipsy and affectionate - but then again the kiss on the cheek may still be too ambiguous for him if he wants me to initiate.

    • As a girl, a kiss on the cheek is that right medium, I was just saying from a guys view.

    • Aah! That makes sense. Thank god its the right medium, I don't think I can do anything bolder unless I got crystal clear signals (including air traffic controllers waving neon glowing sticks for clearance.)

  • Well, if a guy like me really likes the girl, I'm going for the passionate kiss on the lips. And if she's into it, I'll back off and hold eye contact for a bit. Then give her one more.

    If a girl did kiss me on the cheek, I'll take it as a sign of interest if I know she's single.

  • It's a little insulting to some people, but I just think it's dispassionate. You kiss your family on the cheek, or a business acquaintance.

    • Really? Even if it is done after say a compliment or a sweet gesture? I don't have it in me to go for full on kiss and I'm not sure how else I can initiate anything.

    • I'm not advocating tonsil-hockey just to seem less distant. A hug can be as good as a kiss if it's with someone you like.

  • last time a girl kissed me on the cheek, I told her she missed my lips. If I notice it coming I will turn my head to meet her lips. I feel that in dating a kiss on a cheek is just a shy way to get ready for the lips. "one step at a time"

    • Ahahahaha that is incredibly cute!

      And I am a shy girl! I'm surprised I am willing to take it that far in fact. I don't know if he is into me but I figure a kiss on the cheek might be enough indication depending on his reaction.

  • You can communicate more with a hug than a kiss on the cheek. Pull him in and hold on tight for a moment, and see if it opens the door.

    Good Luck,


    • Really? I always figured a kiss on the cheek was more intimate. I'm a big hugger though, I hug everyone very tightly (they say I give the best hugs, friends randomly come up to ask for one) so not sure how I can communicate my intentions with it aside from friendship.

    • A kiss on the cheek is a universal hello know around the world, so it does not have the opportunity to communicate the message you wish to send. A normal hug might also come short of your intended message, but add a butt squeeze and your intentions will be clear. :-)

  • I see it more as something between really close friends or even when you start dating someone. I never initiate anything close to that - a f***ing handshake is insanely difficult for me. I think the most I've given/gotten with a friend is a hug, which I think is more common than a kiss on the cheek

  • i do it as a playful way to flirt with a girl without being too forward and allowing them to interpret it as they please

  • idk if you kissed him on the cheek and said your so sweet or something that might hint..

    • hug and kiss..

  • If a girl gave me a kiss on the cheek, I consider her vibe "see me again... next time lets go up to my place"

  • i assume this is for friend zone?

    • I may have been friend zoned but I am not sure. Still in limbo land as it were - he gives signs for it and against it. Its just when he mentioned that he never initiates I figure I should take that as a hint.

    • then what are you waiting for?

    • For him to visit me ;) We are recent long distance friends but he keeps promising on meeting up with a bottle of whiskey in hand. I'm not sure how to interpret that gesture (he is insistent on sharing a bottle with me alone, whether when he visits in the summer or after if he can't) but he also has a girl he is chasing that he told me about. So that's why I am hesitant about making a bold gesture.

  • i kiss my woman on the cheek all the time

  • It means they care?

  • I suppose that depends on the situation. If someone did it as a greeting, I'd assume it was their custome. If a girl did it to me while giving off obvious signs of flirting and interest, then it'd be a no-brainer! ;) Really, the context of the situation is everything. Unless a person is still in grade school, I think they can tell the difference between a friendly peck on the cheek, and a flirtatious smooch. lol

    BTW, you really cracked me up with what you wrote: "I don't think I have the ovaries for that..." ;D Hahaha! You have a terrific sense of humor: don't ever lose that! :) That's always attractive.

    • Gotta love Dan Savage ;)

  • I would definitely see it as a signal if a girl kissed me on the cheek.


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  • I would assume it's a "I'm interested in you" sort of sign.. but I'm stuck in the same damn situation where I gave the guy a kiss on the cheek.. Now I don't know how he's interpreted it!

    • What was his reaction? Did he just smile and move on like nothing happened?

    • He gave me a HUG and smiled at me, and I said 'I had a really nice time', to which he said 'Me too' with a smile. Now I don't know how to interpret that or if it's even worth interpreting. It's been 2 weeks now and no date yet (he has been busy and so have I, but still, some effort required right? Especially after I did the asking!) but constant texts and flirting via said texts.

      Just about had it with this.

  • i almost did that with a guy I'm hangout/dating right now we went on one date and hungout a few times, like 3 times. He sat close to me but didn't do anytihng else. I almost thought that he wasn't attracted to me, because he didn't show really many signs and didn't even make jokes about that. we hungout one more time and he kissed me! we kinda went on another date after that and I'm kinda hoping something comes out of it

    • Tell me how it goes! Good luck!

  • I do it when I greet and only if someone say something really nice, like you look 19 I go and kiss the person on the cheek ;)

    I think it means you like what someone is doing that's why you do it...

    • Hmm, so there is a chance for a guy to still interpret it as not taking the initiative...

    • Yeah could be, I think maybe you Should start kissing his neck and then move to his cheek and then stop very close to his face and look to his lips If he doesn't kiss you after That your guy has no balls at all So I would move on

  • i usually kiss my friends and family on the cheek, but if I like the guy, I might kiss him on the cheek at first or wait for him to make a move first..i'd let him know I'm interested though.

    • I'm the same way, except I kiss them on the cheek only in greeting or when I'm ready to leave. I'm hoping doing it outside of that may be interpreted differently but not sure. Hmm, maybe kissing on the cheek would be a fairly decent compromise, at least that's what I am hoping for.

  • OMG Girl, Just Do It , If You Kiss Him On The Cheek , *When You're Alone:) ; There's A Big Possibility That He'll Kiss You Back & Then You Can Kiss Him Back & So On Until Your Lips Eventually Meet , I don't know , It Happens ;D

    • Ahahahaha! Its easier said than done! I am still not sure what he thinks and so I don't want to push him into an awkward situation!

      ...Man, I wish I could feel him out before he comes over.

  • Recently I went out with a guy who I dated for the 4th time. I really enjoyed his company and I like him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks after our date. I don't want him to think that I'm so aggressive. So I guess kiss on the cheeks is not only for friends it could mean something too like in my case.

  • I'm not physically close to guys unless they are family. Nothing to do with culture or religion, just personal preference.

    I shake hands with close guy friends (I have those), but if I kissed a guy on the cheek it would mean I like him a LOT and it took a lot of courage for me to do so.

    I know I'm not a guy to answer your question, just putting this out there. ;)

    • I'm the same way actually, especially the whole 'not touchy' in general. I can't bring myself to kiss him on the lips but if I push it I might reach for a cheek!

  • wth...guys should start first. but if the guy is slow. kiss him on the check then lift your face towards his face then he should start kissing you on the lips...if he doesn't then move on because clearly the guy is slow

    • I agree some guys should start first, especially this guy! But what can I do? Your explanation is basically the reason why I want to kiss him on the cheek first, in case he wasn't hinting at something but was simply telling his friend his preference.