Girls: Kiss on the cheek after a date? Eh? tl;dr at the bottom.

Alright, so I'll have to give a little history so that you understand where I'm coming from. But, I've been interested in this girl for a couple years now. We used to go to high school together. Didn't real make a move then, because, well, in high school I just didn't make moves. At any rate, I did notice she was never dating anyone. (We're friends, though I've managed to stay out of the friend zone).

Somehow or another last winter(back home on winter break from different universities) the topic of dating got brought up after she and I met up for lunch. She didn't say anything along the lines of "I like you too much as a friend" or what-not else. She basically said she's never really dated and doesn't want to now. I have friends who go to her University, and she never dated their either(from what they know).

Fastforward to Summer Break: For the first month we hadn't really met up, we were both staying busy with trips. Once things slowed down, she and I met up for lunch again. Things went well, we talked for a couple of hours. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and I somehow managed to keep the conversation going(My brain goes to mush when I'm with someone I actually care about). Hug goodbye, leave.

A Week later we met up for lunch once more, same deal but it doesn't last as long due to time constraints. Hug goodbye, she says something along the lines of "I'm sure I'll see you again soon"

A week or so later and we go see a movie together, she had already seen it but was quite fine with seeing it again. I got there early, because I always get places early. Bought our tickets. She gets there, goes to get a ticket "No need, I already got your ticket." "You always do that! You don't need to. But thank you" . Throughout the movie her body language seemed fairly positive(though, with her I always second guess myself). She put her arm on the armrest and kinda wriggled her fingers. I thought that might be her wanting me to hold her hand, but I decided against it.

We're walking out, I walk her to her car. Hug "I'm sure I'll see you again soon!"-Her

Both of us leave. I then went to the beach for a week, she then went out West for a week. At any rate, we're going to be meeting up again soon, whenever she feels up to it(wisdom teeth taken out Tuesday).

Goddamn I typed too much. Whatever, I'll tl;dr it.

Anyways, I do regret not trying to hold her hand, but there's nothing I can do about that now. I figure next time we meet up, I'll give her a kiss on the cheek when we are leaving and watch her reaction to that.

For a girl who has little to no dating experience, what would you say the kiss on the cheek make her think if you had to take a guess?

Gah. I have no problem dating anyone but her. She is a puzzle within an enigma.


Girl has never really dated. I'm trying to change that. Not friend zoned, so don't have to worry about that. Whenever we leave we hug goodbye, should I kiss her on the cheek to see her reaction? What would you think?

I over think things. To the tenth degree. And lawd do I write too much. But, I've learned writing novellas and including as many details as possible is better than giving the 'bones' of the story.
Dinner next week it seems. Would be tomorrow night, however her family has plans. Let's see what I can manage.

Thanks again to everyone who commented
Final Update: The date went very well, she is most certainly interested. However, I did not kiss her on the cheek, due to her hair covering her cheek. Nonetheless, we will be going out again fairly soon.

Thanks again everyone


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  • DO IT ! She obviously likes you.

    For the record I'm just like her; I have no dating experience, but I go out with this guy just like you two do. He knew he wasn't in the "Friend zone" and he made his move. I really appreciated what he did. So yeah I say you should definitly kiss her on the cheek.

    Good luck :)

    • Alrighty, thanks for the suggestion! Probably going out to dinner on Saturday after I get off work, so I suppose I'll see how it goes then

    • All the luck :)

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  • Ya take it slow at first to see how she reacts

  • Ya that would be fine good luck on your date

  • Yes its cute and not down enough

  • Do it:) and if it doesn't work out tell her you still want to stay close.


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  • Sure. Why not? If she's not going to make a move then someone's got to if you want it to go further, which is sounds like you do. As far as her reaction... she should realize you are definitely interested, because friends, don't kiss on the cheek usually.

    • Yeah, I mean that's exactly what I was thinking. But, again I overthink things, so I felt like I may as well just put the issue up for vote so to speak. Makes it easier for me if I know other people agree haha. Thanks for the input