Do Russian men date black women?

I am diggin this Russian man, he called me beautiful and before I return to his store flirting would I be makin a fool out of myself or what?


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  • as long as you do it casually I see no problem with flirting. ^^


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  • My friend knows a Russian that likes black women. If he likes you and you like him. Go for it. Russian men are old fashion though, but that is all cool. They don't like to be hug in public, it;s a Russian thing, doesn't mean he doesn't like you, it just a Russian thing.

  • Yess...I'm black and dating a russian guy :)

  • Yes! They do..i'm black and have been dating a russian guy, who asked me out, for 6 months now.

  • Yes they love black women. ... I should know I'm married to one. Its like a step out to a different world.

  • Hi, I'm a black girl and I'm also dating a Russian guy who grew up in North America. Our first date was really nice. It took care of everything, even to ask to the waitres a cocktail for me because I do not drink too much alcohol. It is true that they pay for everything and they are happy to do it. Even if I'm a independent girl I like to be treated like a queen sometimes. lol It seems that with him I can have it