Why does this girl keep checking my online dating profile?

So I have an okcupid profile and I exchanged a few messages with this girl a few months ago. In the 2nd-to-last message I sent her, I asked her out. She replied by saying that she was out of town (a few hours drive away) but would let me know when she returned. She also asked some questions about me to get to know me, and I answered them in the following message. I never received a following message from her.

In the past few months, I've logged back into the website from time to time and saw that she has been viewing my profile from time to time despite not answering my last message.

Anyways today, I logged back into the website and saw that she finally responded. She asked how I was doing and said that she was overseas and forgot about the online dating website.

Is she really interested or not? Should I ask her out in the next message?


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  • No, she's not interested. She's out there living her life, and you should be living yours. I'd say forget about trying to get anywhere with her, especially if she's going to be so slow to communicate and such with you.


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  • Sounds like my situation. I actually began what I believed was a serious relationship with a man who is getting divorced from a whack-job woman. We had a great thing going for several weeks, and now I can't get him to call me. He emails to tell me about his day, but no calls. I think, honestly, that both of us are being blown off. Perhaps we should move on to someone more receptive and available. Sorry buddy! I don't like it either...

  • Sorry dude,but she's not interested. Time to move on.

  • VIEWING A PROFILE DOES NOT MEAN SHE'S INTERESTED IN YOU. It means she looked at your profile, which could mean a million things, one of which is, 'ohh, that's the guy who keeps msgng me. I forgot what he looks like.'


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