Kiss on cheek 2nd date, blow it?

Girl I think is great. 1st date coffee and hug. 2nd date, dinner, music show, then talked at a bar till closing. Offered to go dancing instead of bar but she said she didn't know me well enough for that yet (she is super attractive but wants to go slow).

At the end of date, after all the not knowing me well enough to dance I freaked out and kissed her on the cheek instead of lips when leaving. I looked back and she was smiling as she got in her car.

Did I blow it and her think I'm not that interested or that I am a gentleman and will give me another chance to take it further on date 3?

We texted a little when we got home. Guess I will not talk again till Monday to ask her out again? Thanks. And she is 33 so that may help.


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  • As the other girl said, I think you're being very respectful and gentleman-like. That wouldn't turn me off one bit. I feel like you're guetting a bit insecure because she not the "eager" type of date. It's legitimate and I understand it but I don't think you should worry. I think you're doing things right according to the "signals" she's giving you. If she wants to take things slow, that's exactly what you're giving her so you're on the right track imo. Don't hesitate to ask her out again though. You'll get to know each other better and if she's interested, she won't turn down the opportunity. Besides, since you've respected her limits, I'm pretty sure she'll trust you enough not to be worried that you'll move things too fast on 3rd date. Good luck!

    • That's exactly right about my issue, she is not the "eager" type but I think she is awesome so far! So glad you answered my question. I think your right, she is getting ,more comfortable with me on date 2 than she was with 1. You really made me feel at ease! :)

    • Great! I'm really pleased to read that :) Thanks for best answer!

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  • i think you're in the clear. if she's hot then she probably knows you're interested in her. and if you ask her on a third date obviously she knows you're still interested. plus if she wanted to take it slow then the kiss on the cheek was respectful. next time go in for the real kiss though.

    • Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely go for the real kiss on date 3. I am thinking Valentine's day maybe.

  • I think she sees it as you being respectful. I think you got that third date if you ask her. I mean she was smiling and she agreed to a second date if she wasn't interested she would have said no to the second date. :)


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  • did things turn out man?