Do guys play texting games? Like waiting to text back?

Personal input appreciated!

What are some reasons guy might text a girl?

Or ask a question and when you respond, they don't respond? What's up with that?


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  • I don't. Anyone who would sit by the phone waiting out the clock to text back is a loser. If I get a text, I text back when I can. Sometimes that's instantly, sometimes it might be a few days. If I text and ask a question and don't text back, it's likely because I sent the question when I had free time. I didn't get a text back within a few minutes so I'm on to something else like a class, taking a phone call, doing some work, driving in the car, eating lunch at a restaurant, out in the woods mountain biking, running on the beach, etc. Then I might see the text in a few hours and text back when I'm done with whatever I was doing.


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  • I might wait a bit to let the girl simmer and think, but I don't do anything out of malice. If the relationship has degraded to the point where I am conducting an interrogation rather than talk things through, then the relationship is as good as done.

  • If I'm doing something and can't text back, I'll wait. Sometimes if I'm texting a girl and she's taking a long time to respond, I won't respond instantly (just so I don't look like I'm hanging onto the phone waiting for her to reply) but I never deliberately make anyone -regardless of gender - wait.

  • some guys do wait, but its just plain stupid


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