Greeting on date after first kiss?

I've never really dated and this is the first girl with whom I see things getting serious. Anyhow, on our last date, she told me that she found someone whom it was easy to be with, to talk and share a laugh with, that she could see a future where we are together. Later that night, she cried a bit when she opened up, we hugged and one thing led to the other we kissed, and some more later on. That was in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Anyway, we are meeting up again tomorrow and I was wondering what is the proper greeting when you already kissed her... I know that whatever the answer, it'll go with the flow when I actually see her, but still... Is she expecting straight up a kiss? A hug saying how much I missed her and then probably a kiss (we tease ourselves that we are not really that looking forward to seeing each other)?


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  • just a little peck would be nice


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  • A small kiss on her mouth and a hug

  • i would give her a peck.


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