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He never initiates text messages, but replies back.

I just met a guy on an online dating website. He gave me his number and told me to text him. When I text him, he replies back within a second, I kid... Show More

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  • Shy people are often mistaken for being uninterested. I think you should try talking to him about it first.

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  • Maybe he just (like me) hates texting.

  • Well, it is a waste of time. Why don't you quit? Yes, that's correct. He doesn't care. Now, go outside.

  • Sounds like he was being nice. Happens sometimes. I suggest you just straight out ask him if he's interested in whatever you're seeking relationship/another date whatever at this point it can't hurt. Guys respond to direct and even blunt questions better.

  • TEXTING SUCKS!Maybe that is all it is! There is no emotion in it and no way to know if what was said was a joke, meant to be hurtful playful, funny, sad etc. so many fights arguments and relationships caused by texting and the receiver didn’t take it the way the sender meant it! So ask him if he can talk or ask him to call you when he can the you can get a feel for the joy, sadness, anger or whatever on his voice!

    • Or maybe he has an old phone like mine and it takes an hour to pound out a howdy!

  • He's definitely interested, or just doesn't have a life, if he replies back quickly. More than likely he's just shy or is a bad conversation starter.

  • In my honest opinion you should really tell him how you feel. Many guys (myself included) are not great at initiating convos but love when out girl/interest texts us so we are there instantly... Tell him, judge his answers and then do what you feel best. But let him explain himself first.

  • I encounter THE EXACT same problem! People like this deserve to be shot!

  • You should mention it. He might just be trying not to overwhelm you or seem needy and taking it to a bit of an extreme. Really opening up to him could make all the difference, and if not...what are you losing?

  • Don't mention anything unless he asks. He has screwed up way too much to deserve you making it easy on him. It's lame for a guy to give out a number so you can text him...and then behaves like he has. Waste of your time. If he asks where you went...simply tell him, you're not interested in guys who act so passive. That will probably be the truth, and maybe the poor guy will learn a lesson.

What Girls Said 2

  • I think he's talking to bunch of other girls at the same. I was talking to this one guy who was exactly like what you described later I asked him what's going on he said he is keeping his options open since he hasn't committed to anyone yet so until he gets someone of his like he is gonna keep doing that, and I said goodbye to him.

    • I will definitely talk to him about it. Thanks.

  • Is his name Cheyenne

    • hahahahahahahah you cracked me up!

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