Initiates texts and takes forever to respond?

I've been seeing a guy casually that I've known through a gaming group for months. Our relationship started when we both developed crushes on eachother and he texted me out of the blue. We chatted for hours the first week, had a lot in common, and things quickly turned sexual. Neither of us like talking on the phone so most of our communications are via text. We've been on 3 dates so far in the past 2 weeks and slept together from the beginning because I felt comfortable and figured- sexual needs come first. If a relationship comes out if it, great. If not, at least its fun. Last week he did sweet things like make me a playlist before a trip and help me move. That was after 2 dates. Friday I slept over for the first time and he took me out for breakfast. He was very sweet and affectionate and repeated how much he loved sleeping next to me. He always texts me good morning and goodnight and asks me about my day. Then I noticed a change yesterday. He initiated a text asking about my day and wrote a normal response. When I tried to continue the conversation, he gave one word replies and stopped responding. I wrote goodnight and an hour later he wrote a sweet message saying he was falling asleep thinking about holding me. Today he wrote good morning, we had a sexy chat reminiscing about Friday night. He repeated how much he enjoyed the sleepover and breakfast. I realized something was off when I wrote a sweet message back that warranted a response and he didn't respond for 3 hrs. He was chatting occasionally on the group chat we're both part of so I know he wasn't busy with work He did this multiple times today: initiated with a teasing text or as if to start a convo, then did not respond till 3-4 hours later. This is unlike him because he never took more than 30 min till today. I dont get it. Why initiate a conversation then? Does it sound like a sudden loss of interest and do you have tips on gaining it back?


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  • I don't know, but right now I'm seeing a girl who will initiate texting by saying hey what's up or how are you but the conversation turns into an interview afterwards. She'll respond to my texts right away but she'll be quiet until I start talking again which is boring and I feel like it puts pressure on me to always come up with shit to say.

    As far as the guy taking too long to respond, don't worry about it. I used to read into a girl taking awhile to respond but she's very busy and isn't hooked to her phone.


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  • getting a bit clingy there. seems like you like him more than want to make us believe. just ask him for dates. I always say I am busy when I actually don't want text because I find it annoying after a while. Being together having great sex and convos is sure better than texting. Think about it and tell you want to get together again.

  • it doesn't sound like he is losing interest. it sounds like you are over thinking it.

    i don't think in a relationship you can expect the other person to reply or do the same routine for weeks and weeks.

    as long as he still text you sweet messages etc. you should be ok.


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