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Do guys feel sorry when they hurt a good girl?

DO a decent guy feel sorry or guilty when he make a beautiful good girl to fall in love with him and assure her about not leaving her... even if the... Show More

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  • For any guy to get something from a girls pain, emotionally or physically, they really are the lowest brand of men, and to throw in their faces, something you know that will hurt them, like the picture you mentioned, they also are pretty low creatures, but hopefully women realize that the pain they feel is really their souls screaming at them for spending time with such a pig, for wasting so long with an idiot not worthy of its efforts when it could of been spending those efforts with someone worthy, and this is when women confuse the pain with missing that person, its not, its your soul being thankful for not spending any more time with them, but it hurts because your soul is angry at you for wasting such efforts with a loser,x

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  • i can relate. I've been hurt by a situation very similar. I wish I knew. let me guess he won't reply when you reach out and you long for him

  • They should.. Or they have no conscience

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