Why don't girls let guys know if they're not interested after the first date?

I've been having this experience in dating that has been happening a lot and it's getting very frustrating, and I'm sure there are others here (both sexes) who have experienced it to.

You go out on a first date, maybe a blind date or an internet dating thing, everything goes good, you have a great conversation, and when you part you hug and say "Text me later!" or something like that. Then... the silence..., you text her, and nothing, you text again, and nothing, you email, and nothing, then you realized it's happened. She isn't interested in you.

I do have to say I see this happening way too much lately and it is simply disrespectful and cowardly, if you're not interested in someone after the first date, then JUST TELL THEM, why do they always just ignore you hoping that you'll get the message? And also, if you're just not feeling it on the date, why not just say so, be honest, and part ways, that's the honorable thing to do, rather than lying through your teeth and body language, giving the date the feeling that you're interested. This is just cruel, it gets a guy's hopes up, then crushes them.

I think it may be this post-1985 born generation of people growing up with stuff like the internet that lets you avoid face to face confrontation so much that you never learn how to face it. I see it a lot in girls, though, it may happen with guys too, I don't date them so I don't know, if that's the case girls, tell us here. It's true, we all don't like confrontation, especially face-to-face, but something like a text message isn't even confrontation, all you have to do is text them "Thanks for the date, but I'm not interested, sorry." Seriously girls, it's not going to hurt they guy's feelings, it's not, back me up here guys, and also tell me of your experiences with this phenomenon.

I want to know WHY you do this, and don't lie saying you've never done it, nobody's perfect, if you've done it, just say so and tell us what's going on in your head so we can understand you better, and maybe not be so hurt when you flat out ignore us after the first date. I'll put a poll up here to see how many have done it, and please be honest.

-Tell me if you have ever ignored a person after the first date instead of telling them you're not interested, and tell me why you ignored instead of telling them

-Tell me if you, as a guy or a girl, have ever had first dates where all seemed to go well but they ignored you after the first date, and how that made you feel.

Honesty, Honor, Respect, Courage, and Dignity, these are not goofy boy scout things to joke about with your friends, these are true virtues that define you as a person.
Because I was afraid of confronting him and possibly hurting his feelings
Because first dates are a dime a dozen, I just want to move on to the next one
Because he was a jerk anyway so he deserved to be treated like one
Because it's just too much work, why bother?
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Why don't girls let guys know if they're not interested after the first date?
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