Comic Book Trivia: Favorite Food of Superheroes

Batman - Steak

Especially if Alfred cooks it (although he's admitted he loves cooking it himself).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pizza

Spider-Man - Aunt May's Pancakes

She calls them Wheatcakes.

Thor - Creamsicle

Wolverine - Burgers and beer

Popeye - Spinach

This should be pretty obvious. And yes, Popeye was a comic book character before he was a cartoon character.

Deadpool - Chimichangas

Superman - Beef bourguignon with ketchup

That was also one of his passwords.

Martian Manhunter - Chocos and Oreos

Iron Man - Shawarma?

I'll have to check up on that.

Galactus - Planets

Captain America - His shield

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  • This was a funny take


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  • I've never given much thought to what my brand's pantheon of heroes and villains shows a preference to food-wise. I'll try:

    - Ciem: Lobster thermidor (back when I made concept art panels using Sims 2, this was always the dish she wanted to cook.)

    - Most everyone in Stationery Voyagers: Crepes. (This was also a joke on how everyone on Heroes loves waffles.)

    - Cindy Martius: Owl and duck blood. (She's a vampire.)

    - Lemon Witch: Kangaroo jerky

    - Wanda Weldon: Giraffe meat. (She's in Camelorum for stealing a giraffe from the zoo and eating it. She almost got sent to Alpacalorum Mental Asylum. She frequently gives Carly creepy stare-downs, in the hopes that Carly will one day somehow teleport another giraffe into the prison.)

    - The 20s Altered Judo Iguanas: Calzones. (But since they're blatant parodies / knock-offs of the Ninja Turtles, this was to be expected.)

    - Semaphore: Rabbit Starvation Special Burger from Grillitan Diner (Because the Day-Later-Heart-Attack Burger would ruin her figure.)

    - Tobey the Toilet Monster: Xomified individuals, but really any human flesh.

    - Luin Kim: Stir fry. (And she's very picky if the Jens get it wrong! "Jen Can't Cook!")

    That's all of them I can think of for now.

  • As a vegetarian, I like spinach, just like Popeye, but Pizza is my favorite here, thumbs up for the Ninja Turtles :D

  • Haha, great take here. I guess I have never asked myself what superheroes favorite foods are. But some of these are hilarious. Like the things old comics used to pull to get people to read them. My favorite is Cap.

    • Also on a side tangent, but do you think Aquaman eats fish? I'm not sure if there are many other options down in Atlantis.

    • Lol the one about Cap is actually fan-made. There was a comic where he was trying to fight his shield though

      And I don't know about Aquaman. Maybe he eats sea plants?

  • Mr Alfred, one steak for me too please, I like it well done :P

  • Lots of new info there to digest (pun intended)

  • Superman puts ketchup on his beef bourgignon?

    He's a supervillain.

  • We have a lot to learn from Galactus. The planetary diet sounds like something I'd like to try.

    • Yes but it might be hard to get into quickly. I'm thinking of starting with the moon. It's made of cheese right?

    • Yep taking baby steps sounds like a good idea.

    • What wine pairs well with gas giants? What pairs with terrestrials?

  • "Galactus - Planets"

    Hahahaha. Thank you!

  • Don't forget booze for iron man :p

  • "Chi..."chichi..."chichimangas"?
    It's "chimichangas". :P
    And I hate Deadpool.

    • K I just corrected it :P

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    • Yeah. I'm kinda pissed they didn't include him in the lineup. Green Lantern too

    • DC has just been murdering their movies lately. I don't have any clue of how is their competitor doing, but it can't possibly be worse.

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