Why are Studio Ghibli films so fricking expensive?

From Amazon:Why are Studio Ghibli films so fricking expensive?

In HMV they're £12 each
In CEX, a place known for real bargains, they go for £10
Why? D:


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  • Because they know they can charge that much and we'll all still buy them :P


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  • I think it's pretty simple 1. these are classic films that people love.
    2. the stocks of these are very low on cex and I can only assume they are harder to get than other dvd's e. g. there were multiple copies of the dark knight in every store and the lord of the rings also had multiple copies whereas these films had about one in not as many stores.

    • Wow, someone actually standing up for me. This is a pleasant surprise! :D


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  • Because they're awesome movies I guess? They're actually pretty popular among certain crowds so I guess if you factor in that it may be why.

  • Thats about normal for a dvd price.

    • For new releases, yeah. Some of these are getting on in years though.

    • Its because there are less copies of them in circulation. So the price increases to new dvd levels.

    • I know, I explained that in my answer but it is still an expensive movie compared to a normal dvd price which is what you said.

  • I wouldn't call it expensive but they are amazing films so..

    • It's very expensive when you think about it these films came out years ago and when compared to films like the dark knight and lord of the rings FOTR which came out after princess mononoke yet that movie cost £7 on Cex and Lord of the rings FOTR cost £0.75

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    • @Josht11 As in value to me, not it's actual true value according to demand. Like others have said, it's an amazing and timeless movie so people will buy them and like me, will pay for it.

    • I'm not paying £10 for a movie that's 15 years old spirited away is one of my favorite movies but I'm not paying that kind of money when other movies that came out that year that are better in my opinion (lord of the rings) are much cheaper.

  • Thats not expensive...


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  • because they are fucking amazing and have a good reputation and people will still buy them...

    but they are not that much more expensive than other ones...

    • compared to films like the dark knight and the lord of the rings they are a lot more expensive these movies have been out for years.
      on cex lord of rings FOTR= 0.75, princess mononoke= £7 as you can see they are very expensive.

    • @Josht11 but those reach a much higher audience and need to make less profit per sold dvd

    • And they make more off merchandise, cinemas, Etc.