If a girl says your probably her best friend, does it mean she only likes me as a friend?

or do I have a chance? 18 years old

We flirt alot, she always want to be next to me as much as possible, and she never talks to me about other boys or things like that


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on how she treats you. I am 17 and have done both of the following:

    If she calls you whenever something happens, tells you details about other guys she likes, and truly treats you like she would a girl best friend, then it is nothing more than friendship.

    But if she refers to you as a best friend, and you guys hardly talk about anything that she has going on in her life, and rarely hang out. She may like you. Also, she might want you to think that you guys are closer than you really are. She could be expressing that she really trusts, and enjoys being around you as well.

    The possibility's are endless, but if you really want to know when a girl like a guy, they basically do the same things guys do when they like girls. ie. Go places where they know they are going to be. So think, if she is acting like she likes you, then she probably does. :)

    Good luck :)